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  1. how could u not add pete rock or dj premier in this list?
  2. oops didnt mean to comment on that..sorry guy!
  3. they didn't play. i saw it on the YES network. Strawberry, Cone, Leyritz, and Girardi were they along with the usual Yankee greats. Brought back memories!
  4. lol she sounds like harry belafonte and looks like that lawyer chick on law and order
  5. i love the yanks, and ny ill always be a yanks town. what i hate it that the yanks have become teh financial superpower in mlb. its so convient to say you are a yanks fanjust because of the names. not sayin i am turning coats, but i really respect the mets org. if the mets wom the ws as often as the yanks did, you'd find many more mets bandwagoneers!
  6. won't happen! LeBron is good, but IMHO, Wade will eventually be waaaaaaaaaaaaay better! Points alone don't make a good player.
  7. yeah yeah, took em long enuff. casual fridays will have me wearing my jets jersey!
  8. a football season isn't a season until a florida player gets into legal trouble!
  9. well two chapmionships and a host of HOF members is what i would call a great history. as for the Nets, while i don't dislike them, since they have been in the NBA, not ABA with Dr. J, what have they won?
  10. yankees.com 6thgenaccord.com honda-tech.com
  11. nice plate/avatar !!
  12. good, so this thing is laid to rest!
  13. maybe this year they are, but given the history of the Knicks, its a really harsh thing to say. As a Knicks fan i can side with you and your frustration though! It seems like it has to get worst before getting better with thge Knickerbockers.
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