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  1. Didn't he already do that when he jettisoned Kevin Mawae and Jerold Sowell
  2. To further this theme,i have come up with a possible 33 cuts from this current roster.I figure the team will cut: 3 QBs 4 RBs/FBs 3 WRs 3 TEs 6 OL 4 DL 5 LBers 4 DBs 1 Punter The way I figure it,the Practice squad QB isn't on the team as of this time since neither Bollinger or Kingsbury are eligible.
  3. I don't get it.For a Coach you people dislike so much,you sure appear interested in what he's doing in KC.How many of you even visited a KC board before this season or unless the Jets were playing the Chiefs that week. You people are Jet fans,yet you sit around waiting for the Chiefs to fall on their faces so you can pump up your chest and say i told you so instead of worrying about the jets and all the questions that surround this team. What are you folks going to do if the Chiefs back into the Playoffs in 2006.I don't know if you people notice while you were busy complaining,
  4. Run along and go Play plowboy,can't you see grown folks are takling .
  5. Is it 100% certain that the Player the Jets were targetting in the trade up with the Lions was Matt Leinart. What is the status of Derrick Blaylock and Cedric Houston heading into the OTAs
  6. Here's what i know.Chad Pennington when healthy has led the Jets to the playoffs every single time.This same Chad Pennington with his arm falling off made enough plays against the Steelers and the Chargers to almost get the Jets into the AFC Championship game against the Patriots had it not been for a top 10 choke job. If this Kid is healthy enough to play,then the Jets have a shot at the playoffs,because the OL is much improved.There's nothing wrong with Pat Ramsey's arm or Legs,and the Receivers and RBs are all capable. The only major lost on Defense is John Abraham,and he wasn't
  7. Well done Ham,and I even have to commend you on your admission about your love affair with Duke Davis. I gotta tell you thou,there's noway in hell i would have passed on Jay Cutler unless i was presented with the choice of him or Mario Williams.A few yrs back,some laughed at me during a Mock draft when as the acting GM of the Texicans,i chose Julius Peppers over David Carr.That decision was easy because the Texicans were an expansion team new to the league and i knew kind of what their record would be and who was going to be eligible the following yr. You mention premium positi
  8. Thanks for the Welcome folks.Senior that intro was much appreciated.
  9. I guess we can't have everything,but I'll be pulling for the Kid.I think Chad is as done a a Thanksgiving Turkey. Glad to be here.
  10. Funny,but do people realized that that was the yr after the Jets did to the Defense what Tangini is doing to the offense .Also I don't want to hear any crap about John Abraham,because if i remember correctly,that guy didn't play much down the stretch and not at all in the playoffs. If Chad Pennington is healthy,I expect the Jets to make a run at the playoffs in 2006.This team has a stronger OL,pretty much the same defense with Mangini type player and either Pennington or Ramsey will be at QB. Maybe we don't make the Playoffs,but i expect us to have a shot late in the yr if Chad is
  11. Guy's big,but he's an interesting prospect.At Grambling ST they threw the ball all over the place and he had a rediculous TD-int Ratio.something like 60-5.All he needs is a good nutritionist and he could turnout to be the next Doug Williams.
  12. Good to see you haven't changed a bit.We went at it good about Chad back then didn't we partner,and for a while there,i had you believing.I don't like 2 things about Clemons.The 1st is he's short and the 2nd is he has a hard time throwing a spiral. IF this kid makes it,and god knows i'm hoping like heck he does,he'll the only the 2nd QB from Oregon to do so,and the 1st from the Beloti school of QBs. Do you know who the other Oregon QB was who excelled in the Pros? Good to catch up with you Ranger.
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