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  1. Maybe you are on to something, maybe not. LOL But talk it over with SoFla he seems to like the game clue. But maybe it was Colonel Mustard in the Library with the candlestick SoFla. LOL
  2. Doesnt it say something about the state of baseball when we would have to ask that question. I asked someone that same question yesterday SoFla lol. I think everyone looks at baseball these days for what it is business as usual no big deal. Not sure if he did either as i am like you dont care what he does.
  3. Thanks. I have heard Ron Guidry is a real nice guy on more than one occasion. I'm sorry about how that other fool acted. Like Jetcane said all famous people arent jerks just the ones who are too full of themselves I think.
  4. Thanks Jetcane appreciate it. I have met Two famous people who is a class act and he has my respect that would be Curtis Martin. And one of the nicest guys you want to talk to is Bryan Cox.
  5. Hey All, Taking the kids to cooperstown this weekend! Cant wait. I know 2 other families other than mine going. So was wondering if anyone from jetnation will be there. And how is it? I've never been. Any good restaurants in town? Thanks Lantern
  6. What would it solve Bob aside from curiosity. Young fans of the person might read it and there whole perception of that person would be changed so I choose to take the high road. Because having dreams is what makes life tolerable. Hope that is understandable. I would rather hear about others stories about famous people they have met good or bad. That is what this thread is about. Sincerly Lantern
  7. Like I said everyone has to make their own opinion of people. I will not burst a little kids balloon even if someone else will.
  8. I will neither confirm nor deny the speculation. Maybe it has not been guessed yet?
  9. Very good attention to detail Verde. Here is my reason, Everyone in this world has to have their own opinion of people. And a young fan might read it and their whole perception of that person would be influenced so I chose to take the high road. Hope that is understandable. Sincerly Lantern
  10. Thought I would share it. SoFla. It was time. And in my own way. Thanks for the sympathy. Appreciate it.
  11. Have you ever met a famous person you admired? If so tell your story. Here is mine. My family and I recently had the chance to meet a famous person we admired for a long time. The trip cost us approximately $1400 for the week. We were basically relegated to eating fast food and early rises and late finishes all week while still completing our committments to our regular jobs ie the midnight shifts. Very hectic week to say the least. So we go to this organized event and wait and wait for three hours in the blazing hot sun for a chance for my three children to get an autograph each
  12. Fleetwood Mac Bryan Adams Bruce Springsteen John Fogerty Eagles Def Leppard Eric Clapton 38 Special Nickelback Journey
  13. You never answered me Utah Do you want the $30? I think it will do alot for your image!
  14. Thanks ShadowJet Ill read up on this sort of lingo havent come across stuff like this since kindergarten when we couldnt make complete sentences yet! LOL
  15. LOL I thought to myself he was Vanilla Ice and Queen Latifa rolled into one! LOL
  16. If you dont understand this its understandable
  17. No denial, I see this sort of stuff on TV and think omg its laugh in! LOL
  18. This has got to be like some regular from the board playing a joke. LOL There's no way there is someone like this really walking around on the planet is there? LOL
  19. Anyone remember that movie Lean On Me? Joe Clark said, "Look at this slobinly sloppy boy here! When you get up in the morning and you look like this find something else to put on"! SAMS! Gansta is Sams! LOL
  20. Dont encourage him ShadowJet! LOL
  21. This thread is better than reality TV! lol
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