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  1. BP

    Bought a Yeti Cooler

    Hey I know who Russel Carter was too. He was no jerry Holmes, but he was alright.
  2. BP

    Bought a Yeti Cooler

    If it’s really hot out you can prep it or pre chill the cooler. Put a couple bags of ice in there an hour or two before you load it. that chilled water still keeps stuff crazy cold. Good luck with your new yeti! are you going to upgrade to a Kingsley now too?
  3. BP

    Bought a Yeti Cooler

    What’s going on bud? Hope all is well!
  4. BP

    Bought a Yeti Cooler

    Should have bought an rtic. Same design for 1/3 the cost. Yeti sued them a few years back and they had a huge clearance sale. It’s still way cheaper than yeti. Mine keeps ice for days https://rticoutdoors.com
  5. Mack Cali has been greasing palms and turning commercial zoning into residential zoning all over the state the past few years. Much more revenue collecting rent from 350 units 12 times a year rather than one tenant 12 times a year. Hello Phillip
  6. Well he did say Calvin Pryor would be another Jack Tatum before he even played for the Jets. Where’s Calvin Pryor?
  7. Ah! 9 years? Lol holy sh*t! I remember those italian chicks you had in your avatar. Hope you’re doing well? I get my fill of Max on Facebook and group text messages. But I’m bored as sh*t right now. So it took a global pandemic to bring me back. DWC ruined the 2008 season by constantly ******* up the game threads. He was personally responsible. And then Pennington beat us on the last game of the season to win the division and this place was flooded with Dolphin trolls that night. That’s my memory of this guy
  8. @madmike1 @Scott Dierking @ECURB @The Troll @Alk @Abobo @GM @De-Jet-Erate/Duane @De-Jet-Erate/Rusty @Uncle Tony @SouthernJet @GreenBeans @Jetfan13 @Mrsjetfan13 @Savage69 @New York Mick @Mrs. Sperm @Sperm Edwards @JetFanByMarriage @Maxman @PFSIKH @TaborJet @The Gun Of Bavaria @NJ @T-Mac @Panzer Division Marduk @jesper stromblad rules @war ensemble @gg @Bob @Cant Hackett @4HCrew @Green DNA @Brenjetsfan @Verde @Tictac @drago @SoFlaJets @124 @jgb @Garb @Marko Cavka @Thor99 Disclaimer: that’s a hell of a lot of notifications. And fwiw I don’t think Sperm or Max’s wife have posted here in over 10 years.
  9. Ok...that made me spit my coffee out of my mouth. You know sometimes I forget that you’ve always been the funniest guy on this site and the straw that stirs the drink. Look Phil!! It’s legendary Bob the Jets Fan™️!!
  10. I took a pic of @The Gun Of Bavaria in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts that night too lol I still have all the old (Kingsley era) giants stadium tailgating pics. I also have pics on my old blackberry from the last game at Giants stadium (10 years ago) when me and @De-Jet-Erate/Duane snuck in two plastic flasks of booze under our skull caps. I miss giants stadium lol I haven’t seen panzer in a while. Last time he was wearing a Johnny Johnson jersey that was tight lol all good times! Miss you guys!! Xxoo
  11. Lol! The ihop pic! Good job Phil and company!(yeah, you too Thor) now if the Jets could only stop sucking you may become the greatest message board in the world. Congrats! I’ll log in again for the 20th anniversary.
  12. Thanks for commiserating with me guys. I gotta go out and play now. Merry Christmas!

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