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  1. That’s way too many. In the first 5 games After 6 -9 plays they’re consistently down 2 scores. They need to score points, period. Obsessing over scripted plays is ridiculous. Script 10-12 plays and try and attack. 19 of the scripts are runs based on the play calling so maybe try throwing the ball on first down without an empty backfield.
  2. Use dark mode, kid. Much more easy on the eyes.
  3. Lol @Scott Dierking don’t you miss your old buddy old pal? Look at his avatar and profile
  4. Ok, here’s the cherry on top Were the Jets ready to play against the Steelers in the first half of the 2010 AFC championship game against the Steelers? 24-0 and they were not ready to play. See them numbers? 24-0 in the biggest game in Rexs career. Wait, let me repeat that one more time. 24-0 in the first half. That ******* game still pisses me off to this day. Do you think REx had the Jets ready to play in the biggest game of his career? Or was he still hungover from beating the Patriots? the Jets should have won the sb that year had the coach had th
  5. Lol it was just one game? ok, with 50 something seconds left in regulation time in the super bowl and an unproven Brady and the game tied the Patriots come out passing after John madden said “they’re gonna sit on the ball and go to OT” they won the sb on those decisions before either one (Belichick or Brady) were considered the GOAT. It’s a shame REx has never been in a position like that with Sanchez. He could have in 2010, but he was too busy celebrating the Patriots win well into prep week with the Steelers and it showed. Numbers are just that, numbers lol
  6. So you don’t think the coaching staff had anything to do with the development of Tom Brady? Or that it didn’t matter what game plan they had in a snow game? Gotcha
  7. Serious question: in Brady’s first playoff game (the snow game against the raiders) do you think the game plan put Brady in a position to succeed? I remember them asking mumbles about the running game before kickoff and he said “no, we’re going to throw the ball, you can see between the flakes” I don’t think he had any 7 step drops in that whole game. it was quick misdirections and screens and draw plays out of the sh*t gun. The Raiders were off balance most of the game. It was a great game plan and Brady was an unknown second year player. you know if that was Rex coaching it w
  8. Semen retention is the key. He wants to build muscle.
  9. Roger Vick, drafted a fb with a 1st round pick to try and block Andre tippet. Andre tippet singlehandedly destroyed Ken O’Briens career. I mean wwe style pile drivers into the Astro turf that literally shell shocked him.
  10. N/A non applicable by the choices write in vote for @SouthernJet
  11. @Jetsfan80 don’t forget, we passed on mahomes to draft Jamal. Please, don’t forget. But in all honesty, we would have ruined mahomes too.
  12. But we had excellent practices and the players did some very good things that you guys just didn’t see. Sincerely, Robert “ALL GAS” Saleh CEO Positivity division NYJ
  13. Too bad our own coaches can’t see the obvious on their day off.
  14. Agreed. @Jetsfan80 I just rated this thread with 5 stars, which officially makes it a great thread. Also special thanks to your wily assistant @T0mShane seriously though: very entertaining
  15. He was a terrible hire. I couldn’t watch it. At least they admitted their mistake. and like usual you’re the Sherlock Holmes of message boards and @T0mShane is your Watson
  16. You have 20 something year old millionaire egomaniacs with their own public platform. They don’t think before they click submit.
  17. Thank god they let that booger dude go to the wayside. He was awful to listen to.
  18. You are relentless. The Jets should hire you to do…something..anything
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