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  1. Nice draft, my only question is Jeff Janis. Not knocking him as a player but why another WR? You already traded for Jackson, drafted Moncrief(who I love for the Jets) and we already have Decker, Kerley with Hill and Nelson filling out 6 on the roster. Plus you drafted Thomas who can split out. I would have looked for an ILB in that spot since we really only have 2 on the roster with Bellore still unsigned. 

  2. Wasn't Ijalana was working at T for almost all of 2013? I know I saw a reference that PFF had him ranked very highly during the preseason at T.

    He may have, but I seem to remember him being drafted as a guard.

  3. I see the Jets drafting a tackle before guard this season. They already 4 giards in Colon, Winters, Campbell and Ijalana. At tackle they have Brick, Breno (forgot new guys name sorry) and Oboushi. In my eyes we have more talent inside then out.

  4. I actually am one of the few here who still believe Hill can turn in a good year and think this year is the one he does it.  If the Jets are able to bring in a Lee/Cooks/Beckham/whomever, to go along with Decker and Kerley, Hill will see a lot more single coverage than he did after week 3 last year.  I know everyone jokes about how he was on pace for 1000 yards, but he was eating teams up the first three games last year and it was pretty noticeable how defenses shifted their focus to him after that.  Durability and those knees are a real concern now and I think that's going to be his biggest obstacle. The fact that he only had 1 drop last year debunks the Jets' fan myth of him having bad hands.  It's just about him staying healthy and being a piece to this offense, if he does that, he'll easily have his best year as a pro and the third year is generally when that happens.


    I am with you as still having high hopes for Hill. The fact that he is a hard worker is what I hopes makes him take a huge leap this season.

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