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  1. ugh, you know the jets will sign him and OVERPAY and he will have half the "Luck" he had this year or get hurt by week 4.... worst thing we could do is get him for another year... Sorry I just never had any faith in him. even in games we won I thought he looked ugly... I kept telling everyone I know it's marshall and decker.... he would just throw it to each one 10 times and hope.... any qb can do that. Maybe we get lucky and Fitz takes less money to stay with us so we can have some extra money to bring in some better players so he can try to win a Championship..... I mean he has to have plenty of money from the buffalo deal.... I doubt with him being from Harvard that he ran threw his money..
  2. I'm in tennesse and theres no where to place bets, anyone know of a site I can use?
  3. It's not like Herm Edwards bringing Doug Brien in for a tryout somewhere. lol
  4. I don't see the big deal, Just show's he's loyal to his players and giving a man a chance to earn a spot and support his family. he doesn't have to take the 30 minutes from his day to do this, I think it's kind of a nice thing to do.
  5. I can't believe Philly fans haven't ran Kelly out of town yet, death threats ect ect.. Never seen anything like this in football before.
  6. McCourty Cro Lupati Spiller & Stevie Johnson IF Revis goes back to NE, I think Johnson will be cheap and we know we have someone that can Own Revis Twice a year. lol
  7. with me the answers are. Yes... Yes... and Not so much... LoL
  8. that's awesome! Jet Nation going BIG TIME!
  9. I think you made that up...... LoL
  10. so what they signed a contract!? can they not drink a beer either cos they signed a contract!? it was a question. I didn't ask what size underwear your wife wore. your pathetic bro.
  11. TheShow


    crap. I dunno anyone from up there. thanks for the heads up. no clue what to do now.
  12. TheShow


    I'm signing up and it's asking if I want to link my us cable account.. I'm guessing I do not since I'm in TN but gonna wait so I don't mess anything up. I dunno what to do!! lol
  13. Oh common man, it was a viable question. Thank you for taking the time to ridicule me though.. if they smoked it on off days it'd be just as legal as having a drink. so I can't see how it was a terrible question. Mick... Did you get picked on alot as a child? seems like every time I post you have a smart ass comment to make. it's gonna be ok bro.. High school is over.. **HUGS**
  14. TheShow


    I'm in Tn and I don't have Directv anymore, can I use this to watch the games? I'm not sure how it works. I used some site last year that was 2.99 a month and it streamed all the games in HD. but it got taken down. I'm trying to find a place I can watch them that's actually in good quality for not alot of money. does the free channels on nimble show the jets games? or do I need to pay the 30 bucks?
  15. ok that makes since. I didn't think it about it like that.
  16. I've been wondering, it's legal in denver so can one of the players get suspended for failing a drug test for weed?
  17. I can't say I agree with that.. in years past we've shut down the likes of Brady, Peyton, Rogers.. and then some no name guy would step in and look like the 2nd comming of Joe Montana. still blows my mind to this day.
  18. Maybe they have Wilson shadowing Hill in practice..
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