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  1. I have said it before-Bowles was a fine defensive coach and appears to be a nice guy but as a head coach he is lost. No control of a game or the players. Need a Parcell's type who controls the players and the game. Why he was rehired I still don't understand-he has developed nothing and seems to lack any plan.
  2. Please remind me when was the last time anyone considered Ben McAdoo was called a football genius.
  3. Been a Jets fan since Al Dorrow was throwing to Don Maynard and without a doubt Namath has to be No. 1-not because he was the best but he was the most influential and put the Jets on the map.
  4. Possibly if the Oline shows it can protect him and if he shows he has offense down and tools we believe he has.
  5. Time to close this thread-not even a question
  6. Can say from an owner's standpoint the most important person if probably the head coach. John Hess once told me that I would be sorry I gave up my tickets because of Parcells coming in as head coach.
  7. I go back to Al Dorow throwing to Don Maynard and remember the gunslinger from Beaver Falls well. Great arm, former great athlete whose legs cost him his ability to scramble but was elusive and could flick a ball 30 yards. Best comparison may be Marino. Think of a QB with limited mobility but elusive with great vision. Would rather throw 20-30 yards downfield between defenders than a safe 10 yarder.
  8. TheSage

    Giants totally muffed this one...

    Giants are in a win now situation with Eli on a very short window. While I may not agree with the pick, it is understandable given their win now situation. ii i i
  9. TheSage

    Just a show of hands...

    would be nervous about Rosen and his injury history
  10. The basic problem with Rosen appears to be the injury risk. The basic problem with Allen (with perhaps the best pure athleticism) seems to be accuracy although some of this may be because of his receivers. Mayfield is a bit shorter than the others. How those negatives are viewed by the GMs haven't been revealed so it is all a guessing game. It is all conjecture and guessing games as it is with each draft. Enjoy the rumors.
  11. Close the thread-would never happen. Basically it says the Giants have no interest in a QB (other than projected #1) and can get what they want at 3.
  12. True but still a front office move-not blaming Macc for that one but can blame him for his draft choices
  13. Hiring Bowles-period. The worst in game manager I have ever seen. Seems to be a nice guy and maybe a great def. backfield coach but has no clue about game management.
  14. Bowles must go. Not because the team is losing-he has limitations on the roster but because he is the worst in game manager I have seen since the Jets were formed (that includes Kotite). He seems to be a nice guy and had a good rep as DC but not a HC.
  15. Unfortunately you"re probably correct however Bowles is still probably the worst in game manager I have ever seen and Macc will probably draft a safety in the first two rounds

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