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  1. He is Very Very Good Player. But... two things here. Gain & Loss. Yeah we would have one of the best secondaries in the league = Gain. We would lose 2 first round picks & The Pats would gain 2 first round picks = Loss. Now IMO I dont know about all of you but I am sick and tired of seeing the patriots with multiple first round picks EVERY YEAR! So in this scenario I feel the Loss outweighs the gain. Sorry Asante you would look great in green, but we will not supply multiple picks to the Patriots first round draft for at least 2 more more years and help ensure
  2. I dont think anyone is "whining". We are having a discussion on the most glaring needs for the team. Which just happen to be DL & OL. For you to say they couldnt have addressed these needs in the draft is wrong, they most certainly could have but they chose not to. There were plenty of players in the draft at those positions who could have played a 3-4. Hopefully our offensive line and defensive line only gets pushed around one more year. I am hopefull they do not get pushed around this year. But I am expecting with mostly the same players as last year this will continue till next year. Ho
  3. QB position... I would like to see what clemens can do sooner rather than later. The only way we should have picked Brady Quinn in the first round when we traded up is if he is the real deal. Is he? He may very well be. Then again he may not be. Maybe Tangini knows something we dont. Because you dont pass on a franchise QB if he is the real deal. So the question is... Is Brady Quinn in the Peyton Manning mold or is he in the Ryan Leaf mold. To be determined...
  4. It sure is quality and not quantity.
  5. OK, So it is great we got our shutdown corner, it is also great we got our inside linebacker... BUT... What in the hell are we going to do about our offensive and defensive lines getting pushed around all last year? Any of you remember the playoff game against the Patriots? Our defensive line was pushed back all day long. And our offensive line was pushed back to Chad as to where he was so lucky to get some of the throws off. I understand Rome wasnt built in a day, I really do. But I really feel more attention should have been paid to these two problems more than it was. If anyone has a
  6. LOL they messed it up! I knew Miami would %$#@ it up! LOL
  7. The dude is a mop head! In definate need of a haircut! And brady! Remember to tip the shampoo girl!
  8. If so... He will take Marinos spot as the Quinntisential hated qb of miami! Im not scared in the least. DL Bring it!
  9. No Offence but Bellichick should not be at #7. That was not a tormenting moment. Dennis Byrd's Injury I feel would qualify for tormenting moment as we all didnt know for a long time if he would walk again. Thanks Lantern
  10. I agree. but only for Branch. "Wheres the beef"?! answer... Around 8-14
  11. All I know about that game is our offensive and defensive fronts got pushed back all day long. WE NEED TO GET BIGGER & STRONGER AT THE POINT OF ATTACK ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL! Personally I will not be happy unless we are the ones pushing around the patriots lines all day long. Look at that game tape and you will see. I dont wanna hear about a outside linebacker a cornerback a te. I want Tangini & CO. to show us the BEEF! In this order DT,RT,DE,G. That is all.
  12. wow! great topic! hmmm..... Herm(Good line of BS)Edwards? Neil(I dont want to get knocked into the middle of next week so I cant play)Odonnell? Santana(I only play in my contract year)Moss? Goodness Gracious so many choices. This is too perplexing! OMG which do I pick? Hmm... And the Loser is Herm(good line of bs)Edwards
  13. Only in the draft now ecurb I totally agree with you there is noone out there in FA now that the Raiders have resigned Terdell Sands.
  14. Well I think they will get a CB in the darft not free agency. Maybe they will go offensive line RT and Guard Maybe to solidify our OL.
  15. Good Signing. Now lets get a Massive run stopping DT.
  16. Can we please get a run stopping plug DT Mike T? Thanks in advance. Lantern
  17. I'm sure also they will work even harder. They need to continue to lay the foundation for the future. That trade for barlow was somewhat of a crapshoot I feel and a fourth round pick is a nice pick for a crap shoot. I want to see our running back of the future this year. Its really priority #1. Then I want to see monsters drafted for both lines. If you remember the patriots game last year in the playoffs our lines got pushed around like no tomorrow. And I really dont want to see that anymore. Where's the beef? LOL
  18. Agreed Jetcane but its been one season they did good minus this deal of course. I hope they dont go downhill in there decision making anymore like doing something like this deal again. I'll give them the first one because they or noone is perfect but no more! LOL
  19. Calling it like I see it. Here we go. Quote: Jets RB Kevan Barlow has requested and been granted his release after refusing to take a paycut, a person close to the running back told The Star-Ledger last night. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the club has yet to make an announcement. That announcement could come today. Barlow, who was to earn a $2.75 million in base salary in 2007, had an injury-slowed season with the Jets after being acquired from the 49ers last August for a fourth-round pick. He finished with 370 yards rushing and six touchdowns on 131 carries
  20. Yes I have completely lost my mind! It's a conspiracy man! LOL
  21. I am so sick and tired of our civil liberties being taken away little by little. Let me repeat that. I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES BEING TAKEN AWAY LITTLE BY LITTLE. Yeah, we are really free. We are free if we abide by some of the bull**** laws forced upon us by our state and federal governments. And if we give them money every year by paying our taxes. I love this country alot but I cant stand what this country has become though the 1990's to today. I am also sick and tired of alleged terror dictating security policy in this country and in our jobs and daily routine. I for one
  22. 1.) Joe Namath 2.) Don Maynard 3.) Emerson Boozer 4.) Winston Hill 5.) Joe Klecko 6.) Marty Lyons 7.) Curtis Martin 8.) Wayne Chrebet 9.) Pat Leahy 10.) Mark Gastineau
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