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  1. That’s going to be something right there. The boys are gonna have it out for him. We can put hands on him now," Brown said on Inside the Locker Room on the Team 980 (full audio here).  Brown explained that Redskins coach Jay Gruden would not allow the defense to hit Pryor last year, even when the wideout did some showboating.   "Jay ain't here to protect you anymore," Brown said.  The Redskins linebacker explained that he tried to explain to Pryor that the one-handed catches from training camp would not translate in the NFC East, where players get hit hard. It doesn't seem like Pryor listened, as he finished the season with only 240 receiving yards on 20 catches in nine games.   "The boys were already hot for what he was doing last year," Brown said. He added, "Try to one-hand something while you’re with the Jets, you’re gonna catch a forearm."  One incident that supports Brown's comments came when Bashaud Breeland got thrown off the practice field last training camp. Breeland got mad that he wasn't allowed to get physical with Pryor at the line of scrimmage, and the scene blew up. Breeland eventually got sent off the field after arguing with coaches.
  2. Okay. I watched the replay of the Giants game last night. Mayfield looked a little better than I thought. OTOH, he didn't look particularly sharp and the Giants pass D is particularly atrocious. He was mostly working against the Giants 2nd, 3rd and beyond teams and they only have 2 CBs (one of whom is Eli Apple) and 1 S. He had a couple of bad throws, but several were better than I thought when I originally watched. Nice first outing, but the idea that he proved something major or looked like a seasoned vet was laughable IMO.
  3. I think Will Cain played college water polo and I'm pretty sure he has the most legitimate football credentials of the three.
  4. #27TheDominator

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    +1 Pretty sure the NFL pays way more money too. NFL has the best coaching and those coaches tend to move up and around. If you can impress a QB coach, you have a good chance of getting taken along when he moves on.
  5. #27TheDominator

    Ben Braden - Zone Blocking

    That was Tunsil. He was dropping because of the gasmask weed picture. That may be more an indication of this crew not caring about "character" issues, or that they had already vetted the kid pretty well and did not see a problem/care about the press.
  6. #27TheDominator

    Ben Braden - Zone Blocking

    I don't disagree with most of what you're saying, but you don't think it could get worse? How long have you been a Jet fan? 5 years? Wesley Johnson was bad, but IMO compared to Adrien Clarke, or Wayne Hunter, he was Joe Fields.
  7. #27TheDominator

    Ben Braden - Zone Blocking

    It isn't a matter of being smarter than anyone else. It is just that the system requires slightly different attributes. Think of it like going 3-4. When no teams are playing 3-4, you can get the DEs - who are more likely 4-3 DTs or tweeners more cheaply. The cream still rises to the top - even zone blocking linemen still have to be able to hold their blocks and pass protection is still pass protection. I think the idea is to find bargains. That isn't the same thing as finding 5 starting linemen as UDFA.
  8. #27TheDominator

    Ben Braden - Zone Blocking

    Well? Which is it? I haven't re-watched it yet, but I did notice that it looked like he started getting some run very early.
  9. #27TheDominator

    911 Call: Two Bigfoot Attack Man Sleeping In His Camper

    Is it two bigfoot or two bigfeet?
  10. People really liked Mayfield that much? I thought he looked fine for his first game, but I watched a bit of the first half and he kind of looked like sh*t. On top of that, he looked all happy feet, herky jerky.
  11. #27TheDominator

    It's like Christmas Eve

    If it is anything like the glasswork in Murano, they could tell you but they'd have to kill you. Parma is the same with the prosciutto and cheese
  12. #27TheDominator

    It's like Christmas Eve

    The best bread in Firenze is on the bottom of a bowl of ribollita. Bologna is nice and extremely cheap (communist). Don't remember anything about the bread though. They are more tortellini al brodo and tagliatelle al ragu. Obviously the mortadella, but I never bothered with that because Parma was on the way and if you want cured meat, that is the place. I believe Sorrelle Picchi was my choice spot, but I'm not completely sure.
  13. #27TheDominator

    It's like Christmas Eve

    Italian bread is much worse than I expected. I didn't have much really good bread there in five years outside of Sicily. I was only about a couple of hours from the French border and that bread was another world.
  14. #27TheDominator

    Bracing myself for some ugly cuts...

    Certainly worth a look. My point is that there is no reason to expect him to be any better than Enunwa, Anderson or Kearse who have had similar or better seasons with McCown and Fitzpatrick. People just get excited about that magic 1000 yard barrier. IMO, Anderson's 941/7 on 114 targets was actually a better season.