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  1. Here's what i'm interested in.The positions i listed as premium positions,are players i have no problem paying huge cap hits to.If those positions take yp 60-75% of the team's cap,then that's fine with me.The others you can upgrade on a yearly basis and insert when the vets become to pricey to keep. Now i full understand that sometimes a player from a non premium position is so outstanding,that you have to make an exception. Rhodes is on his way to becoming that type of player.Shaun Ellis never was and never will.Shaun Ellis can be nothing more than a LDE.He's capable of being
  2. Jets need a feature RB,and those kind of guys don't come available when they're young.We need a Adrian Peterson,Marshawn Lynch type RB.The kid from Louisville has to run under 4.5 to be a consideration.
  3. WR is not premium position Ellis,you have got to be kidding,Getting paid like a premium player,doesn't make you a premium player Barton not a chance. Rhodes has a shot to be a great Player,but safety is not a premium position.If this player develops into a probowler,I have no problem paying him thou.
  4. All the positions that make up a pro football team are important,but not all of em are worth investing huge cap dollars on.OC is the type of position that could demand a huge cap hit,but that player would have to be a perennial probowl starter.John Vilma is a solid to elite player,but he's not a premium player.Vilma's worth is being tested in the 34 defense as an ILBer and a premium player would have the ability to play equally effective in either scheme.Also,I don't consider ILBer as a premium position. You should know that i believe the jets to have very good talent within the ros
  5. Jets will win aboout 8 games Jets defense will be top 15 in the league Jets offense will be top 20 in the league Chad Pennington will get consideration for comeback player of the yr Jet moses will go the entire season fixated on Herman Edwards and the Chiefs Savage will have nothing to complain about with Curtis Martin not playing TX will be commited to an Insane asylum after Chad wins comeback player of the yr.
  6. The kind you give huge cap hits and build your franchise around. QB RB OLT DE _ Julius Peppers Richard Seymour type OLB _ Willie Mcginest type CB _ ability to cover 1 side of the field mano a mano. How many of these players exist on our current roster.Feel free to include players you believe may have the Talent . QB _ undecided/no RB _ Hell no OLT _ Ferguson/? DE _ Hell no OLB _ Thomas/? CB _ Miller/?/Dyson/? Clemens has to become special so next yr we can add 2 names to that list.His own and Adrian Peterson. Th
  7. Last week on SNY Daily News Live,the host who's Jewish made an issue of it.He went so far as to compare what T.O. has done thus far to 3 teams as being self inflicted wounds,while what Barlow did was hurtfull to a communityand reached outside of sports. You guys maybe right,but somehow i don't think people will soon forget what Barlow said.Even today the name Hitler stirs strong emotions within the Jewish community. As far as the Jets taking Cutler affecting the draft,the only way it would is with GB taking Ferguson instead of Hawk.Chad Jackson and Maroney would have still be a
  8. What's funny is the Jets have alot of LT tyoe candidates in Jones,Cavka and Snell,but only Blanton has the size you look for in a run blocking RT.
  9. God i hope so,because the success of this last Jet draft is going to come down to how Clements compare to both Cutler and Leinart over their careers.Even if brick has a HOF career
  10. Do you really believe Kevin Barlow will be a non Issue to the NY Jewish community after what he said.
  11. My quess is either Brady Quinn or Adrian Peterson if they have a top 5 pick.If it's 10-15,maybe Marshawn Lynch
  12. The 1 name i'm happy to not see there is Ed Blanton.I want that kid to stick around.
  13. Don't you ruin my thread .Keep it to the draft like you just did and i will appreciate it .
  14. 1 _ Herm ain't the HC 2 _ Mangini's camp would have taken care of the soposed fat guys 3 _ We just traded for Kevin Barlow who called his former HC Hitler For 1 yr,Mangini could have dealt with Kevin Mawae.They'er far worst players in the league with far less talent.
