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  1. Which is exactly what the player himself said his height was.As I stated,i tend to believe the player.
  2. I got a question for Jetcane. From what you could see,does McClover look like a skinny 226 lb safety.
  3. There's only 1 reason Chad Pennington should be cut. A QB coming off 2 shoulder surgeries have no place on a rebuilding team run by a 1st time HC looking to make a name for himself.The Jets are either rebuilding or they're expecting to compete for the playoffs.If you're keeping Chad Pennington on the roster and starting him come opening day,you're telling me as a Jet fan that you expect to win. There can be no other explanation for keeping this Player on the active Roster and starting him.
  4. OK,he's 6' 2". Here's the thing thou.If you ask me who I believe between the man talking about himself or someone writing an article about him,i think i'm going to believe the man himself.
  5. Clemens in an interview posted on this very site just after the draft,listed his height as 6' 5/8 ".It was in one of those articles posted on the front page of this site.He said that,not me and not any reporter when questioned about his height. The guy may turn out to be a great NFL QB,but he's a midget when compared to your average NFL QB whether you want to believe it or not.
  6. I said it back in March and I'll say it now.Mangini was stupid as a 1st time HC for sticking with a QB coming back from 2 shoulder surgeries.It's why i wanted to trade for either Harrington or McCown and draft Jay Cutler as the future of the Franchise.Now we got a midget as the future,and 2 useless scrubs and poor unfortunate Pennington.
  7. Ask me again after the 1st 4 games of the regular season..Mangini hasn't done anything yet as a HC to be graded on.I will say this much thou.If a 1st time young HC with nothing to back him up except the owner pushes him team to far and said team doesn't win,i can forsee a situation where that HC starts to lose his veterans.
  8. Maybe some reporter will relay that imformation.Oh wait,you guys don't care that the HC doesn't tell the media anything,so i guess not knowing what is happening with your team is a ok. :yahoo:
  9. Exactly what did this guy say that is wrong.The 1st thing he did was compare how Mangini's 1st HCing stint resembles that of Belichek as far as the media is concern.The 2nd thing he did was state what happen to Belichek as a result and speculates that the same thing could happen to Mangini since he's folowing the same approach. At no time did this reporter state that he himself would attack Mangini because of his tactics.All he said was what could happen if the Jets don't win which is exactly what happens in just about every big media market. You folks are so locked into the Herm
  10. I'll Take Jones,Julius Jones the RB in Dallas .
  11. God I hope Mangini takes the Jets to the SB or wins more than 10 games per yr during his tenure as the Jets HC. Having to read this garbage about another HC after he leaves the Jets again is something I'm just not looking forward too.Forgod sake,the man is gone will you people give it a rest.
  12. Ever heard the term foul trouble.It happens sometimes,and now the Knicks have the ability to replace an effective defender with someone of near equal talent.
  13. You know i wanted this Kid,but what you may not know is if i was the HC,he was going to be my 3rd string QB for 2006.If it was a Mangini type situation,I may have made him the starter or the #2 depending on how he played over the summer and in pre season.If it was a Herm situation,he was going to be the #3.
  14. I hope it doesn't take em this long to fix everything Herm supposedly screwed up.
  15. Aslo,it seems like a certain Bum according to most Jet fans is now the #2 QB in Denver. Cutler Things are definitely going Jay Cutler's way right now, too. The first-round pick out of Vanderbilt was officially promoted to second-string quarterback Monday, replacing former Colorado State standout Bradlee Van Pelt. Cutler will now serve as Jake Plummer's backup. And while this day may have been imminent, it arrived sooner than anyone may have anticipated. Except for Cutler, that is. He wasn't surprised by the move. "I was happy," Cutler said. "
  16. Dude why waste your time .One guy says something and the sheep that inhabit this board run with it. What these people fail to realize is Balkman can defend guys like Dwayne Wade and Crawford,and Jeffries can defend guys like Melo and guys like Frye.It's something the Knicks have never ever had,not even when they had oakley.Both guys also hit the offensive and defensive rebounding board with athleticism.
  17. That May be Senior,but don't you only get the monday off if the team wins.What good is it to give them this day off when the temps are so perfect for practice.You would figure that after 2 false starts by Ferguson one that led directly to stopping a productive drive,the team would be out there correcting mistakes.
  18. If Chad who will be 31 come the 2007 season can get us a 3rd round pick in the draft that year,it would aid the Jets alot more than keeping him around and retarding Clemens assention as team leader. I love Chad,have his Jersey on right now,with another upstairs and my oldest son has 1 also.If he has a great yr,I entertain trade offers without debate.
  19. Hypothetical situation whereby you have nothing to lose because of your belief.Let's say Chad does what you swear he can't.You quit posting on any Jet site anywhere. If that's too difficult for a great guy like yourself,how about you spare us your commentary about Jet Players and let your contributions be about the team you supposedly loves so much.
  20. If he proves that,and someone offers you a 3rd round pick for him,you make the deal,keep Ramsey and Let Clemens be the starter.
  21. When fans think of what will happen with Chad Pennington come the 2007 season,most either believe that he will battle Kellen Clemens for the starting nod,or will be cut because he proved ineffective during the 2006 season.The Jets signing Patrick Ramsey to an extension lend credence to the possibly that Chad could lose out to Ramsey should Clemens win the dual or Pennington proves his unworthyness. There's another senario that could develop whereby the Jets could actually gain a draft pick for a Player who was once considered a rising star,but has fallen by the wayside due to a recurring
  22. If the Jets are looking to trade for a RB,Mangini and Tannanbaum should contact Bill parcells about the availability of Julius Jones.When that kid was injuredhis 1st season,i wanted the Jets to trade laMont Jordan for him straight up.Maybe with the emergence on Marrion Barber Jr last year,Jones can be had for one our 2nd rounders next year.I like that Jones alot more than i do his Brother Thomas who plays for Chicago.
  23. It makes absolutely no sense to keep this charade going on any longer than the 1st preseason game.Bollinger won't be the starter,and it's becoming quite apparent as camp progresses that Clemens needs time to catch up to the speed of the NFL. Ramsey is up and down with the coaching staff ,and Pennnington is a huge ? due to his shoulder.As camp progresses,both Pennington and Ramsey will need to get the proper reps so they can be ready for the start of the season.By the 3rd Preseason game,one of the 2 should be entrenched as the starter for the 2006 opener. Anything else is just messi
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