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  1. There are quite a few on this site,and i think i have had my fill with it.
  2. Yet you felt the need to reply.Thanks for playing.
  3. Dude just so i can make this absolutely clear. Chad Pennington was the reason.He could never stay healthy,and that's why he was the reason.When he was healthy,the team flurished,the problem was he was never healthy long enough. One dimensional thinking is a dangerous thing.This was my statement. IMHO,and I love Chad Pennington as my QB,but the only reason the Jets didn't do better than they did under Herman Edwards was Chad Pennington. 1 more thing.It wasn't because of his supposed rag arm either.It was simply because he could never stay healthy.Chad Penning took the Jets to the 2nd round of the playoffs twice.The 1st time was in his 1st yr as a starter.The 2nd time was in 2004 after his 1st hand injury,and he was playing with a torn up shoulder.This QB was a our starter for 4 out of 5 yrs.2 of those 4 yrs,he was injured,and he was injured during 1 other when the team made it almost to the AFC Championship game.
  4. There's nothing wrong with bringing up Edwards in that type of setting.The problem is,i don't care to know what he says after every media session anymore.Furthermore,Herman Edwards didn't let Lamont go,he left to find a starting assignment.This is a player who publicly stated that he wished he could play for coach Edwards forever,but understood the situation with Curtis.If the fans want to blame herm for every Jet player that stinks up a game,that's fine.Reporting how and when he takes a pi$$ doesn't interest me.
  5. Yes,i believe they can.The Patriots have never been more vulnerable than they are right now.The thing i am most looking forward too is how Mangini prepares the offense to take away the strength of a unit he onced coached,and how he prepares the defense to take away the strength of a unit he once practiced against with his defense. We know or believe we know what kind of Hc Belichek is.The thingi always wondered is was it Belichek or Brady.Do you have any idea what taking it to a beli coach defense will do for the career and image of mangini. Personally,i can't wait for this game.I have the NFL package,but this game for me living in Eagles/Ravens country makes the price more than worth it.
  6. Agreed,but would Cotchery and our top 2nd rounder be to much value to trade for that player
  7. Meaning no disrespect Max,but i was invited here to talk Jet football.Herman Edwards is no longer a Jet,so basically i have no interest in him anymore. The problem i have is it doesn't matter what the topic is,some yocal on here brings his hatred/love of that former HC into the topic and ruins it.The way i see it,you have patsy fans ruining threads and some who can't get over themselves ruining other threads. i'm sorry that I'm not a sheep,and don't follow mindlessly like most,but all i want to do is talk about my Jets.Is that so wrong.
  8. If Art Shell got tired of Randy Moss,would you as a Jet fan have any interest.
  9. Not yet JC.The guy is big,and he eats up space,but so did Jason Ferguson.Dispite what the fans think,Robertson will get most of the snaps at NT,and the guy actually had a decent game yesterday. Moore woud have been a huge upgrade for James Reed last yr .Robertson is doing well at the NG position.He still has room for improvement,but he's doing what he always did.He keeps linemen at the LOS,and occasionally,he gets into the backfield.If that ain't the job of a NT,then i don't know what is. Yesterday,our problem wasn't runs up the middle,it was our OLBers especially Hobson getting caught inside when the RB cut back to the outside.
  10. Untill further notice let's refer to Norm Katnik as J P Machado.He was better than Gopdwin,but the jury is still out.
  11. He was Inactive in street clothes .He was the coaches's shadow,or atleast it looked that way
  12. If the question was in reguard to playing in a 43 defense,then i would say yes.Moore had some good moments yesterday,and showed the strength on some plays that could make him an assett when the team uses the 43 defense against strong running teams.
  13. How about that NY Jet QB.God,I just wish that Kid never got hurt.Remember back when i said he would make Jet fans forget about the guy whose name is your moniker. If you ever watched Chad Pennington play,really watched him,you would understand why Randy Moss once said he was the best QB he ever played with. Chad Pennington's brains and Randy Moss talents made for a lethal combination.Protect that Kid and give him a playmaker like Moss(Coles) and my prediction may yet come true. One more thing.I still believe Mangini should have never started his tenure with Chad Pennington coming off a 2nd shoulder surgery.If Chad plays against the Pats the way he did against the Titans i will STFU about that thou.
  14. Am I crazy or was Ryan getting more reps at TE than Baker before the fumble.Also,i think Ryan may have baught himself a seat on the inactive list next week .I think after the way Baker played,if Hilton is confortable with the game plan he may surplant Ryan. Ryan is supposed to be the beter blocker,but yesterday,it didn't appear that any blocking was being accomplished on running plays. You are 100% right on Blaylock.He needs to hit the hole and stop looking for the big play.
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