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  1. No, the firm I was with represented SAG, AFTRA and the the 4 A's a few decades back. Only one from the firm still active in the business moved to Cal. when his primary client moved there.
  2. It would be your AFTRA card-SAG is the Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA is American Federation of Television and Radio Artists although both are under the umbrella of the AAAA (Associated Actiors and Artists of America)
  3. Kap was more of a story than a great QB prospect. We don"t need him screwing up Darnold's head. So far, it looks we have a QB> Let's leave Darnold to cooler more experienced teachers.
  4. Jets colts super bowl. Yes we did win one and I watched every sweet minute.
  5. Joe Namath deserves to be high on the list. He was not a great statistical leader but changed the dynamics of the league when he brought the AFL (AFC) into parity with the NFL (NFC) by carrying his team to a SB win.
  6. Chris is a fan-he once told me I would be sorry for giving up my Jets season tickets because Parcells was coming in to coach. Leon-I never really knew although I represented the family although I got the impression ( and may be incorrect about it) that it was more of an investment with some necessary entertainment interest.
  7. Of course, in the dreams of every fan who bleeds Jet Green or as Jon Hess told me I would be sorry to give up my season tickets with Parcells coming in to take over the Jets
  8. How much do we really know whether Mac was the problem? He could handed our former head coach an all-star roster and it would have resulted in a losing record. Must bring in a strong HC and give him dictatorial authority and see what happens.
  9. Bowles is not an idiot as a head coach and why anyone would praise him to that extent is appalling
  10. I have said it before-Bowles was a fine defensive coach and appears to be a nice guy but as a head coach he is lost. No control of a game or the players. Need a Parcell's type who controls the players and the game. Why he was rehired I still don't understand-he has developed nothing and seems to lack any plan.
  11. Please remind me when was the last time anyone considered Ben McAdoo was called a football genius.
  12. Been a Jets fan since Al Dorrow was throwing to Don Maynard and without a doubt Namath has to be No. 1-not because he was the best but he was the most influential and put the Jets on the map.
  13. Possibly if the Oline shows it can protect him and if he shows he has offense down and tools we believe he has.
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