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  1. Well,let's examine that shall we. Offense - New offense with new coordinator QB _ Chad Pennington Vs Chad Pennington LT _ Jason Fabini vs Brick Ferguson LG _ Brandon Moore vs Brandon Moore OC _Kevin Mawae vs sp RG _ Pete Kendall vs Pete Kendall RT _ Adrian Jones vs Anthony Clements RB _Curtis Martin vs ? FB _BJ Askew vs BJ Askew WR _ Lav Coles s Lav Coles WR _Justin Mac vs Jerrico Cotchery TE _ Chris Baker Vs Chris Baker Defense _ 2nd yr defense vs n
  2. I want to see the Jets beatup on the Titans because i'm a jet fan and it would start our season off on the right foot.With that said,what would it mean if the Jets went to Tennessee,and lost that game compared to the Jets losing the Chiefs game Last yr in Kansay City. Are the Titans a better team than the Jets Are the Titans a better team than the 2005 chiefs Are the 2006 Jets a worst team than the 2005 Jets Is the home field advantage in Tennessee equal to that of KC What exactly would it mean other than the Jets being 0-1 .
  3. Thes are decisions made out of neccessity.The Jets have no feature RB and they don't know what to expect from Chad pennington. Chad Pennington is the starting QB.he missed a full week of practice,1 preseason game and was given the final game off even after not putting up a single point in the previous game when he played the entire 1st half.
  4. Right there with you Senior.He just has to develop a mean streak which is something i believe will be hard for that kid to do.
  5. Did someone claimed Mcclover or did we just not want him.
  6. On this roster presently,they're 30 players from last yr's team.The Mangini regime has changed over 23 players which is about the average for most NFL teams on a yearly basis. Of those 30 players about 10 to 15 will get they walking papers either sometime this season or before the start of the 2007 season.Those players include Chad pennington,Adrian Jones,Shaun Ellis and BJ Askew all players who for whatever reason may not fit the profile the new regime is looking for. If the average is about 20+ players who get release yrly,then do we conclude that some of the Players Mangini
  7. If that's true,or even part of the reasoning,then we may finally have the right man for the Job.That's what i'm looking for,someone young enough with a defensive mindset who can build a team the way Walt michaels built the sackexchange Jets... It's all I care about,having my Jets be one of the best franchises year in and year out with a chance to win the championship yearly. The thing that bothers me is that 2 days ago,Mangini was adamant about not naming the starter untill someone stepped up.
  8. I know what you mean,but that all depends on your perspective.
  9. No,Jay Cutler.But that has nothing to do with the question.It's a legitimate question.If you notice,i made no mention of pressure from the fans,since according tothem,they didn't care.
  10. Did pressure from the NY media forced Eric Mangini to Name Chad Pennington as the starting QB today.We all know that all the signs pointed to Chad being the starter,but Mangini had stated that untill someone stepped forward,he would continue his rotation of the QBs during practice. Was it media pressure,Chad Pennington stepping up,his competition stinking up the joint or rumblings by players wanting to know where the stood that forced today's long awaited anouncement.
  11. The three great chiefs along with the Cheyenne and wiped out Custer. I think i will stop now,because talking about these warriors brings out something in me i would just as soon not expose.
  12. Don't you think that Quintin moses and Gaines Adams are too light to play DE in a 34 scheme.Why not take the RB you desperately need,and look at a carriker or Crowder later in the draft to play on the End.BNoth those guys are capable of playing DE in either the 34 or the 43 scheme. The way i see it,unless Gaines or Moses can back peddle,we really don't need them.
  13. Jay Cutler 6'3" Carson Parmer 6'4" Tom brady 6'5" Peyton Manning 6'5" Big Ben 6'5" Kellen Clemens 6'5/8" Matt Leinart 6'4" Vince Young 6'5" Brady Quinn 6" 4" #s mean nothing,nothing at all.
  14. To borrow a line from Jetcane. That is all.
  15. Don't you think a probowl OC would give you a better chance at stabilizing your ol than a 1st yr Rookie.
  16. Maybe,but with Mawae calling the blocking schemes and manning the middle of our OL,Mangini stood a better chance this season than he does with Mangold.
  17. Just how long do you figure Pete Kendall is going to play.Brandon Moore has this season to prove he's worthy of sticking as a starter.Anthony Clements is a journeyman.This line will be as unstable heading into 2007 as it is heading into 2006.Atleast if you kept Mawae for his final season,you may have had the opportunity to establish a winning tradition.who knows,maybe just maybe the Jets will surprise everyone except Mangini.
  18. Ok doctor spock,you figured me out.Can't hide anything from you,but just for s#!ts and giggles how about this little senario. I happen to read quite a few Jet message boards,and from time to time I have seen where fans have called for the Jets to look at drafting a Calvin Johnson,Dwayne Jarrett or Sydney Rice with our 1st round draft pick next yr even if it's a top 10 pick.That's what led me to make this thread. The 1st thing i did was point out what i believe to be premium positions worthy of such a draft pick and the cap hit that goes with it.The next thing i did was reference ho
  19. Bit,looking at your OL,you have 4 guys who can possibly play LT,but only Jones is an outside shot at RT as a backup.Don't you think that Cavka could be place on the PS and Blanton who has prototypical RT size be kept on the roster and away from prying eyes.
  20. Mangini is confronted with similar problems that Davis had when he took over the UM program: a team in disarray, lacking in talent, needing an infusion of new blood, and a fan base yearning to see a winning program again. How is the Jets team is Disarray/Lacking in talent.This team has a feature WR,2 RBs who was once starters and are still young.They have a Veteran RT with starting experience.The starting OGs are the same Brick is supposed to be an improvement over both Fabini and Jones,or so I have been told. On the Defense,we went to the Playoffs and had a shot at the Championship
  21. See that ? mark after his name.It's there for a reason.Bryan Thomashas Played DE/DT and now OLBer for the Jets and didn't embarrassed himself at any of the positions.He has the ability to be a premium player.He just need someone to get that ability to mature.
  22. Why would i be angry when the position they took fits 1 of my premium positions.What I'm attempting to say is that all the talk about a WR in round 1 using a top 10 pick makes no sense.That goes for TE,and DT,unless the DT has the ability to move outside ala Seymour. Some guys just make it impossible to release them,but that's why using your draft picks wisely to add quality depth is so important.
  23. The problem with that is you have to pay them the kind of money LaMont got usually for the type of Production he gave. Curtis Martin is the 3rd or 4th alltime leading rusher in NFL history.He's a hell of a blocker.He hardly ever fumbles.He's a franchise RB even if some folks don't realize it.
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