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  1. Well I did say "they hate"....for me to each their own...just keep your creepy hands to yourself.
  2. Probably for the best...you know they hate ugulers and I am not talking about the cheerleaders.
  3. Keys to success in 2017 part deux Game 1 How will each team approach the Jets? Buffalo 1st. 1 Sep 10 NYJ @ BUF New Era Field 1:00 PM Buffalo Offense The Bills last year finished 30th in Passing and 1st in Rushing per game. The Bills have a run 1st team or did with Rex and they have a mobile QB (finished with 580 tot yds and a 6.1 yds per att). Now with new coach McDermott I don’t see that changing much. McDermott being a former defense OC like Rex and coming from Carolina who also have a mobile QB will try to be run 1st team. However, with a healthy Watkins in the 1st game they will take their shots and try to catch the Jets off guard. Along with Woods and Clay they can do damage especially against a young secondary of the Jets. Looks for the Bills to try to attack the Jets young secondary in this 1st game and try and confuse the Jets young safeties and ILB. They will also try to exploit the young OLBs who more often than not forget containment leaving opportunity for QB runs or play action. If that fails for the Bills watch them retreat to what they do best and run the football with McCoy. Also keep in mind the Bills lost Gillislee who was their bruiser and short yardage back but this being 1st game I do not think that matters much since they will have a fresh McCoy. It may be a factor in the Jets 2nd match up with Bills as the season wears on McCoy. Jets Defense The Jets defense could not have asked for a better 1st game I think. On paper the Jets match up well against the Bills offense. This will be a big 1st test for secondary and Claiborn in particular. Claiborn needs to eliminate Watkins. If the Jets secondary can force the Bills into a run only team then that will play right into the Jets on paper strength. This will also be big test for new safeties and we will get a good idea on whether it was worth picking them. From the Jets perspective they need discipline play from both OLBs and Safeties. They cannot let Tyrod ruin their day so they need to contain him and obviously McCoy. This is a game where the Jets have an opportunity to stay in their base defense more often than not. Later games in season they will be forced to play more nickel and dime which gets away from their strength. Buffalo Defenses The Bills defense finished in the middle of the league last year (16th) but this team will look a lot different. With their 2016 1st round pick healthy now Shaq Lawson and Jerry Hughes on the other side and Ragland in the middle they may have got better. They did lose Gilmore to the Pats but I believe they brought in a new safety and did well in the draft with Tre White. This team is built to defend the pass it seems and with McDermott being former secondary coach he brings that much more to the Bills defense finally ridding themselves of Rex. Looks for the Bills to stack the box and dare the Jets to pass. The Bills have the advantage here going against a young Jet team with no identity. Jets Offense The Jets have their work cut out for them but to win this game they will need to establish the run which will be hard to do going against a team daring them to do just that. The Jets need to show patience, maybe a lot of 3 and outs but they need to stick with it and let the O Line try to form some rhythm. Whomever is the QB is going to face a relentless rush on passing downs so the Jets need to try an exploit short gains and see what the Bills give them. The Jets do have a good match up on the outside so they should take their shots and try to lure the safeties out of the box. The Jets will feel the loss of ASJ though in this game as they try to employ a new WCO hopefully Leggett is the real deal or maybe we will see a good dose of Q as the H. The Jets have an opportunity for a win here. I think it will be a low scoring almost boring game that the Jets can win. Unfortunately the Bills do have home field advantage complicating matters further. However, I think if the Jets commit to the run and play good defense they can squeak out a win no matter who is the Jets QB.
  4. Poor Phil.....triangle or not the Knicks will suck for some time.
  5. I don't think you could read your way out of a paper bag...btw I didn't just infer it , I wrote it but I was trying to be somewhat nice to previous poster. Pass the ball – no team is going to be 4 out of 4 (stop run, stop pass, run the ball, pass the ball) team. So the Jets do not need to be like the Saints. Whomever ends up at QB needs to protect the ball and connect when he needs to connect on those short yardage WCO type plays
  6. Reading is fundAmental. ..not around here though but if you read what I said you could infer that the jets don't actually need good passing. Some teams like the Saints lead the league every year in passing but never win. Conversely they won't need to score 28 points a game if they can stop the run and establish a run game of their own.. I know many of you have a hard time with what I wrote because I was not critizing the jets nor was I overly positive. Just laying out keys to success which is 8 and 8 or better in my mind. All you have to do here is write jets suck, bowels fired, and dbatesman is a homo to garner any attention which is fine by me. Come pre season though I will be watching closely how their plan works and make no mistake this was planned. Improve on stopping the run , better pass defense, and ball control offense. The coaching hires, Beachum , resigning winters, drafting safeties, Kevin Green, Leggett, Morton and WCO. ...
  7. normally I am not a stickler for spelling since I cant spell for my life but in this case it seems pretty telling
  8. well figure i would go against the tide....you have plenty of other threads to get your fill of this? if not I could start one if you like?
  9. uncanny...how did you know i was talking about you?
  10. thats ok...I am hard to like...just ask my wife, my daughter, my dog, my cat, my neighbors, the post office guy, that fkg kid at the supermarket, THAT MTHER FCKER KID WHO KEEPS WALKING ACROSS MY LAWN, MY FCKG DENTIST....but thats ok...i understand.
  11. lol does your homo sidekick rep you for everything you say under the sheets too?
  12. wow didn't realize you could actually read...good for you!

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