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  1. I think the refund will be in Jets funny money!
  2. Hi All, I just received my waitlist # in the mail. Last year I was 700+ now according to my calculations from moving up 1000 spots a year for 13 years now and also talking to a season ticket agent a month ago and being assured I should receive my tickets this month do I get them, Nope. I get another waitlist # of 400+!!! Now I am not a rocket scientist. But the math doesn't add up. Justification is not there as I cant believe after the Jets had a 4-12 season that ONLY 300+ people gave up there tickets! Anyone else see a large discrepancy like this? Oh by the way the $50 wait
  3. No offense to you man seriously... But, you have no idea what you are talking about here. They have had players playing out of position since the beginning of the Edwards era, thats a fact and its undisputed. The Jets have needed a DT since god like what the 80's? We just got a 6'4" 335lb. mean & nasty DT that can play for the next 5+ years. Well worth a 3rd & 5th. Excellent signing Tangini. And now FYI their will be no more yearly annual posts from me of "Wheres the beef" for at least 5 years with the exception to the offensive line! LOL
  4. You know what? This guy is all about the money. I have been on the season ticket list since 95' patiently awaiting my turn and its ironic really now that its here I will not be paying for them. Partly because I found out what an @$$hole my childhood idol is. And the other part is because ever since Mr. Hess died something has changed in my perception of this team. It seemed like the owner thought of the fans as part of his family and always tried to bring us home a winner to make us happy even though it didnt happen again since 69' I always knew the owner was trying. And that was o.k. for me.
  5. This is getting old now... Been saying it for 3 years... Its getting old but here goes AGAIN... In regards to the draft & free agency... Where's the beef? DT,RT,OG's... People it all starts up front on both sides of the ball... That is our problem and has been for years now. Please someone tell me I am not the only one who has seen this deficient push on both sides of the ball. WHATEVER we have to do in the offseason to fix the lines HAS to be done or we will suffer the same fate as 2007 AGAIN... I dont care what they have to do to get a 3-4 DT whether its th
  6. Nothing wrong with a post being truthful first then funny. And CH no offense but I have read your posts and they are not nearly as funny as you think lol. C'mon man, Big Bubbas House Of Ribs thats at least worth a chuckle!
  7. /Bump Gotta Im still laughing! LOL Its the truth though!
  8. Thanks man. Appreciate I am not the only one who has seen this for a long long time.
  9. You are right. The Jets scouting department needs to do a better job. If they cant find the 3-4 beast to plug the middle coming outta college. Then (and I am totally totally serious here) they need to scout Big Bubbas house of ribs for the beast! LMFAO Now I know your laughing but Im serious. Its always the same story every year "ya know 3-4 DT's dont grow on trees" That maybe the case. But they probabally do grow on a farm in Texas somewhere!
  10. Whether or not anyone wants to admit it. Its ok I will. We have very very square pegs trying to be fit in round holes. We absolutely have to draft for need now and also get free agents on need. The lines need serious ******* attention and have for a few years now. This cannot be disputed. If you disagree NP go back and watch the Jets/Patriots playoff game from last year. Case and point.
  11. K Ill give you Revis and Nugent. But IMO Thomas was BPA and so was Robertson by way of the Bradwards era of thinking.
  12. Troll, When was the last time you remember we drafted NEED on this abomination of a team? I cant remember. We have for the most part drafted BPA for years and Im thinking back to the early 90's. There is one time I remember Abraham and Ellis cause we didnt have a pass rush. ITS ABOUT TIME WE DRAFTED NEED AGAIN!
  13. Thats obvious CH. And that is why they have the record that they have this year! CP is not the only problem here. There is plenty of blame to go around from the top down. I know I know No ones home!
  14. 3-4 DEFENSIVE TACKLE 3-4 DEFENSIVE END GUARD GUARD That is the way you should draft. Christ almighty do I have to state the ******* obvious. I have been saying this since you took over, especially since the Jets playoff game against the Patriots last year when our defensive and offensive lines were pushed back all day long that the two lines need to be beefed up. /KNOCK /KNOCK /KNOCK HELLO MCFLY! ANYONE HOME?
  15. O.K. Now this is a topic I can comment on! First let me say I have been a Jets fan for 25 years. My three kids the day we took them home from the hospital had there pictures taken in there first outfit My oldest son wore a baby Chrebet jersey, My daughter wore a Jets cheerleading dress, and my little guy wore a baby Pennington jersey. All 3 pictures are displayed in our living room. So yes we will be Jet fans through good and bad. Second I look at being a Jetsfan as being in a bad marriage. We are loyal to the team when they **** all over us year after year. But as a priest says
  16. I can see him now saying "Welcome to the family Edwin" LMFAO!
  18. Oh trust me I will. This is gonna be great a weekend away where I dont have to spend alot of money! Yey!
  19. Wasnt a vacation Bugg. And I didnt get there hopes up at all. But in one fail swoop this person changed my kids view on them in a matter of 10 seconds. I cant stand the sports autograph and memorabilia business. Thats why I dont collect autographs. I dont care about the value of the autographs just the value to my kids. Your final assessment is absolutely correct.
  20. Thanks Verde, I like your attitude maybe we should start negotiations as my son will need an agent when he is selected #1 overall in the 2021 draft. Max already has a greenroom seat!
  21. Thank You Tabor. Appreciate it man. Sincerly Lantern
  22. Thanks Bob, If you happen to be by that way we are staying at Yogi Bears Camp Ground with my dads new rv! Stop by and maybe we can have a discussion on famous people... hmmm kind of intriguing huh? lol Thanks for the info sir. I am a pub kinda guy.
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