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  1. One thing we can both agree on is that your memory is atrocious. As compared to mine, which is pretty good considering I’m even older than you. Where did this stuff come from? I’m being honest. I never padded anybodys rep, ever. But lol about people crying so much you had to remove the neg rep option. I’ll bet that’s my fault too for the record, the only two people I ever padded rep on was jr128 and jf16 in the negative. I did give SJ eleventy billion dollars in vcash after his relative passed away though.
  2. @TaborJet ? I’m in. I’ll bring the pork roll
  3. I drove from Jersey to Georgia back in November and stayed in Asheville one night. Lol at WOKE, so true. EVERYBODY was wearing masks EVERYWHERE back in early November. When I get to Georgia it was back to normal (no masks). We were thinking of walking to some craft beer bars from our hotel, and after talking to somebody that lives there we thought twice about it and got a ride. People were getting shot around downtown. The bars were nice and so were the people. It was just one night.
  4. I got released from my doctor yesterday and no more going to PT. Just at home strengthening with weights. Full range of motion in all directions. I bumped up to 30lb dumbbells for bent over rows. Still doing wall pushups and just went from 10lb dumbbells to 16lb dumbbells for the bench press. Still curling with 10lb dumbbells and tricep kickbacks with 10lb dumbbells. I just bumped up to the black therabands for the 3 hardest exercises (the elevated 90 degree rotation in both directions and the shoulder raises. I am taking it easy for at least another two months (no fly’s lol) but it feels great now and I only do the stretching 3 times a week with the lifting, before and after. Never want to go through this sh*t again.
  5. The nutritionist (who’s ******* hot as hell) has a picture of fatso on her IG back in October. So this apparently isn’t new. She’s been working with him for a while. Maybe he’s just taking it seriously now?
  6. Gotta give him a second chance to rehab his knee and stop filling up the shopping cart. I don’t understand why the Jets don’t give the big fat guys incentives to be at a certain playing weight (they did it with the linebackers lol) and fine them if they go over it. The Jets did this with Jason furgeson a long time ago. im an old man and not a professional athlete and I’m on month 5 of rehab and I’m taking it very seriously. Part of the blame has to go on the Jets too for not nipping it in the bud with him gorging himself (supposedly by some reports lol)
  7. They hired all these guys in the middle of March. That’s really late. The training staff should be in place in the beginning of January. Classic Jets. Let’s see if they have an off season conditioning program this year.
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