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  1. Brett should take a 17 week break from talking to the media about any subject. That said, why would Jets fans be angry at him for bashing the Mangini management style. Mangini's ego is equal to Favre's. At least Favre has a hall of fame career to back it up. Mangini consistently made poor player and game decisions in New York. I dont have any doubt that he knew Favre was hurt and didnt list him as injured. Mangini thinks that the press, the fans, and even the NFL rule book are beneath his consideration.
  2. NFL LBs cant really cover NFL WRs. At best they can cover the slowest tight ends. There are only a few good coverage linebackers and most are crappy against the run. Urlacher and Lewis were the exception, not the rule. All LBs really have to do is keep the backs, receivers and tight ends in front of them, close quickly, and prevent yards after the catch. Our guys should be fine.
  3. In the end there may not be any measurable difference between them. But right now the difference is that Rex Ryan represents hope for the future and Herm represents the failures of the past. This is a Jets fan site. A new coach brings new hopes to Jets fans, you cant try to p*ss on that hope without expecting to catch some crap from the faithful. Is some of our optimism over the top? Yes. Is some of our belief in Ryan based on no real data? Yes. If you want a completely realistic appraisal of Ryan your in the wrong place. Which is probably because your an unemployed
  4. First, thanks for the full explanation of where your opinion differs from mine. Second, I see what you are saying and it makes sense. To me its a matter of security. If you sign a guy like Harris you know you have someone who can learn the system and step in and be productive. With a Trusnik or a Cummings you really dont know what you have. The team is going to carry about 8 linebackers: Scott Harris Thomas Pace Gholston Trusnik Are six for sures. That leaves room for Harris or someone like him. His biggest problem is the price tag. To me it seems like a low
  5. Bart Scott and Napoleon Harris have exactly the same number of years in the NFL. Harris is older. Somehow you people are missing my point. So let me break it down for you. 1. I'm not saying that ILB is the teams biggest problem. 2. I'm not saying that Harris over Trusnik will send us to the Super Bowl. 3. I'm not saying that Trusnik might not be, at some point, a good reliable back up. What I am saying. 1. David Harris was injured twice last season. If he had been healthy Trusnik and Bowens wouldnt have taken a snap at ILB. The man has an injury history going
  6. You're gonna ride me about Schlegel and then pump up this guy: http://www.nfl.com/players/kenwincummings/profile?id=CUM628434 The guy made no tackles in the regular season last year. Even Schlegel made 1 for the Jets:rolleyes:
  7. I'm not just worried about ILB either. Primarily, I'm worried about QB. However, I dont think this is the guy you want to be first off the bench in case of injury: http://www.nfl.com/players/jasontrusnik/profile?id=TRU694033 Harris and others who are known commodities are out there looking for a spot. I dont think you can argue that he wouldnt be an upgrade over Trusnik. As for using Pace or Thomas like Bowens was used last year, the big difference is that Bowens wasnt a starter. So moving him to ILB didnt weaken the team at OLB. Plus, the Bowens experiement was iffy at bes
  8. When was the last time Izzo played a meaningful down on defense? He is a ST guy. No problem with that, but he isnt a real D backup. Trusnik looked good for 2 consecutive plays and then made two stops when Miami was running out the clock in a loss that was a meaningless game for the Jets. Keep him in the rotation, get him some good reps in Preseason, but dont count on him in case of injury to Harris or Scott (God forbid).
  9. It wasnt, but it can be if you really want it to be.
  10. I do like Trusnik as a ST/ player in development, but not as the first guy off the bench if one of the other ILBs goes down. He is too raw and unproven. He should and will be one of the back up ILBs, but I think team depth would be greatly improved if a more proven back up were available. I dont think one game in Miami where he made One tackle on a pass 5yds down field, one good ST play, and two tackles against the run when the Dolphins were just running time off the clock makes him a reliable backup.
  11. I'm a little concerned about our depth at ILB. Harris and Scott should be a great duo inside, but who exactly is behind them. Since going to the 3-4 the Jets have at least had a couple of veterans who could play ILB, but now we seem to be down to two or three guys with no real experience -- please spare me the Trusnik is a beast because of his play against Miami talk. Harris hasnt proved to be exceptionally durable after all. Signing a veteran with experience and some talent seems wise. Napoleon Harris is out there looking for a job. He would be a good experiences back up at ILB. He
  12. Mangini was in over his head while with the Jets. He started off saying all the right things -- build the team the right way, etc. But when he started losing, he panicked. He gave up all the slow progress for spend big win now and in the end, he lost the team because he had different sets of rules for different players. He should do better in Cleveland (not necessarily win loss wise), but you have to remember that it takes time to go from waterboy to head coach. Woody, in a desire to glom on to New England success, just hired him before he was really ready to do the job.
