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  1. The pain is now only when I sleep lol. I started stretching and strength exercise this week. I don’t think the pain can be much worse than when I first hurt it. It felt like my arm was ripped out of its socket and was dangling. Now I have a lot more range of motion and strength in it. im not over doing it though. My friend did that before surgery and neither he or his doctor knew that he had bone Spurs that were acting like a serrated saw slicing everything every time he moved his arm. And it was a lot worse than they thought.
  2. @TeddEY @slowmoe57 Happy birthday to JN’s resident Psychiatrist and it’s Iconic Traveling retired operations manager. enjoy your days fellas
  3. I had the follow up. Definitely need surgery within 6 months of the injury. Going to get it done in late august. He told me it’s going to be very painful lol no sh*t. The reason why I’m waiting is because I’m crazy busy at work righ now and I have a trip to Vegas booked In august. I got the green light to use light weights to strengthen the supporting areas until august. I’ll be ready. In the meantime no sleep for me lol did you guys get a nerve block? And if so how long? thanks for the 411 guys
  4. So I had the MRI on Tuesday and got the report today. I see the doctor on Monday. The report says…torn rotator cuff, torn bicep tendon and torn labrum lol I’m ****ed. Hoping I can hold this off until September but at night in bed it feels like my arm is coming outta the socket
  5. I had one for my knee in 2002, but I wasn’t all the way in. Even that was annoying because you have to remain motionless for 30 minutes. It usually takes about 15 minutes on my back before the pain is unbearable. Let’s see how this open one goes. It takes longer (45 minutes), but I don’t care.
  6. Glad you’re feeling better! I know about 10 people that have had it done. how are you sleeping? You have a recliner?
  7. BP

    MIA JNers

    @faba where you at?
  8. How are you doing? Did you get that thing that recycles the ice water for your shoulder?
  9. This is true. My left arm became atrophied from nerve damage back in 2003. And I was surprised how much strength I got back in it from PT. It took a long time, but it was worth it.
  10. I had to change my MRI apt. No way I can ly on my back for 30 minutes in that cigar tube. The only time it hurts is when I ly on my back. Stand up MRI Tuesday night. range of motion is getting a lot better. But lots of crackling and popping sometimes (feels good, like cracking knuckles)
  11. It was good, but not worth $30.00 for 10 gummy’s lol im doing 2 aleeve pm every night and it’s going ok.
  12. FYI I bought a brand new recliner and I might actually try sleeping in that thing since the bed is like a torture rack. Pain free in the recliner
  13. BP

    MIA JNers

    So did I, in 2008. And I met his wife and daughter also. GOB was at that game too.
  14. I destroyed my right shoulder the day before Mother’s Day. I have a little more range of motion now, but haven’t been able to sleep longer than an hour at a time for the last two weeks. MRI next Thursday. a girl friend of mine gave me a bag of 600mg pot gummy’s. I will try one tomorrow night lol
  15. BP

    MIA JNers

    Jet Moses was SHTSPRAYER lol
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