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    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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    The first time I saw Curtis Martin play, don't remember who he played or what the score was, I just knew I was watching a great RB and I knew from that day forward I'd be a jets fan.
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    Curtis Martin limping off the field and never seeing him come back on again. I'll always regret never being able to see him play live.
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  1. Spudicus

    Bob Glauber on Gholston's chances of returning

    Hey Visa how bout 20 bucks plus 10 towards the shipping to Canada.
  2. Spudicus

    Keep Or Leave The 61 Man Roster

    QB Erik Ainge Keep, let him and O'Connel battle for 3rd QB QB Kellen Clemens drop, useless as a backup can find someone better WR David Clowney drop, can't do anything useful CB Marquice Cole Keep, worth a shot better than... CB Drew Coleman Drop, a mangini guy doesn't fit in here WR Jericho Cotchery keep, your insane if you don't want to LB Kenwin Cummings keep, good depth LS James Dearth who really cares? DE Mike Devito keep of course great motor DE Marques Douglas keep, cheap effective knows the system WR Braylon Edwards knows the system better than a FA, already has chemistry with Sanchez DE Shaun Ellis drop, I hate to say it but he's not what he used to be G Alan Fanaca keep still a beast in the run but a replacment will soon be needed K Jay Feely keep love the guy, but I'm worried bout his age and loosing power on his kicks T Debrickashaw Ferguson Keep, he gets better every season LB Ryan Fowler Drop, never did a thing that make him worth keeping LB Vernon Gholston keep, I say rex gets one more year with this project unless he wants to call it quite DT Howard Green drop, usless RB Shonn Greene keep, file under insane if you want to drop LB David Harris ditto TE Ben Hartsock drop, 1 touchdown but way too many pentalites OL Wayne Hunter keep, good depth DB James IHiedgbo keep, plays his butt off every game RB ThOMAS Jones drop, finally wearing down or dogging it for loosing carries, either way not worth 1 million next year TE Dustin Kellar keep, keeps getting better S Jim Leohnard keep, 2nd best DB on the team by a mile CB Dwight Lowery keep, a solid #3 corner or maybe a backup saftey C Nick Mangold keep, gotta love the viking G Brandon Moore keep, can't ask for much more from the guy TE Matthew Mulligan doesn't matter LB MARques MURREll keep, good on ST QB Kevin O Connell keep, let him and Ainge battle for 3 cut the looser LB Calvin Pace keep, best rusher on the team DE Ropati Pitoitua keep, good depth, versatile DT sIONE Puhoa keep, great backup, proved something this year CB Darrelle Revis ....... don't need to answer S Kerry Rhodes I'd keep him, nothing better currently on the team and would be hard to replace in FA FB Tony Richardson he'll either retire or be the FB next year QB Mark SAnchez Very impressed with the kid LB Bart Scott Had an up and down season but keep CB Lito Shepard should have been dropped weeks ago but there is no replacment OL Matt Slauson keep could be the replacment LG S Eric Smith keep might have to be the starting FS WR Brad Smith keep, great playmaker CB Donald Strikland keep great nickle and dime guy LB bYRON tHOMAS drop, comes up small in big games OL Robert Turner keep, good depth RB Chauncey Washington why did we sign him if he never played? P Steve WeATHERFORD keep, solid punter LB Jaamal Westerman keep, cheap, plays hard, good depth WR Danny Woodhead keep, let the experiment continue with a full offseason with Ellard the WR coach T Damian Woody Keep, same as Faneca though needs a backup plan in place WR Wallace Wright drop, loosing a step on ST FS Brandon Condren keep, good development guy FB Jason Davis keep incase T-Rich hangs up the cleats WR Britt Davis who? OT Dan Gay who? WR Marcus Henry He's still on the team? DL Matt Kroul development player...so sure why not C Michael Parentron who? DL TY Steinkuhler yeah why not
  3. I was following him on twitter at the time...but stopped soon after cause...oh god are his tweets pointless and douchey. Anyway I also watched one of his shows after the draft and he was explaining his reaction. To paraphrase, he was upset because he didn't know what the team gave up to move up to number 6 to get Sanchez and was upset because what he thought it would take to move up was not worth Sanchez (at the time i think most teams were asking for David Harris) but once he knew that we gave up absolutley nothing important he was fully behind the move and loved Sanchez. So either he got pissed because he thought Tanny was an idiot and gave up too much to move up before actually finding out what was given up. he had someone specific in mind he wanted the Jets to draft, and was going to go nuts over any player, and ended up having to backpedal or he strategically positioned himself in front of an ESPN camea in a Jets jersey just as they were about to pick and flipped out just to make sure he got on TV and youtube clips of this pick forever so if Sanchez turns out to suck he can call himself a genius and say he was right or if Sanchez is good he can be self depricating and say he's glad to be wrong.
  4. Spudicus

    Why not Callahan for OC in 2010?

