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  1. I think Douglas is a pretty smart guy and think he’ll do the right thing. And that would be passing on Watson.
  2. The Jets need players right now. Not ONE player for eleventy billion draft picks. If Darnold doesn’t work out we move on and get another qb. But I don’t like Watson or what we’d have to give up to get him.
  3. No, it’s how he lost those two games. Please, he was sent into a shark tank with chum on his balls and told to swim or sink with the sh*t talent and coaching staff the Jets had.
  4. He looked terrible against the Colts in the playoffs a couple of years ago. And even though there was terrible coaching involved he choked against the Chiefs last year. In contrast the Bills choked against the Texans in that game you’re referring to. Darnold hasn’t been developed. Not developing players is/was a Jets trademark. See Leonard Williams?
  5. Watson has a big mouth and wanted to tell their front office what players to pick et al. And now he’s pulling a Jamal Adam’s. I’ve seen him choke a few times in the playoffs. Let him go somewhere else, thank you. give Darnold another shot and load up the o line and weapons for him. And mother of god get a pass rusher, we haven’t had one since John Abraham.
  6. Good to see you too bud! It was all worth it though, now we gotta get the jets to do that before I drop dead lol
  7. I like it! Thanks for sharing! ps: Namath in a Cubs jersey? 😂
  8. The reason he’s never going to be in the hall of fame is because he was convicted of perjury in the 90’s. He’s never ever ever going in because of that, not the voters. So can we stop with this every year please? He’s never going in. https://www.nytimes.com/1993/01/13/sports/sports-people-pro-football-klecko-pleads-guilty-to-perjury-charge.html JOE KLECKO, a former Pro Bowl defensive lineman, pleaded guilty to a charge of lying to a Federal grand jury investigating insurance fraud. Klecko pleaded guilty Monday in United States District Court in Philadelphia after Judge HARVEY BARTLE 3d rejected a defense motion to dismiss the charge of perjury. His lawyer said Klecko was "lured" into committing perjury. A Federal indictment accused Klecko, a four-time Pro Bowl choice in his career with the Jets from 1977 to 1987, of lying about a $6,000 insurance claim submitted in July 1988 on his truck. The indictment said Klecko told a grand jury that his truck had been damaged by chemical particles and debris and that the truck had been repainted, when in fact neither was true. Klecko is scheduled to be sentenced April 8. He faces up to five years in prison and a $25,000 fine. (AP)
  9. Leadership. Christopher JOhnson saw it in his eyes on day one
  10. Something came up on my memories on fb last week. Final game of 2013 the Jets win in Miami to go 8-8 and have a sb celebration in the locker room with woody and Rex over Rex coming back for his final year. Deja vu? Christopher Johnson has seen a lot of positive improvement over the last two weeks. He may try to continue the positive momentum going into 2021 lol THANK GOD THIS SEASON AND THIS COACHING STAFF ARE FINISHED!!!
  11. I had them all on photobucket (of course my account was always private, not like JI mole) and they charge for storage now. And I haven’t checked that account for forever. it was funny how bitter he was. In public he would act condescending and let it roll off like it didn’t bother him. But in the sanctuary of his “secure mod forum” lol we saw the real sooth. It was always “those a$$hole”. Also when he’d hire a new mod his catch phrase was “ban quickly and often” in their mod forum. Poor ham took that literally. good times!! Too bad he’s not around now. Can you imagine how bitter he must be now? You had 300 users online Sunday lol and all this was done with no prestigious JN VIP section. Merry Christmas Post Mizer!
  12. Hahahaha ok I’ll tell the full unedited story. October 2007 I was on JI browsing and saw the stoolsprayer going Gaga over Kate and begging her to come to 16h to kneel and kiss his ring. I told Kate that we were having our Harley JN tailgate combined with Tony siragusa tailgate (greatest tailgate ever). So being I’m cooler than stool Kate hung out at our tailgate with her hubby and had a blast and never made it over to 16h (which was all the way on the other side of the parking lot). So the Monday after the game I try posting something on JI and my post wouldn’t post and I’d get a notification that my post had to be reviewed by a moderator first (double secret probation). So I just laughed and then I realized I could see their moderator forum. So I run back to our mod forum and I’m like “hey, numb nuts gave me access to his moderator forum”Max is like “yeah, right. Post a screen shot” so I post a screen shot and our entire mod forum blew up. We made the decision at 3am to do recon because buzzsaw lives in california. Never seen the JN mod forum that busy before at 4 in the morning. @Sperm Edwards makes a photobucket account called “jetsmole” 😂 but doesn’t make it private. @TeddEY does a google search and finds the screen shots and tells buzzsaw. Then I get banned and the game was up by February 2008. funny part is that @Maxmancreated a fake mod forum for April fools 2008 and granted posters access to it. That night stool signed up here and trolled and we redirected his IP addy to ihop.com

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