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  1. first off money does not mean better player...you should know this being a Jets fan could simply mean been on the team longer and is older secondly why not listen to horses mouth. Pay special attention to his last sentence. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/alijah-vera-tucker-we-have-an-opportunity-to-be-a-really-good-offensive-line
  2. He doesnt have a wife...think there was a special at Wendy's that day
  3. https://www.nfl.com/photos/gil-brandt-s-greatest-nfl-guards-of-all-time-0ap3000000816668#6094ff8a-6a3d-4f8b-ab67-16eab10d737d 01. LG 02. LG 03. ALL - but most as LG 04. LG 05. LG 06. ALL - but settled on LG 07. LG 08. RG 09. RG 10. RG 11. RG/LG 12. LG 13. RG 14. RG 15. LG 16. LG 17. RG? 18. LG 19. LT/LG 20. RG 21. LT/LG 22. LG 23. na - played in 40s 24. LG 25. LG 26. LG 27. LG 28. NA - played in 30s was FB too 29. LG 30. LG 2/3 played LG Im sure if you listed each current team and LG/RG you will find majority have better LG
  4. AVT has potential to be better I would agree but right now I think AVT would even admit Laken better as far as Left Right....I think history shows the best guards are on the left to help your best tackle protect QB blind side. so agree to disagree on both points.
  5. why would he struggle...its not rocket science its not switching from safety to TE, or QB to CB, or madona now to madona 50 years ago.
  6. while I do somewhat agree that Becton is a shleprock with some serious personality issues, however your argument is flawed Mayweather is courting the Dallas Cowboys linemen and coaching staff for clents....it is in his best interest that Becton succeeds and not make a fool out of him.
  7. Astonishing the number of "experts" in football who in high school peed their pants if they were picked to play in a game
  8. these guys better stay after practice with jugs machine every day until dark....looking at you Davis
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