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  1. I would like to see the Jets make the switch to a 43 front with Coples at right end Mo at left end Snacks at nose and Sheldon at under tackle. On passing downs Mo will slide inside with Ik coming in for Snacks.

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  2. Yeah, I guess we won't have an accurate idea of where he lands until after the combine. He would be an OK project, but still has plenty of warts that need to be cleaned up if he's going to have success in the NFL. I can see the appeal of the raw material, though.

    I want him sitting for a season behind a vet. I prefer Locker.

  3. Nice release BUT....NOT ONE of those throws were made to anyone but the primary target (he stared at one guy and threw to him EVERY TIME)   He never once looked off the first option and went somewhere else.  


    I'm not saying he can't, but that video wasn't promising in that regard....


    and as we all should know by now - Arm strength, release time, athleticism, accuracy don't mean anything if you can't get to your second, third read....


    All these guys have good strong arms and are athletic, the ones that become franchise guys can quickly find open guys that aren't their primary read.


    I have seena few Baylor games and have seen him run through his progressions. I cant find any video other then highlights to prove it.

  4. Yeah, but the reasons Locker failed is why Petty will probably fail: they're better athletes than QBs. If you wanted to bring Petty in as a late-round pick, you have to do it with zero expectation that he'll ever start for you. If the light goes on for him, it's a bonus.


    I have seen him on drafts sites mostly going in the third. I would love him there for the Jets but I am thinkng he will be a draft riser after workouts. I could see him going in the second. I would take a chance on him in those rounds.

  5. I really wanted to like Petty, but he's such a project at this point that you'd have to be nuts to draft him before the fifth-sixth round. He guesses so much with the ball that you wonder if he even knew what the play call was in the first place.

    Thats why I sign Locker also. Close to the same type QB. Can work a system around them and not change if it gets to Petty's turn.

  6. I don't think my point is going over your head, and that you understand what I'm getting at.

    What separates good or great QBs from sucky ones whose roster spot is in jeopardy isn't an ability to throw to receivers who are open while the line forms an impenetrable wall around him. It's the ability to move the chains and throw TDs when his primary target is NOT so open and he's under duress in the pocket to boot.

    It wasnt going over my head. I just doubted that you would take my word that he can read a defense and move through his progressions.

  7. I can't exactly fault the guy for having receivers who are open and throwing it their way when they are. But the reality is there wasn't a single play on that entire highlight video that didn't involve him throwing to his primary receiver. It suggests to me he either hasn't been asked to go through his progressions, out of a lack of necessity, or it suggests that when he does have to go through his progressions it never once ended up being worthy of a highlight-reel.

    He may end up being a top-5 NFL QB for all I know about him, which consists of this video and your comments. But it's a legitimate concern I'd have right off the bat unless there's plenty of other such footage that just wasn't included in this compilation.

    It is hard finding video on him other then his WRs being so open. All I can say us watch a Baylor soon. Not only us he legit, the team is real fun to watch.

  8. why ?  not being a smart-ass, I don't watch a lot of college ball

    Sorry for the delay, to me he looks like  team leader, quick release, very accurate and at 6'3" 230 pounds he is a decent athlete. I am posting a highlight reel, although I know it's highlights and all of his WR's are NFL calibre just watch his release and the ball placement.


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