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  1. Bowles must go. Not because the team is losing-he has limitations on the roster but because he is the worst in game manager I have seen since the Jets were formed (that includes Kotite). He seems to be a nice guy and had a good rep as DC but not a HC.
  2. Unfortunately you"re probably correct however Bowles is still probably the worst in game manager I have ever seen and Macc will probably draft a safety in the first two rounds
  3. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    Petty looked fairly good at the conclusion of training camp and should get a shot to see how he has developed. Sorry but Hack has shown nothing so far and needs to sit and learn and hopefully develop.
  4. I find it difficult to understand how one can comfortably root for their team to lose. While losses may guarantee a higher draft pick they do not guarantee quality picks at any position. The best quarterback of this century wasn't even a consideration in the early rounds. Stay loose enjoy the good plays.
  5. 4 minutes to go-reasonable distance for 1st down-down 2 scores and he punts??? Maybe I'm wrong but this seems to be another one of his lack of awareness on field. On a best case scenario- Buffalo goes 3 and out-punts and we get the ball with 3 minutes to go-no timeouts and we have to score and recover onsides then score again. Time for him to go back to being DC.
  6. Can u post the video??????
  7. Not if you can remember the super bowl game
  8. Forever??? I remember when we had a guy who spent his nights clubbing, won a SB and is in the hall of fame-Joe Willie would not appreciate your comment
  9. I don't know whether Petty or Hackenberg are the QBs of the future here but bringing in a McCown is not going to hurt their development like a qb who wants and expects to start. If anything, McC is auditioning for a post career coaching spot with an occasional game appearance. No knocks on the signing, cheap and experienced and doesn't"t seem like a boat rocker.
  10. Mahomes Breakdown

    Just what we need-another raw rookie QB. How about the the lines, DBs??????????????
  11. Never asked Donald whether whether he was a Jets fan but if so-maybe this was an appointment to get Woody out of the area and appoint an overseer for the franchise. Too bad ambassadors aren"t required to dispose of assets which could impair performance of duties-the headaches of the Jets would impair anyone's clear functioning.
  12. why waste time on a ludicrous topic. The fans have no effect on the quality of the team except that the owners have been fans too. As someone who has been a fan since they were the Titans and Al Dorow was tossing to Don Maynard I can say without hesitation I have not been responsible for any win nor any loss. John Hess (Leon's son) was convinced that when they hired Parcells there would be champion flags flying-he too was a fan and unlike the fans on this forum may have had some slight influence on ownership decisions. Enough said
  13. Jets have to re-sign Geno

    The lines have to be rebuilt. Let Petty and Hack take their lumps, maybe one proves he is tough enough and has the equipment to be the one. Sign a vet. Unfortunately next year will not be pretty but Geno adds nothing that would turn this thing around
  14. Would YOU fire Bowles?

    Even if Macs were to have an incredible draft of his choosing-do you or anyone else believe the current HC could take the ingredients and make an acceptable meal???