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  1. I never heard of a Mourmon Gansta! Well I guess there's a first time for everything! LOL
  2. Ok, Homes is it? You dont look hard to me you look like you would piss your pants if I dropped you off at 125th and Lex! LOL
  3. If that is you in the avatar utah. I must say you look ridiculous! If that is the extent of your vocabulary you talk ridiculous! Look in the mirror man. Seriously why is your hat on sideways? Is it to cover up your crooked haircut? If so I will give you $20 to get a decent haircut and another $10 to tip the shampoo girl! Because it looks to me like you could use both. No offense just trying to help you out. Because the image I see is a severly challenged person with no direction in life. A follower not a leader. Anyone else want to help a cause? LMFAO! Oh Yeah! ROCK & ROLL WILL NEVER
  4. Whoever that is in the avatar looks totally ridiculous! LMFAO! HAHA
  5. Charles Prince of Whales
  6. There are probabally little jet fans who read this board so in their interest I would rather not say what happened as all kids have a hero. If anyone would like to know we can hook up at the Jets/Miami game this year(Jets Home Game) as me and my son will be there and I will be glad to talk to you. Sincerely Lantern
  7. No he couldnt fill the shoes. Lets just say my kids dont like him, my wife dont like him, and I dont like him. Everyone has to form their opinion of people for themselves and believe me I have formed an opinion of him.
  8. Sorry All there will be no pictures or anymore updates. My 3 kids, my wife, and myself were totally and I mean totally disrespected. AND I AM NO LONGER A JOE NAMATH FAN.
  9. And whats up with toe cheese? How many people clean it after they home from work? And how many people just leave it there? Are you a cleaner or a leaver?
  10. Gainzo, I think the current Jets regime set the presedence $50 a year for the waitlist, I do not recall any other team before that doing so. If other franchises have done this prior it is not to my knowledge.
  11. HAHAHA! JoiseyJet, you think I'm a spy because of my post count! I oinly post if I have something to say I dont need an overinflated post count, it does nothing for me, I read alot. LOL Hey Smizzy! Can you throw me a block please! LOL This is what I heard a friend of mine tell me who has had season tickets for 20+ years I am looking for a confirmation if anyone else has heard the same. Because I will not pay that even after waiting 12 years now. Oh and BTW my friend sits in the 300 section upstairs and 5k is the number he heard for his seats better seats might be more money???
  12. Hello All, It is with deep regret that I inform you of a nasty rumor I heard from a very reliable source I trust. A friend of mine who has had season tickets for 20+ years told me that when the new stadium is complete they are thinking of charging all season ticket holders a one time luxury tax of $5000 per ticket! Yes you heard me right. Anyone else knows of this and can confirm? Added comments are welcome. Now I have been on the season ticket list since 1995 moving up gradually waiting my turn in the 600's now down from 15000. BUT if the greedy $#*@ think I am going to pay a luxury tax
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