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  1. I have nightmares about Testaverde on the sideline again.
  2. But he will be fine down the road. I really don't agree that the Titans are trying to find a savior. Maybe they are tryng ot develop him since they realize the season is done.
  3. since you like to forward that homosexual clip to everyone.
  4. Should've watched your favorite movie "Meat spin", he could've learned how to protected that groin area well.
  5. If I somehow insulted you, but, I have noticed that you have been an advocate of criticism of my posts due to personal reasons. Maybe a PR banged your girl or something, I dont know. But please, dont attack me, I was not that person, period.
  6. You need to understand the entire thread see what is going on, as far as personal insults, you need to chill, I have not done anything to you.
  7. Originally Posted by GreenMachine Who said it was his fault? The title is "Herm loses another player" Oh wait..I forgot . English is not your native language. Above is an obvious reason why I mentioned racist, second, he send me a deceptive hyperlink and my daughter accidentaly walked in when i opened it. I thought he had a legit information, I did not expected that from this website. I would never blindshot somone like that. It is foul, and I expect Max to take care of this abruptly. Thank you.
  8. I want the your IP banned for life. Read bellow: 3. No pictures containing nudity may be posted. Any nude pictures that you feel like sharing should be emailed to: smizzy@jetnation.com. If your nude picture contains leather please cc: thegunofbavaria@jetnation.com
  9. second you reply to this post and private message me first. You have been harrasing me, and I could make a statement, it is your responsibility to advice a person on such material. You dont have no ground for defense, and I will continue to advance on this issue, now, reply all you want, this is the last time I wil respond to you. I am dealing with my little daughter, and I will not rest until something gets done.
  10. I just told you my daughter was present, being saavy? There is a reason why adult web sites have a warning at the front page. You are ruthless, and I will lobby for your IP being banned, period. It could be a 13 year old kid behind typing, isnt that the age requirement for this forum. So, if you dont event know my age, which could be underage, you still wouldve send me some porn. Did you evern bother asking if I was an adult or if I had children present before sending that material. You have no mercy and I would like to tell you in person, if I could. The bottom line, it was deception.
  11. but, lots of time they are on the money. I think a good 80% percent, you have to be careful with some website now days, like Yahoo.
  12. whether or not there was a child present during his porn prank; and still think is funny. Unreal.
  13. Totally uncalled for. My daughter is really sad now, I am boiling.
  14. My little daughter was present when GREEN MACHINE private message me with a fake hyperlink that took me to a Gay Homosexual having anal sex. My 8 year old daughter was present when I opened the hyperlink, and she saw the gay porn, and was scared. Thanks a lot GREEN MACHINE! By the way, the hyperlink did not have any adult content attached warning.
  15. Is a topic that even white people talk about, it is a general topic. Grow up.
  16. There has been the worst coach in recent memories. At least Herm took us to the playoffs.
  17. I have to admit it, you are ignorant. One, the media (itself) admits about issue 1, and egocentric, yes you are, and prejudice, no doubt.
  18. Maybe that's just your wish, to sleep with a man. Maricon!
  19. Listen, I can give a chronological events of all my deployments and schools that I have been since 1989, but, why waste my time with a garbage like you. I have seen many of you in the military and never survive, because they are egocentric and ignorant. Sounds familiar or have you look at yourself lately?
  20. Man you are really making a name out of yourself. First, with the racial comments and all the degredation towards spanish people. Now the military. You are a classy person, I mean, trailer trash.
  21. At least I serve this country with pride, and I am American; puertorican is my heritage. Now back off, Herman basher.
  22. It's called having a vision, he was probable already for this week. How many sacks is going to take before that shoulder pops? Be realistic dude.
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