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  1. And when your starting CBs are Juston Burris and Dexter McDougle? What then? I would pray your team was in my division, because even McCown would be cutting you up.
  2. If you want to argue Brady is a system QB, Montana probably isn't your best bet. Didn't someone else have some success there after he left?
  3. When people said stupid sh*t we used to be able to punch them in the face. ******* progress.
  4. Yeah. Guys like Basped and Tyrone Prothro never really made any money. Even if Jonah Williams never plays, I am sure he has some kind of insurance payday coming.
  5. The one truly 100% Native American that I met referred to himself as a "Native American Indian." Consistently.
  6. I remember how Idzik was the adult in the room that was going to control things and make adult decisions instead of letting everyone run roughshod over him like Tannenbaum.
  7. You mean the same TRENT DILFER that was drafted #6 overall? The one that made the pro bowl in 1997? The one that was 25-17 over the 3 years before he joined the Ravens? That team wasn't winning sh*t with Tony Banks, no matter how good their D.
  8. Some of it I look up, some of it I remember. I knew that they drafted Martin and Mathis and I knew that I loved them both while they were still on the Jets. I liked Dawkins too, but he didn't turn out as a pro. Mathis was good from the jump and they used him as a punt returner and he had pedestrian numbers. He went to Atlanta and blew up with a bunch of 1,000 yard seasons and 20 TDs in his 1st couple of years there. Martin was a small school QB that I read about and liked in camp. They cut him and the Dolphins scooped him up. He was starting games by the following season. When he left Miami he blew up in San Diego and then Atlanta. Had 1,000 games for three teams. The Jets weren't one of them. This was certainly an era where the talent evaluators were ahead of the coaches. Who drafts a QB to play WR and then dumps him in camp?
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