  15. Look i realize that your anger is making it hard to rationalize anything.What is Kevin mawae's current cap hit on the Jets.The guy was in his final yr,and he's still one of the best OC in the NFL.By the way,I never liked Mawae since the way he treated Al Groh.Also,you don't care for Jones,fine,then go ahead and draft Ferguson,he fits. Is it so hard to understand how we could have added one of the 2 OL we got,either Jay Cutler by trading away the 2 3rd round picks we wasted on the boar Hunter and yet another slow footed safety.Or drafted the RB we so desperately needed and the speedy big
  16. Last yr we lost Chad because Fabini who everyone knew was a bad LT got beaten like a drum by some no name DE.We lost Fielder on a freak injury,after the guy completed a pass on a rollout. What made things worst on our OL was we lost the heart and soul of that Line when Kevin mawae went down.Jones was playing LT after practicing mostly at RT.Kendall was now the OC and we had Goodwin playing guard.Yes,the OL was terrible.It would not have been terrible this season,because Mawae would have been back in the middle with Kendall and Moore right were they are now and Clements at RT just like he
  17. How has Chad and Clemens looked. What you people fail to consider is the cap ramifications.You use big money on QBs,RBs,OLT,CBs,34 defense OLBers who can play equally well in the 43 defense or 43 defensive ends who can play equally well in a 34 scheme. We have right now only 1 of these players,and it's Brick,and that's only if he develops as expected. If Clemens develops,then we don't have to take Brady Quinn and Instead we can look at Peterson. Which is the Better OL Adrian Jones/ Brandon Moore Kevin Mawae/Missant/Katnik Pete Kendall Anthony Clements Or
  18. I have no problem with the new staff I don't even have a big problem with the players we took in the draft My only question was what if the Jets had drafted Jay Cutler,then Maroney,then Chad Jackson.Hell,I would even go as far as giving the Jets either Brick at 4,or Mangold at 22 or what ever it was.If we drafted that way,then next yr,we could either take Adrian Peterson if we didn't take Maroney or we could take Joe Thomas provided he's 100% recovered from his Knee injury. The Jets are either rebuilding or they're looking to win as much as they can now and challenge for the
  19. Listen folks,let's not turn this into yet another Herman Edwards Thread.This Thread is about what the Jets did in the draft,and the consequences it may have towards next yrs draft. I like Herm,he quit on my team you guys hated him,f**K him. Let's talk football.
  20. Fixing the OL.That is the new rallying cry.Do you people actually watch football,or just bitch when thing don't go the way you invision. The Jets drafted brick and Mangold to fix the OL.All they had to do was allow Katnix or Missant to develop behind Mawae for another yr and allow Adrian Jones to continue his development at LT.Last season,the Jets OL with 1st time LT Adrian Jones,OC Pete Kendall,RT Scott Gragg,and Guards Moore and Goodwin with frilling Brooks Bollinger at QB threw for over 300 yards against the Dolfins defense.Do you guys remember the last time a Jet offense did that aga
  21. Dude you know that Porsche you keep preaching that Herm inherited from your uncle Bill.It needed a QB then,and it needs 1 now.In 1999,Parcells proved just how badly that team he built needed a reliable QB.He was the GM,and since then,the Jets team has still needed a reliable QB.Chad did what he could,but he just couldn't stay healthy,and even with all that,the Jets came within 1 sunday of advancing to the AFC Championship game twice. Both times under that moronic HC you dislike so much. 90% of this board thinks Herm was a horrible HC.Of that 90 percent,60 percent think Curtis Marti
  22. Right. That's why if Brady Quinn has a season like he did last yr,and we have a top 2 pick he's going to be wearing Jet green instead of having Jay Cutler and Adrian Peterson in our backfield with Chad Jackson as our developing Wideout. Jet Fans believe this team is devoid of playmakers on Offense.Without question,this team had the opportunity to begin the 2007 season with an offense comprised of Jay Cutler _ QB Adrian Peterson _ RB Chad Jackson _WR That's ok thou,Brick will keep the defense off Chad so he can throw his 5 yard outs and take his occasional shots
  23. I wonder if any Jet fan believes the Broncos would trade us Jay Cutler for our 2006 2nd and 3rd round picks. Back during the draft,those picks were like gold to Mangini.Would you trade gold for an un-polished diamond.If you knew then what you should know by now,would you have traded those picks for the chance to take either Jay Cutler or Matt Leinart. Me,I would have used my 1st overall pick,the 4th pick in round 1 on Jay Cutler.I knew what everyone who ever questioned this kid'd ability because of where he played his College ball will soon come to realize.
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