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  1. Not really Jetcane if you look at it rationally. Both strait and JMac are on the outside looking in.Both stand a real possibility of getting cut.If you can use something you may not need to aquire something you desperately need,then it's not a bad deal.
  2. 4H,i hope these guys win,because of they don't these fans will turn on them like Katrina turned on the Gulf Coast.
  3. According to Adam S on inside Jets Camp on SNY,Barlow spent the offseason doing absolutely nothing because of his injured knee.It's also being reported that this player has questionable character issues with both his former coaches and teamates. Suggs actually played in preseason,but failed his physical.This guy hasn't played yet,so just maybe he won't get to unpack his suitcase.
  4. This isn't about what they saw or didn't see.This is about having talent or not having talent.Anyone who ever saw either Jerious Norwood or Gabe Watson play,will tell you that both players have huge potential. The same cannot be said for the 2 guys we got in the 3rd round of this past draft.You're not talking about the 1st or 2nd round,you're talking about the 3rd round.When you have the chance to get that type of talent,have it around for 4 to 5 yrs at that salary and have it reach it's potential,you get what every team in the NFl crave. Cheap Starters. Look,I didn't wa
  5. Looking at those salaries,i don't see the Jets keeping this guy beyond this season.
  6. Does anyone know how old this Barlow chap is.I looked on the Frisco site,but he no longer exist there.
  7. If this team doesn't win,the media in NY is going to see to it that something else is gone.
  8. Let me ask you this simple question.With the way the NFL salary cap is,would you rather give 3rd round money to a potential starting DT and RB,or to a backup safety and LB. If Mangini is the HC everyone keeps swearing that he is,why would it take 3 yrs to get the potential out of a guy with supreme talent who just lacks motivation. As for Pouha,this guy came into camp at a little over 300lbs,while at 330lbs,Watson has shown flashes of gretaness at times.
  9. Yes,the Jets had a good draft.The problem is,the Jets could have had a phenominal draft had they not wasted both our 3rd round picks.
  10. Everyone and their Mother think the Jets are going to suck this coming season,so what does it matter.If they took that kid,it would have given them 1 season to work on motivating him towards exhibitting his vast potential.That`s what the Pats did with Vince Wilfork,and look what they got for their trouble.You either have talent or you don't.Not 1 fan on this site can tell you that Gabe Watson doesn't have the talent.The problem is getting him to perform down in and down out.That myfriend is the job of the coach,his position coach and his HC.
  11. Look Moses,I`m not putting anyone anywhere.Both the players in question have talent that far exceed the players we drafted in the 3rd round.The RB excelled at Mississippi State,and thus far has done quite well showcasing his talents on the pro circuit even if it's in meaningless pre-season games.As Far as Gabe Watson goes,he is excatly the same as the player who now patrols the middle of the Patriots defensive line.Both Players suffered through poor senior campaigns and were consideredas slackers.Both Players have the talent that comes out when motivated.The Pats under Belichek and Mangini got
  12. If you ever saw either player excell,then you would not have to wait .Compared to what we got,those 2 guys were all stars.We got 2 2nd day picks on the 1st day,and Atlanta is talking about trading us their former 1st round RB because of Norwoods progress thus far.Gabe Watson with a little motivation is exactly what a team switching to the 34 defense needs. Motivation ,isn't that something that's important to a HC.
  13. Are you kidding.Herman Edwards left before the draft,and every day there's a Herman Edwards thread .He has no connection to the Jets anymore,but these 2 will be around for atleast 3 more yrs.b
  14. Presently,the 2 most desperate needs on the Jets team are RB and DT/NT.During the 3rd round of the past NFL draft,Jerious Norwood and Gabe Watson were available for the picking. We got a Boar hunting LBer and a smart safety who can't run. Marc Magna and Steve Rosga all over again.
  15. Im picking QB,and i had the one i wanted also.Now he wears the Broncos colors,and is the rave. But we have a midget.
  16. Watching that tape,he looks alot like Ernest Byner running in that Browns uni.
  17. Jets trade Derrick Strait to Browns for Lee suggs. http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news_room/news/arts/5608.0.html
  18. I don't believe that to be the case Jensen.Doesn't matter thou,because i never believes all that nonsense about competition and no set starters anyway. The same guys Herman Edwards started when they could play,Eric Mangini started against Tampabay.He just did the Larry Brown thing with the positions.
  19. Jets don't have to do a darn thing with Chad in 2007.No matter what happens,he's still going to cost the Jets a huge cap hit.It would be nice to have him play well,and see what the trade market offers if the FO intends to have Clemens as the starter in 2007 regardless. Untill the Jets make a decision on Chad's roster bonus come march 0f 2007,his cap hit is what it is because of the contract Bradway and Herm gave him.Taking a pay cut doesn't make the cap hit dissapear,it just moves it away from the now to the later.
  20. It's the most ironic thing i have ever witness.90% of Jet fans and probably more would rather see Clemens as the starting QB.Yet these same fans were holding their collective breathes after Cimini wrote his fairytale. Where's the Irony.The same fans who don't want Pennington know that he's the best chance this Jet team have at success this coming season.
  21. Watching the Skins blitz the Bengals over and over,I can't help but imagine what the starting QB is ging to face come saturday.
  22. Boozer while i will agree that the game didn't show much,it did show that chad had accruacy to the outside and a command of the offense.The thing i love the most was watching Chad audible to plays that the defense gave the offense instead of just running what the OC called from the sidelines.Chad threw the ball into heavy coverage alot,and it got where he wanted it to go.That showed promise,and all that was missing was him throwing the ball down the field.I want to see him throw 1 up,even if it's intercepted.This guy threw the ball 45+ yards with a busted up shoulder.People can say whatever th
  23. Much has been reported since the start of training camp about how Chad Pennington is soft tossing the ball during practice and about the dink and dunk manner in which he has executed the offense during his 2 drives in the 1st preseason game.Paying close attention to the guy from what little i get to see,it occured to me that maybe the player had lost confidence in his ability to throw the ball down the field for fear of reinjuring his twice repaired shoulder. With the way how Chad took the beating he received against Tampa and the way he rebounded with no ill effects,this fan is hoping t
  24. Thanks JetCane.I just wish they would update these guys actual weight each training camp on the official site.
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