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  1. Did you see the thread started by the kid wondering where 16-h is? He's 17 and is wondering if they will let him drink. Then somebody mentioned its 25 dollars and another poster says THEY DONT CHARGE. And the Popes not Catholic.
  2. How come all the new VIP members are posters nobody ever heard of before? I think Smoochy is more than just Rude Pollock http://www.jetsinsider.net/forums/showthread.php?t=121765
  3. Did you get that off of Sackdance99's web site?
  4. You brought up Herman Edwards TWICE and you say "you don't care". Nobody else was talking about Herm until you brought him up (TWICE). But you don't care. Riiiiiiiiight.
  5. I didn't ask you if you care (I think you DO CARE but anyway), I asked you what you think the Chiefs will do. Here, I'll simplify it for you: Are the Chiefs a better football team than the Jets?
  6. Not only will they lie, they will smear other Jets fans. After all, you have to be a bigot to criticise Hermy. I mean, what other reason can it be?
  7. How do you think the Chiefs will do this year? They're a better team than the Jets, right?
  8. I agree. They were never on the same page, because neither one of them knew what they were doing.
  9. Take her to a nice restaraunt. After you are seated, excuse yourself and then drop underneath the table. Paint a mouth on your thumb and some eyeballs on your index finger, then staying underneath the table, raise your hand above the table- then have a conversation with her while manipulating your hand, as if it was talking to her. She'll love it!
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