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  1. He needs to get into the WR rotation more. So that when he is on the field the defense has to worry about more that just gadget plays. Add the fact that J-Mac is junk and I see no reason Smith should not at least get his reps.

  2. He is only 24 and learning a new position. He has more athletic ability than any other NT I have ever seen and he is a big guy. No smaller than Casey Hampton. If he learns the position well he could redefine what teams want there. Withnhis speed he will almost always have to be double teamed on runs off tackle and on sweeps. How many NT's can disrupt like that. He also has teh strength to stand up at the point of attack. He and Moore will be here for a while and play very.

  3. Ed Brunnhoelzl? A friend used to be a sponsor, not sure if he still is.

    I grew up within walking distance to Riverhead Raceway, and actually used to work one of the concession stands.

    You guys remember seeing the Raceway and the big indian on the Sopranos?

    I grew up and still live in Riverhead. I live right on Osborn Ave right now. Who was the sponsor cause i would most likely know him. We are looking for more sponsors if anyone would be interested.

    It is now actually Eddie Brunnhoelzl III in the race car. Eddie Jr. retired 2 years ago.

  4. I come from a racing family. My father builds late models down in VA. He races Legends at old dominion. My grandfather used to race SCCA. Does your cousin race at Riverhead?

    Those things are so BAD. Nothing like watching 20 of them flying at you coming into the corner screaming.

    That track really is too small for them though.

    we race at riverhead when we want. we have been traveling to mountain speedway in pennsylvania for this year at least. It is all about money nowadays and Mountain has a bigger purse and costs less than Riverhead. If you know anyone looking to advertise their business let me know. I'll put the name on the side of the car and hauler.

  5. Mickens just makes us a lot deeper. With Strait as teh 5th corner that allows to put Coleman on the practice squad to grow some more. I like the signing. Injuries happen and we will need Mickens and Strait at some point during the season.

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