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  1. Your question will be answered in the order it was received. lol n00b! dont make me give you a warning! lol!~ whatever that is ;)

  2. shut up Max! you sounds like a sales represntative..lol

    1. war ensemble

      war ensemble

      There are things called comments that you can add. Apparently I'm the only one that knows abou t that though...lol

  3. I have gas

    1. Bugeater


      You guys ****ed this place all up.

  4. and btw..that is Jet Mo to the right of my right hand..lol

  5. I just opened and bumped it, n00b. dayum, that pork roll down there looks good. making me hungry.

  6. BP

    Yo, are you ever coming back? :lol: enough is enough now

  7. Good to hear man ;) I only went to 2 games last year. might do the same this year..f woody..lol

  8. hey Murph! how the hell have you been? is the shoulder ok?

  9. Your rep has been restored

  10. I think Thai Jet needs a hug

  11. Your rep has been restored..now make a thread in the nfl forum thanking me ;)

  12. I was thinking about you! :rl:

  13. Hey, can you post the uncut SBIII mcdonalds choking on a burger gif on my page please..lol...thank you! hahaha

  14. BP

    Yo dude, bump that thread where you predicted the Jets making a run in october ;):rl: I cant find it

  15. BP

    Hi V, happy new year :)

  16. Max just told me im the nowhere Moderator :lol: keep up with the latest news, n00b

  17. check the mvp thread over at the other place, noob :)

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