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    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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    The first time I saw Curtis Martin play, don't remember who he played or what the score was, I just knew I was watching a great RB and I knew from that day forward I'd be a jets fan.
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    Curtis Martin limping off the field and never seeing him come back on again. I'll always regret never being able to see him play live.
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  1. Hey Visa how bout 20 bucks plus 10 towards the shipping to Canada.
  2. QB Erik Ainge Keep, let him and O'Connel battle for 3rd QB QB Kellen Clemens drop, useless as a backup can find someone better WR David Clowney drop, can't do anything useful CB Marquice Cole Keep, worth a shot better than... CB Drew Coleman Drop, a mangini guy doesn't fit in here WR Jericho Cotchery keep, your insane if you don't want to LB Kenwin Cummings keep, good depth LS James Dearth who really cares? DE Mike Devito keep of course great motor DE Marques Douglas keep, cheap effective knows the system WR Braylon Edwards knows the system better than a FA, alrea
  3. I was following him on twitter at the time...but stopped soon after cause...oh god are his tweets pointless and douchey. Anyway I also watched one of his shows after the draft and he was explaining his reaction. To paraphrase, he was upset because he didn't know what the team gave up to move up to number 6 to get Sanchez and was upset because what he thought it would take to move up was not worth Sanchez (at the time i think most teams were asking for David Harris) but once he knew that we gave up absolutley nothing important he was fully behind the move and loved Sanchez. So either he
  4. If it's going to be anybody in house to take over for Schotty after he leaves, my guess would be Cavanaugh who Rex brought in and has been a winning OC before and Ellard the WR coach who Rex has been talking up on quite a few occasions.
  5. Woodhead was playing coverage in Brad Smith's usual spot because he was out, guarantee he stops at least 1 of those kick returns if he was playing. Having Carrol out is a head scratcher thoughhe's the quickest guy on special teams, was he hurt or a healthy scratch?
  6. This is looking a lot like the saints game, super conservative offense, stout D, offense makes mistakes, gets even more vanilla and can never score to make up the difference, the 3 and outs gas the D, game that could have been won is lost.
  7. Here is the Raiders gameday audio, it's not too bad, they know they are calling a raiders game and it's nice clear audio, a few seconds ahead of the video link but it'll do http://radiotime.com/WebTuner.aspx?ProgramId=201779
  8. I found a decent audio stream if you don't mind hearing raiders broadcasters. http://radiotime.com/genre/c_431/New_York_Jets.aspx
  9. Yeah your right, just the one was tipped, the second one i was thinking of wasn't tipped but the one where if Braylon hadn't mistimed his jump he'd have gotten the ball, but all the deep passes were terrible all the more reason to stop doing them early.
  10. Well 5 INT's are a little misleading, a couple were deflections due to passes that sailed in the wind, it's obvious with him never having played in swirling windy conditions like that that he would have trouble knowing how the ball would react when he heaved it deep, thats something you learn as you go, it's going to take him time to get a feel for the conditions of the field. Also he only had Braylon and Keller to work with (Mostly because Schotty refused to draw up anything different). After Int 2 or 3 sailing in the wind there is no reason to keep doing deep passes because it obviously wasn
  11. Glad to see he's a lock to make the team, you definitley get a Bart Scott vibe with him and the way Rex looks at him.
  12. Brian Thomas, Brad Smith and TJ to Mangini for Edwards. Westerman will make this team which would make Thomas dispensable.
  13. He knows a 3-4 like the back of his hand, but here he would be nothing but Depth, there are a lot of new 3-4 teams out there and he wants to start and get the same kind of deal Scott got here, I see Denver or Cleveland in his future.
  14. He's working hard and doing his best, thats all we can ask of him right now, and I have no doubt that Sanchez will always be prepared for the game and lead the team well. Good to hear some of the UDFA are starting to make an impression too, I'm pulling hard for Westerman to make the team.
  15. There is no way they can keep all of those guys and if they do they have to make some major cuts. Belly did this because he doesn't have pioli anymore to cherry pick for him so he's just throwing it all up there and seeing what sticks.
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