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  1. I ask Ray Laucas last week in a Spring Lake NJ why isn't Joe Klecko on the Show anymore JetsNation told me to ask some other guy his reply was Joe who. I hope they bring Joe Klecko the next time the show come back or before the Season start.
  2. Why I'm not Surprise by that. They traded for Fitzpatrick because he knows OC, who's coach him in Buffalo. Get ready for another long losing season Jets Fans.
  3. Still would love to see Joe Klecko come back. Others X Players what about Kevin Mawae or having Marty Lyons on the show now and then. Then there Joe Namath Vinny Testaverde and yes Curtis Martin. I love having Ray Lucas and Westhoff does a good job too.
  4. Where is Joe Klecko why isn't he on the Jets Nation show or will he back went the Season Start in Spet, Really like to see him back on this show.
  5. Rd 2 OLB Adrian Hubbard Rd 3 WR Brandon Coleman really like this guy big and tall.
  6. Jets should make a trades for Manziel if not Jets should take either WR, Mike Evans or TE, Eric Erbron. RD 2 OLB Adrian Hubbard Rd 3 WR Brandon Coleman RU. 6'6 good hands.
  7. I'm gald to see that Matt Simms made the cut and I am really glad that RB, Kahlil Bell made the cut I really like what I see from Bell in the pre-season. Hope to see more of him in the re-season
  8. I'l hoping they signs back Edwards jets need a Veteran WR, and WR, that good in the red zone plus Edwards a good blocker he make the running game better.
  9. I want Matt Simms to make the cut and I also like RB, Kahlil Bell he look really good in the preseason games. I think Geno Smith is going be the starter and Sanchez playing days as Jets are over.
  10. Good that Richardson is signed even know I'm agianst that pick. Gald to see WR, Edwards is back as a Jets. Now just hope we can get Milliner signed before or by the weekends.
  11. Santonio Holmes is still having foot problem I heard he may not be ready for the season opening. With I think the Jets should go out a resigned Braylon Edwards by next week for the camp open next thursday.
  12. I'm not sure how WR, Stephen Hill will do this season I can only hope better But I would still like to see the jets signed back WR, Braylon Edwards.
  13. I think S, Antonio Allen will be the starter I like him went Jets drafted him he a hard hitter. So look to see Allen and Landry to be the starter at Safeties. Never did like Eric Smith.
  14. QB's Byron Leftwich or Charlie Batch would be the Jets best bet to being in to compete with Smith or Sanchez if he not release before the season start. If I can recall I believe Leftwich and Batch did a pretty good job went big ben was injured.
  15. I sure do know what a mock drafts is a$$hole. I have 1 of my right Dee, Milliner and i had my trades right with the Saints Jets traded a 4th Rd pick for RB, Chris Ivory. Jets still a TE.and WR.
  16. And trades up to get QB, Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater in 2014 drafts.
  17. I'm hearing jets could trades down in the 1st Rd's now. Most likely with the 49ers. I would be asking for the 2nd and a 4th or a 5th rd's picks in this drafts and a 1st and a 3rd in 2014 drafts. 9th pick OLB,Barkevious Mingo 13th pick a trades to the 49ers. Jets get 31th pick CB,D.J Hayden or CB, Trufant. Rd's 34th pick TE,Zach Ertz, 39th pick OG Larry Warford/RB,Gio Bernard/RB,Jonathon Franklin.
  19. Don't see Jets trading down in the 1st Rd's they are going to take the best that are there went picking. I want 1st OLB,Mingo/TE,Eifert/G,Cooper. 2nd Rd's Trades down CB,D.J.Hayden/CB,Johnthan Bank/WR,Justin Hunter. 3rd Rd's RB's Montee Ball/Johnathan Franklin Sleeper pick CB, Tyrann Mathieu. 4th Rd's trades down G,Alvin Baily/Oday Aboushi. 5th Rd's A trades with the Saints for RB, Chris Ivory/S/WR,Aaron Dolson or WR, Kenny Stills.
  20. Too the look of it Forza Rhinos! That icon your using look like your drunk and like to suck a$$hole drunking Bitch!!!
  21. No a$$hole the Correct Question is "WHY ARE YOU DRUNK?' Bitch
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