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  1. That was also the year you smashed a desk in your office on a Thursday night game against the patriots that went to OT
  2. The entire first half of the patriots game the Jets defense had nobody in the center of the field on 3rd down. It was blatantly obvious just watching on tv. To their credit they adjusted that at halftime, but by that point it was too late.
  3. Yes, but the noise in the stadium is created by the lower stands being reset into the ground. If you get a lower level seat you have to walk down after you enter the stadium, everything else is up. That lower bowl acts like a subwoofer. Giants stadium was built on a swamp so you had to go up even to get to lower levels. Giants stadium was way better than this 1.6 billion pos that was built around club suites. Everything that sucks about it was the Jets insisting on it. NO SPIRALS DAMNIT!!!
  4. I was in KC with you. It was very easy to get in and out. Love arrowhead
  5. How many home playoff games have you been to at the ac vent since your purchased psls?
  6. Why is this a big thing now all of a sudden? Before psls the jets sold out all the time even if they sucked. having Joe Douglas brag at a pc that the bills game was already a sellout and having the bills players encourage the crowd to make noise was really embarrassing. That sh*t never happened before.
  7. No sense of urgency lol we were playing with balls like raisins. Terrified
  8. Let’s stomp their asses and don’t let up. Keep pouring it on!
  9. Sorry, I had to shut the WiFi off to be able to load your beloved site. good job btw.. now make Al and I really proud and guarantee a Jets win tomorrow by starting the game thread on time and fixing Al’s WiFi issue
  10. There always seems to be stupid plays by the Jets
  11. Just like the no call late hit out of bounds last week in GB.
  12. @JetCane @Jetcane Redux @Garb @Garb-Fun-Disposal-Unit @Garb's Dad Get in here and tell everybody what you think of rep again please?
  13. I like bullet points. More bullet points please
  14. Don’t sweat it kid! You’re doing fine! Lets go Jets!! oh and hopefully the Yankees will show up tonight
  15. Wilson literally had no time to throw all day yesterday lol and this guys whining after a win? he should just shut up
  16. This can go two ways. Scenario 1) The Jets coaching staff uses their brains for once and comes out on offense and attacks. Keeps the packer defense off balance and the take a lead. Let the pack play from behind all day and get some turnovers. Jets offense has to score 30 points to have a chance to win scenario 2) jets offense comes out early with their trademark 2 cracks in the line and throw on 3rd down until they’re behind by 14 points and the margins of error is thin. Then playing from behind all day unfortunately based on the past experience im gonna predict scenario 2 because the Jets coaching staff is not too smart
  17. BP

    Odd feeling…

    Oh.. I thought this thread was gonna be about you not having a bowel movement yesterday.
  18. I think I’ve seen the Jets call 1 screen pass all year so far (and it was for a loss). They called maybe a couple of draw plays out of the shotgun and they were successful. Screens and draw plays calm down the blitz and the pass rush. Unfortunately, we’re not good at either execution of them or defending them. So there’s that.
  19. It’s hard not to agree with you about the D. But, this is the game where the coaching staff has to use their brains for once because the offense has to score 30 points to win this game. If they come out with the 2 cracks in the line and throw on 3rd down sh*t until they get behind by 14 points it’s gonna be a long day. They should come out attacking and take the lead. But..they won’t lol Lets go Jets!
  20. We will prioritize running the ball lol you know it’s gonna happen.
  21. Lol new players coming here from well coached teams teaching our coaches how to coach. FFS this is so Jets….
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