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  1. BP

    MIA JNers

    Jet Moses was SHTSPRAYER lol
  2. BP

    Covid vaccines

    @Maxman fYI it is really easy to get an appointment now. Next month they’ll probably accept walk ins with no appointment. what’s your game plan after being vaccinated for 6 months? Get tested for antibodies?
  3. BP

    MIA JNers

    @munchmemory @THE_SOOTHSLAYER was sooth trolling the board on April 1st 2008. We redirected his ip addy to ihop.com. He’s better at trolling than he was at owning a board.
  4. I locked the giving out rep for Christmas thread and it never returned.
  5. That looks like dick kotite (the poster, not the legendary coach) the Croatian sensation in that pic.
  6. BP

    MIA JNers

    @Lil Bit Special
  7. BP

    MIA JNers

    Hi Bob
  8. BP

    Covid vaccines

    Got my first phizer on Friday. So far so good. I had covid in October so I waited. Now it’s really easy to get an appointment. had I gotten my ass kicked by the first dose I would have been a little nervous. But just the sore arm (similar to a tetanus) for a day. 3 weeks for dose 2
  9. BP

    Covid vaccines

    You want me to come and hold your hand?
  10. BP

    MIA JNers

    Hey, it’s going to be 11 years since you hosted a jets game watch party in your basement...errrr...I mean JN world headquarters. This is the year to bring back the crew! Fly @The Gun Of Bavaria in on the JN lear jet and invite @TaborJet and @faba . We’ll bring the food because other than gob nobody else likes donuts. Set the date for a road game and make it happen
  11. BP

    Thurman Munson...

    Statue of limitations kid. I think you need to read it again, and this time put on a pair of glasses.
  12. BP

    MIA JNers

    Are crumb buns coffee cakes? I’m asking for Max.
  13. BP

    MIA JNers

    You forget his pw again? Hi Alk
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