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  1. Moore always left me feeling U know who has a plan for him
  2. I have been wondering if maybe the hold up the Jets want GB to pay the bonus money and carry on their cap before the trade is executed and GB wants Jets to pay.....and if not that something to do with $$$ cant imagine splitting hairs for this long over the picks but could be picks as well.
  3. probably not but again I would not lose sleep over if they did - I dont think this is the strongest draft anyway imo...plus next year 1st will be the 31st selection anyway.
  4. not a fan of RB/Qbs they dont last and has he ever passed for more that 3000 yds? what waste of GW resource. Plus we already have Breece not too mention his cost and probably never ending contracts saga's like revis.
  5. agreed i would not lose sleep over the 13th pick in this draft and even next year 1.
  6. SickJetFan

    Plan B

    Get behind the Strev people...its covered
  7. dont know him but love the last name i picture fran drescher saying it
  8. Meanwhile Green Bay Packers LS Matt Orzech: Agreed to a three-year contract. (Mike Garafolo) KR/PR Keisean Nixon: Re-signed on a one-year deal with a max value of $6 million. (Ian Rapoport)
  9. no doubt it is house of cards over there
  10. E was less intense but very useful in its own way
  11. and you shouldnt - think for yourself for a change
  12. more of a Maiden, Priest, Tesla, etc.. fan but I hear ya
  13. avert your ears little ones but WTF is wrong with tripping...did all the time when I was younger turned out perfectly fine...i think
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