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  1. Shakin the cob webs off! LETS GO JETS! DO OR DIE IN A FIRE TIME!
  2. We will give a bigger hammer to those with more posts because we want to encourage people to post on the site. I think it's one rep point per 100 posts, one rep point per month of registration, and one rep point for every 1000 points of rep you have - something like that. that one seemed pretty fair. It rewards your loyal members and those who post frequently If you dont like it..you can disable it....so dont complain;) Edit:12/07/06
  3. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Saw doctor strange last night. Very good movie, highly recommend.
  4. On to Miami

    Lol at discuss in person hahahaha that guys been posting here for a long time. The only time we got invaded (lol at we, check that JN) by trolls was after the fish won the division beating us the last game 2008. That was bad. lighten up Francis
  5. This thread should be locked due to all the despicable personal attacks in it. Unacceptable by the lol muscular webmaster I think @spjets may be available for personal training. Stosh, Phillip needs to get back into tip top condition. What's your hourly rate?
  6. You don't even have beer muscles, or any muscles for that fact.
  7. Duane, please let him puff his chest out on JN I think it gives him a woody.
  8. On to Miami

    I'll vouch for that. Lol
  9. Woody caption contest

    Dude you better keep that sh*tter locked hahaha I'll be wearing my ninja outfit for the Rams game and I will also confiscate your secret antenna.
  10. I'll try and go over there with Al and Judy. After of course I drop a deuce in this motor home and confiscate the secret tv antenna.
  11. On to Miami

    I don't know if you remember the Sunday night or Monday night game the jets clinched a playoff spot against the Dolphins in Miami in 1998, but near the end of the game the dolphin receivers were gassed! Gasping for air hands on hips and bent over, meanwhile the Jets secondary didn't look tired at all. That's where that killer off season conditioning plan came into play. I'll never forget that. The 2016 jets get worn out in cold weather let alone hot weather
  12. On to Miami

    Just don't poison him with your Bush™ Beer (blech)
  13. Woody caption contest

    You're getting very defensive about all this and I don't know why. I'm entitled to my opinion and my decision to not buy season tickets and go on a game by game basis. And to be honest I go more to see my friends that are going than to actually go to the games at MetLife now. The sad part is that some Jets fans have a better experience in an away stadium or watching from home than our home stadium (your beloved sh*thole)
  14. Woody caption contest

    It's funny you say that. I was sitting with friends visiting from Florida and the reason why we got those seats was because if it rained we'd be under cover. I guess out of town Jets fans should buy psls and season tickets for a better game experience lol
  15. Woody caption contest

    Haha if I have to pay thousands of dollars on top of outrageously over priced tickets to watch a garbage product just to sit next to some nice people and sing kumbaya I think I will pass, thank you.
  16. Woody caption contest

    And that's one of the best decisions Phil ever made. No politics.
  17. Woody caption contest

    Excuse me? sh*t faced? Seriously? When have you seen me sh*t faced? lol I think you know you're full of sh*t with that comment. and you're telling me I speak of mythology? Haha the last time I was at that sh*thole was for the Bills Thursday night game last year. I was sitting in the prestigious Toyota club seats and this a$$hole Bills fan was standing up in front of me the whole first half screaming go Jets. Then walking back and forth in the aisle taunting Jets fans yelling go Jets. I couldn't watch the game. I called security over and they did nothing. Then I couldn't take it anymore and left in the 3rd quarter. Met life is a sh*thole, from the stadium right down to the entire dumbass staff that runs it. Anybody remember the pyrotechnics during players intros that fell over and fired into the stands a few years back? Only the Jets. Lmao top professionals running the Jets game day xp I tell you! You enjoy your game day xp, good for you. I do not and prefer road stadiums over that sh*thole.
  18. Woody caption contest

    The stadiums in Miami and Kansas City are much nicer than MetLife. Gigantic concourses and spirals. Arrowhead you enter in the middle of the stadium, you go down to go to the lower deck and up to go to the upper deck. You're in and out in minutes compared to entering MetLife (non vips of cours) where you have to go through unorganized chaos ridden security lines and then everybody has to go up, whether it's the one escalator OT the state of the art zig zag walkway. MetLife is a 1.6 billion dollar abomination of a piece of sh*t. And there's no "enter" and "exit" doors in the bathrooms (absolutely retarded) in those stadiums lol just two big doorways and no lines!!
  19. I will be at the Rams game to clog your toilet and ruin any plans you have of having a good time.
  20. Woody caption contest

    #L7 isn't just a tailgate, it's a family. I have two friends @JoeC36 and @124
  21. On to Miami

    I'll start a road trip thread with pics later in the week. I usually terrorize the dolphin fans, but with the recent atrocious play of the Jets I don't want to embarrass myself. So happy we beat Cleveland to make this game meaningful.
  22. On to Miami

    Raises hand. I'm flying out Friday. Going to game with @Savage69 we are having a little tailgate. I have no idea where we'll be lol but either way we can always hook up inside the gigantic concourse at halftime. Also legendary Cayman Islands jet fan @joewilly will be there too
  23. Dude there used to be a report this post button that would generate a thread in the mod forum back in the day lol they were all BZ or somebody else reporting a TX post. The place was being spammed with threads reporting TX posts. It was so bad that Max removed the report this post button and replaced it with the post of the week button. That was way worse than any of the docile sh*t he's doing now. I don't care either way what you guys do or did with him. But just make up your minds and make a decision.
  24. I ignore him too, but its funny. HOW MANY TIMES HAS HE BEEN BANNED? either leave him alone or ban him for forever. this place used to not have temporary bans. I remember two in particular serphnx and jetophile that got 30 day bans and decided to never return. meanwhile, TX got banned for the first time here in january 2007 right after the playoff loss to the pats and telling Max his panties were all bunched up and then hes back...then hes gone...and then hes back...either get rid of him forever or leave him alone. you know what you got in TX.