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  1. Boozer,if you believe that last statement you wrote,then you are the one who's out of their mind.Sure Mangini will be judged by his winning percentage,but i have already heard more than 1 mdia member who says they will blast him if the Jets suck.What's worse is i know you people will help them.
  2. All that prove spermy is that you need the comformation of others to justify your beliefs.If you believed in your hear of Hearts that Edwards sucked,why would someone's different opinion make a difference to you. You spoke of squandered opportunities,so let me tell you this. IMHO,and I love Chad Pennington as my QB,but the only reason the Jets didn't do better than they did under Herman Edwards was Chad Pennington. 1 more thing.It wasn't because of his supposed rag arm either.It was simply because he could never stay healthy.Chad Penning took the Jets to the 2nd round of the
  3. How is it hindsight when you had that player rated as a 1st round talent who had the chance of falling into round 2 because of inconsistant senior yr . if Gabe Watson is a 3rd rounder,then both our 3rd round picks should have been UDFA.
  4. Here's my problem with this entire situation.I will preface this by saying that i would have preferred Duckett over Barlow. Our HC preached good character as the focal point in any player he wanted to add to his team since taking over.That same HC then went out and traded for Kevin Barlow with the knowledge of what he had said to the media upon leaving san fran and before this player took and passed his physical that made the trade official. This HC is having his troubles with the media in NY,and what does he do.He brings a guy to NY who compared a football HC to Adolf Hitler.Talk
  5. Something I don't understand.How is it that the title of this post is The media and Mangini,yet the entire article is a Herman Edwards hate fest. Jet fans don't like Herman Edwards,i get that.Jet fans don't appreciate the way the media has attacked Eric Mangini because of his decision to limit media access to players and coaches,i get that. What i don't get is why these same Jet fans go hog wild over camp reports written by Jetcane and blast the owner of a certain internet site for charging for his exclusive articles written by the same media they can't stand. This article
  6. Thanks for the effort dude.Much appreciated. By the way,where was Bolly.Did Chad look focused.
  7. Whoever said he was.He was a developmental prospect who showed improvement,enough to warrant further consideration.Ferguson isn't all pro either,even if he has the ability to be such a player sooner rather than later. The difference is Ferguson cost us ten times more against the cap.Makes sense when you are forced to cut players who can still produce because you have to aquire cap room. I have no problem with Ferguson,because he fills 1 of the positions i consider as premium whereby you spend big cap dollars.My only concern is that we maynot have had to do this just yet.Next yr,wil
  8. Do you really believe Barlow would restructure his contract and walk away with less money from the Jets.If we have to give him a raise above his 3+ mil salary,it will add a cap hit that he presently doesn't have his salary not withstanding,combined with the dead money we owe Curtis,and either Blaylock and or Houston.There's no way this guy is going to be a part of the Jets team for the 2007 season.
  9. It's being reported in the Post that the Jets had a deal for Duckett,but decided not to weaken 1 position by trading JMac just to enhance another position. The Jets had been in significant talks with the Falcons regarding T.J. Duckett. But Atlanta was seeking a player in return, believed to be WR Justin McCareins, and the Jets felt they didn't want to hurt depth at one position while trying to help that of another. http://www.nypost.com/sports/jets/sanfrancisco_treat_jets_mark_cannizzaro.htm
  10. Then I guess I'm out of my mind.I've seen pro bowl OTs get beaten like a drum by no name DEs.Here we have a young guy,who hasn't even played the position 1 full season,hasn't even practiced at the position consistantly enough to get a firm grasp of it but has shown considerable improvement from his rookie seaon to the end of last yr.Adrian Jones couldn't block me when he came into the NFL,and he was blocking Jason Taylor 1 on 1 .He got beaten on stunts,and to tell you the truth,he didn't get beaten,because even thou it was his man,the guard was the one who missed the block most of the time.
