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    My Daughter and My Jets. that's all I need in life. My daughter to make me happy and the Jets to murder my soul.

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    Jets, Money, sex... in that order.
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    Full time student.

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    pretty much everything since 2000 when I started watching the jets every sunday. was always just a football fan, till 2000 and found myself always turning my directv to the jets game. OOO why me! LoL
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    no, I'm in Tennessee!
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    When Chad got hurt... all 17 times.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
  1. ugh, you know the jets will sign him and OVERPAY and he will have half the "Luck" he had this year or get hurt by week 4.... worst thing we could do is get him for another year... Sorry I just never had any faith in him. even in games we won I thought he looked ugly... I kept telling everyone I know it's marshall and decker.... he would just throw it to each one 10 times and hope.... any qb can do that. Maybe we get lucky and Fitz takes less money to stay with us so we can have some extra money to bring in some better players so he can try to win a Championship..... I mean he has to have plenty of money from the buffalo deal.... I doubt with him being from Harvard that he ran threw his money..
  2. I'm in tennesse and theres no where to place bets, anyone know of a site I can use?
  3. It's not like Herm Edwards bringing Doug Brien in for a tryout somewhere. lol
  4. I don't see the big deal, Just show's he's loyal to his players and giving a man a chance to earn a spot and support his family. he doesn't have to take the 30 minutes from his day to do this, I think it's kind of a nice thing to do.
  5. I can't believe Philly fans haven't ran Kelly out of town yet, death threats ect ect.. Never seen anything like this in football before.
  6. McCourty Cro Lupati Spiller & Stevie Johnson IF Revis goes back to NE, I think Johnson will be cheap and we know we have someone that can Own Revis Twice a year. lol
  7. with me the answers are. Yes... Yes... and Not so much... LoL
  8. that's awesome! Jet Nation going BIG TIME!
  9. I think you made that up...... LoL
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