    If it's going to be anybody in house to take over for Schotty after he leaves, my guess would be Cavanaugh who Rex brought in and has been a winning OC before and Ellard the WR coach who Rex has been talking up on quite a few occasions.
  5. Spudicus

    Mike Westhoff Sucks!

    Woodhead was playing coverage in Brad Smith's usual spot because he was out, guarantee he stops at least 1 of those kick returns if he was playing. Having Carrol out is a head scratcher thoughhe's the quickest guy on special teams, was he hurt or a healthy scratch?
  6. This is looking a lot like the saints game, super conservative offense, stout D, offense makes mistakes, gets even more vanilla and can never score to make up the difference, the 3 and outs gas the D, game that could have been won is lost.
  7. Here is the Raiders gameday audio, it's not too bad, they know they are calling a raiders game and it's nice clear audio, a few seconds ahead of the video link but it'll do http://radiotime.com/WebTuner.aspx?ProgramId=201779
  8. I found a decent audio stream if you don't mind hearing raiders broadcasters. http://radiotime.com/genre/c_431/New_York_Jets.aspx
  9. Yeah your right, just the one was tipped, the second one i was thinking of wasn't tipped but the one where if Braylon hadn't mistimed his jump he'd have gotten the ball, but all the deep passes were terrible all the more reason to stop doing them early.
  10. Well 5 INT's are a little misleading, a couple were deflections due to passes that sailed in the wind, it's obvious with him never having played in swirling windy conditions like that that he would have trouble knowing how the ball would react when he heaved it deep, thats something you learn as you go, it's going to take him time to get a feel for the conditions of the field. Also he only had Braylon and Keller to work with (Mostly because Schotty refused to draw up anything different). After Int 2 or 3 sailing in the wind there is no reason to keep doing deep passes because it obviously wasn't working the way Sanchez wanted to. The adjustment should have been to a pure west coast offence, high % throws over the middle to Keller and over to the sidelines to Braylon, keep it out of the air as much as you can and run on a team that was being doiminated by our o-line. The D played solid but unspetacular, Ellis is doing nothing in this system and Douglas is a huge mistake by Rex, that's why the 4 man Rushes are not working and all out Blitzes always on 3rd down are good but teams are figuring it out and doing dump offs and the secondary isn't doing their job. Rhodes looks average at best right now and Leonhard is the only guy that can make a tackle and wrap a guy up and he's the smallest one. Everything on this team is telegraphed and predictable right now, at the start of the season it was new and fresh but this far into the season everyone has had time to study what the team has been doing and to borrow a line from a movie. The Jets have been weighed and measured and they have been found wanting.
  11. Glad to see he's a lock to make the team, you definitley get a Bart Scott vibe with him and the way Rex looks at him.
  12. Spudicus

    Steelers Release Larry Foote

    Brian Thomas, Brad Smith and TJ to Mangini for Edwards. Westerman will make this team which would make Thomas dispensable.
  13. Spudicus

    Steelers Release Larry Foote

    He knows a 3-4 like the back of his hand, but here he would be nothing but Depth, there are a lot of new 3-4 teams out there and he wants to start and get the same kind of deal Scott got here, I see Denver or Cleveland in his future.
  14. Spudicus

    Rookie camp report

    He's working hard and doing his best, thats all we can ask of him right now, and I have no doubt that Sanchez will always be prepared for the game and lead the team well. Good to hear some of the UDFA are starting to make an impression too, I'm pulling hard for Westerman to make the team.
  15. Spudicus

    Effing Pats

    There is no way they can keep all of those guys and if they do they have to make some major cuts. Belly did this because he doesn't have pioli anymore to cherry pick for him so he's just throwing it all up there and seeing what sticks.

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