  11. Obviously I have a higher opinion of Mr Jones than you do.Furthermore,the Jets once had a RB who rushed for over 1200yards in back to back seasons.Bill Parcells cut him and replace him with Curtis martin.If Kevin Barlow rushes for over 1000 yards,and the Jets either restructure his 3+ mil contract for 2007,or cut him to save salary,giving away even a 5th round pick for him would have been a mistake.
  12. Yes we can,especially if the price is a 4th round pick.Mangini must truely believe the Jets are making a playoff push.Good for him I say.
  13. And I believe the Jets will keep 10 DBs.Considering all the trouble the Pats have had with injuries to the DBs,mangini may look to insure against this potential pitfall.It could also insure that D Strait sticks due to his ability to swing between CB and Safety.
  14. Ah but you see my friend,the Jets will have to make a decision after this season about Barlow.If infact the Jets surrendered a 4th round pick for Barlow,then this team will either keep him at over 3mil against the cap next yr,redo his contract paying him more,or cut him and look for a replacement. Now you tell me,is Kevin Barlow worth all that at 27 coming off a knee injury with his supposed attitude problems.
  15. No Bit,I didn't miss it,even if I wish i did.Adrian Jones was what he was,a LT prospect developing nicely.He made remarkeable strides from his 1st training camp to the end of last season.Nothing he did gave any indication that he would not have continued to improve given the proper reps and preparation. We have Ferguson,and he's be there for yrs,but to tell you the truth,i would have rather have Cutler and Jones than Brick and a backup.
  16. Do you realize that Smith and Washington our 2 rookie playmakers on offense were both aquired in the 4th round of this past draft.Furthermore,Adrian Jones was aquired in the 4th round a player capable of starting as an NFL LT.
  17. As i said in my newly started thread,these men have sacrificed their principles and for what. A man's word is all he has in life,and if his word is no good,then he's no good.For the sake of all,i hope Barlow fails his physical.
  18. During the draft,the buzz word around the Jets complex was Character.Supposedly this new regime was not interested in any player with questionable Character.Has this mantra now been sacrificed due to the Jets apparently desperate need (or so they believe) for a starting caliber veteran RB. The potential addition of Kevin Barlow will bring a guy to the Jets who has called out his FB,Teamates and coaches in the media with acusations of poor performance,and preparation.Is aquiring a player of this ilk worth sacrificing your principles.Should this move come to fruition,2 of the now known pri
  19. Yea,but how long will you have that problem.Jones was making progress,and when his contract expires,we will be in the market for yet another LT prospect because someone will make him an offer.
  20. This shouldn't hurt the team's ability to make aditional trades.Since we're trading an unknown comodity this time instead,it should have no repercussions on the team.Barlow is in pergutory right now,because the trade is contingent on him passing his physical.Maybe that's why the trade involved a pick and not an actual player so that the uncomfortable situation that existed before with Strait doesn't re-occur.
  21. With out the benefit of an Official depth Chart i was just wondering if this player was demoted to the backup LT position.It occurred to me watching the game that he was not the starting RT.Is he part of a weekly rotation or did he simply get demoted the way Justin McCarreins did.
  22. After a night of sleeping on it ,I hope he fails also.I really want Duckett,because he brings a combination the like of which the Jets haven't had since a fellow by the name of John Riggins.Now my you i'm not saying Duckett can be another Riggins ,but he has that type of skill set and it took moving from the Jets to the Skins for him to reach his full potential.Maybe moving from Hotlanta to the Jets could do the same for a guy like Duckett.
  23. I care,especially if cutting that player and having his dead money left against the cap forces us to cut someone we need.That's why if you can add a potential starter in round 3 you do it and forget about players like boar Hunter. I look at every part of what makes up a team,not just the Roster.Oh,and I know that you and i agree on this issue.
  24. People we are missing the point here.It was the 3rd round,and these guys have the type of talent that could have gotten them drafted higher .Watson had motivation issues,and Norwood's team sucked and that's why those guys dropped .
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