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  1. The worse thing about Rembert wasn't his play or his holdout. It was that his sh*t forced the Jets to snag Rob Moore in the supplemental draft. That in turn probably cost them Favre. They had Wolf back then and found some real gems, like Terrance Mathis, Jeff Blake and Tony Martin. Joe Kelly wasn't bad. He was a starter and they were very much in need of LBs that year. I think he was a top 10 overall.
  2. ^ Obviously never saw me on the field. I am unforgettable!
  3. That is QBR, not QB rating. 56.9 would put him at 13th for the season. His best full season would put him at 25th just below Heineke and above Mayfield, Roethlisberger and all the rookies. In 2014 he was 23rd ahead of Stafford, Carr, Orton and McCown.
  4. I think the difference is the contracts. Because 2nd and 3rd QB contracts are so cost prohibitive there is a great deal of incentive to have these guys succeed right away. That is why the changes that untouchable mentions took place, part of the reason they adopted so many college concepts. In the olden days WFT would never have let Cousins go. It will be interesting to see if any of the guys that haven't succeeded turn out- Darnold, Trubisky. Teams have even moved on from guys on 2nd deals it will be interesting to see how that turns out - Tannehill, Goff.
  5. I think the issue foundation. I kind of feel like you. We need more time to see how we are doing. I do not feel that things look great right now and I'm not sure how promising they are. Everybody was hoping that 2019 was going to be like 1996 and that we might have some quick turnaround with the new coach bump. This certainly does not like like 1997 or 2009. More importantly, the pieces that Douglas added are not looking great. If Maccagnan was so bad, you'd think that many of the pieces added in 2019 and 2020 would be core players. Which of those guys is looking good? Guidry.
  6. sorry 80. it is tempting, but I can't do 82 games. I have a family! Good luck!
  7. They seem to put a ton of stock in the Senior Bowl for whatever reason. I assume it is becuase of Savage, but can't be sure. I'm not sure how that is working out. Guess the Giants do too. They picked the Senior Bowl MVP 3 years straight. Webb-Lauleta-Jones. Those guys were bookended by Prescott and Herbert. Ouch.
  8. This thread is another reason that banning hurt so bad. I would love to hear how this team is doing. What is a 15-16 team league? Most of the time we know how many teams before the draft. Personally, I picked up Beckham after the draft. I cut him his week for Kahlil Herbert. Worked out well for me considering I have Carson and McCaffrey on IR. My biggest blunder was taking Kittle and Pitts. Kibbles and Bits? Glad to have Pitts with Kittle on IR, but they both had byes this week and I had to pick up Ricky Seals-Jones. Good thing it's a 10 team league!
  9. Preaching to the choir brother. In case you hadn't noticed, I am probably the number proponent of patience around here. The only thing I don't agree with is the that we know the needle is pointing up. This is the way things look when you start from scratch even when things turn out great. Thing is, they don't always get better, but I am hopeful.
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