  13. The injury history is one of the problems with Harris. For what ever reasons some guys just seem to get injured more than others. I fear that Harris may be one of those guys. I'll admit to being surprised at how well Harris played his rookie year (I doubted he could be that effective in his first season), but I remember around draft time that Harris' college injury were a source of concern. I hope he stays healthy and that he and Scott are a force in the middle for the Jets for years to come, but I'm worried. Scott and Cody Spencer (or whoever) are a whole lot less intimidating than Sc
  14. Kiaho (sp?) stinks. Like most cover 2 LBs he cant play the run (look at the Colts rankings against the run almost any year). He's too small for the 3-4 ILB or OLB spots. He's a guy that has to play in a certain system to appear successful and that system isnt ours. He's not tough, he's not intimidating, I cant see Ryan having any interest in him.
  15. Westhoff's influence over Mangini was far greater than was warranted. Special Teams are important, but not more important than the Offense or Defense. He's a great ST coach with great knowledge of the game, but the truth is he was too much for Mangini to handle and had too much influence over personell decisions. Ryan appears to be stronger and wont be pushed around by a mean old bastard just because he yells and screams.
  16. Bowens was released because a)he has a knee injury there are three guys the Jets are committed to at OLB in front of him c) 2 million is too much to pay a guy who is the 2nd guy off the bench to fill in at any position d) he isnt an ILB, he gave it a shot, played well in on game, but was shown up in the others e) the team needs ILBs more than OLBs. He seemed like a good guy, a team guy, and a hard worker. But the NFL is a business organization. Brad Kassell is gone because a) he was injured last year he wasnt very good and c) Ryan isnt afraid of Mike Westhoff the way Mangini was.
  17. Its obvious that the Jets will have to once again address the ILB position in the draft or free agency. Right now they have Harris locked at one spot and then a host of scrubs and unknowns at the other. Trusnik had one good game, but I dont think he's the answer. Kassell should be back off the IR and thanks to Mangini's man love for scrub LBs from the University of North Texas still under contract. He is obviously not the solution. Spencer (see previous). Cummings, who knows. Which leaves Barton as a FA. Of all the guys currently on the team Barton is obviously the best, but as a 10yea
  18. Give Clemens another chance. Our offensive line is better than it was when he was a starter so we have a better run game. When Clemens became the starter our Oline sucked and we couldnt run for dog doo. Better Oline, better run game, better D, I'd like to see Clemens in there to start the season.
  19. How many of them stepped directly from ST to a head coaching job in the NFL? Honestly, I dont know. It could be all of them, but I doubt it.
  20. Because he's a mean old bastard whose old school ways would alienate veterans and starters. He can make it as a Special Teams coach because he is primarily dealing with guys who are hoping to make the team and guys who are hoping to stay on the team. They dont talk back and no they are expendable. Westhoff is a great ST coach and has the knowledge and experience necessary for the job, but his style wont work. He's not Parcells or Coughlin. He hasnt won superbowls or turned teams around. Add to that the fact that he is old and has health issues and I cant see anyway he's getting
  21. The Jets did pretty well in the first round under Mangini. Ferguson, Mangold, Revis are good picks -- immediate starters. Only Gholston didnt immediatly step in and contribute. I know most here call him a bust, but he should get at least one more season to see if he can contribute. David Harris was also a good pick and the Jets moved up to get him. I think they once again have to draft an ILB in the first or second round. Barton is a FA and not getting any younger and all we have behind him are Kassell, Spencer, and Trusnik. Of those three I like Trusnik the best, but I dont see him
  22. The Brett Favre situation was clearly part of Mangini's downfall. Favre hurt his authority with the team and seems to have caused some dissension in the locker room. Mangini's failure to handle that contributed to the team finally giving up on Mangini. Favre, intentionally or unintentionally, pulled aside the curtain to reveal that the Great and Powerful Manginius was a fraud. Oh, and for the record, I dont hate Mangini for cutting Schlegel. I hate him for drafting him in the third round and never giving him a chance to play a single defensive down in a regular season game.
  23. Here is a simple run down of why I think Woody fired Mangini: 1. He lost the respect of the team this year because he couldnt or wouldnt treat Favre the way he treated the other players. Mangini's coaching style is to bully the players. Every season he has made an example of at least one player in the preseason etc (Mawae,Kendall, etc). He didnt want Favre because he knew he couldnt bully him. 2. He failed to manage personell conflicts. If, as TJ says, Favre was distant and that was causing the team problems then it was Mangini's job to do something about it. Dont you think its
  24. I think the Jets have to look at ILB in the first round or at least the second depending on Barton's contract status. Isnt he going to be a FA? If he is that leaves the Jets with only Harris and unfortunately it looks like he is going to have a hard time staying healthy. With no Barton (assuming he's a FA who leaves) that leaves the Jets with Harris, Kassell, Spencer, and Trusnik in the middle. Only one of those guys is really starting material and without Mangini around to wet nurse mutts like Kassell and Spencer they probably wont be looked on as serious starters anyway. The goo
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