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  1. I stopped reading after the 1st couple posts honestly just wanted to get Marshall his dues
  2. Boom or bust. I think Jonathon Marshall has a unique opportunity to either make himself rich and put himself in position for 2nd contract or fizz out and eventually get cut and go back to the sticks. He doesn't have much in front of him like Jeff Smith does, his real competition is himself. He has all the tools but does he have the IQ and technique? He is a player I will be watching closely in the preseason games. If he succeeds that would be really good for the Jets. They need these 6th round hits.
  3. you know growing up my father squeaked when he walked.... Just pay the man.
  4. For Max it doesnt take years to add strength it takes effort. He can add lots of strength thru TC and preseason games which I am sure he will see lots of time in. Plus these guys live at the facility all year and practice/workout all week between games in season. I think it more depends on how ready he is from playbook and technique.
  5. actually I think he is just chewing
  6. When he goes to the zoo, the animals hide
  7. what a sh*t show and I hate how they can protect picks in trades so lame.
  8. debatable, but they are also dumber, immature (cough Becton), and have a lot to figure out
  9. he prefers broken glass rather than bubble gum
  10. I think having young rookies is overrated. It can work both ways, with a young rookie taking longer to develop teams may give up on and they blossom elsewhere. Plus the days of having a player on same team for 10-15 years is long gone anyway.
  11. btw - do you think they make the trade? I have no clue whats gonna happen
  12. and summer league, although this year wont be as fun I guess depends on tonight.
  13. I think I am more excited to see what he can do than any other draft pick not named Breece.
  14. I think Knight will be the 4th RB not just because the money but rather the value he brings to ST. I think they keep him over Ty and Perine. I worry they will try to get something for nothing though with Ty and Perine somehow (future comp pick gamble - same with Wesco) I think they will rely on Conklin for the FB role and stash someone on PS in case.
  15. I like Sauce but was not happy passing on Thibs...I think all the noise about Thibs is just that. I hope they were right.
  16. I suspect Zach is effected by outside noise at times. during last year training camp all reports were coming out good then the team had the Green and White scrimmage. It was widely reported his whole family and friends flew in (jetblue) to see him play in that scrimmage. Again widely reported he sucked during that scrimmage, it was just a scrimmage. coincidence? who knows but then the his last preseason game he looked flawless, then Carolina game also widely reported the state of Utah flying in to see him. He did not look all that bad but was average at best. again who knows but he is a young kid dying to succeed. At his age I was drinking myself silly and coming in all hours of the morning but this kid does not drink and is all business all the time. Maybe a bit too wired to succeed. I hope as he matures, he can calm down a bit to focus more, and not let any outside noise distract him if that indeed is the case.
  17. at this level they also video tape every player every practice and coaches like McDermott live in their office and sleep on the office couch. Why do they do that at night when no players or coaches are around? They are watching each and every player to see if they are getting those teachings you talk about or need maybe need more help. Guys like McDermott and Belicheat have no lives, no small kids or hot wives to go home to. What Saleh was trying to do in changing scheme on both sides of the ball using essentially same personal plus a ton of new rookies was a monumental task and in my opinion they failed. The team was not ready for the 1st game and it took a lot of games for them to be ready. Now I don't blame them for having lives but i doubt they were doing what McDermott was doing. I do think they should have more coaching assistants though because these players had to have been making mistakes in practice too.
  18. Well let's see. OL couldn't handle basic stunts, allowed free runners to QB every other down, receivers running wrong routes, OC too short to see field from sideline, dropped passes everywhere. Well Mike White did it...yeah and no...Mike White didn't have to survive that Carolina game. Was this limited to offense?....no it was 100% coaching fault here. KISS keep it simple stupid. I don't know if Zach is next coming of Montana or Mirer. One thing is for sure, This team was not ready for anyone to be QB in beginning of the season.
  19. took u while on that one but wrong again...not a boomer
  20. that is exactly what a nerd would say when a joke went over their head yet again
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