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  1. Ok it’s game day. Please stop being spooked by mumbles. Come out and attack and not be predictable. go Jets!!
  2. Haha I See T-Mac now (jumbalayajet) his face is right next to the sign with the mug of beer. And baby Joiesey jet is in there too. Lol senior picked a fight with Max in the parking lot in front of his kids like 15 years ago
  3. 2021 was just his second draft. He’s doing much better than the last 15 years. Last good draft we had was 2006 lol think about that. And the Jets need players, not one player. And he robbed Seattle blind and got rid of an embarrassing headache all in one shot.
  4. Relentless lol and both are beaming with pride over being season ticket holders.
  5. I haven’t been to a Jets home game since 2016. Last game I went to was in Tampa in 2017 when down by 2 scores and 4 minutes left Bowles punts I just couldn’t take it anymore. When your coach outright quits. I went to the opener in Buffalo in 2017 too and down by 14 points with 3 minutes left he kicks a fg. I haven’t bought any new jets gear in 5 years and made the mistake of wearing it to watch the Falcons game at the bar. I’m in a wait and see mode right now. All I do is get aggravated and pissed off watching them, and that’s on ******* TV FOR FREE lol ok rant over.
  6. Agreed. And by doing so they continue to sh*t on the only positive thing in Jets history.
  7. That’s way too many. In the first 5 games After 6 -9 plays they’re consistently down 2 scores. They need to score points, period. Obsessing over scripted plays is ridiculous. Script 10-12 plays and try and attack. 19 of the scripts are runs based on the play calling so maybe try throwing the ball on first down without an empty backfield.
  8. Use dark mode, kid. Much more easy on the eyes.
  9. Lol @Scott Dierking don’t you miss your old buddy old pal? Look at his avatar and profile
  10. Ok, here’s the cherry on top Were the Jets ready to play against the Steelers in the first half of the 2010 AFC championship game against the Steelers? 24-0 and they were not ready to play. See them numbers? 24-0 in the biggest game in Rexs career. Wait, let me repeat that one more time. 24-0 in the first half. That ******* game still pisses me off to this day. Do you think REx had the Jets ready to play in the biggest game of his career? Or was he still hungover from beating the Patriots? the Jets should have won the sb that year had the coach had th
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