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  1. Josh Allen

    Truth be told, just be happy if we don't end up with Todd Blackledge.
  2. Josh Allen

    Don't even ******* joke about killing my dog.
  3. Josh Allen

    How ******* pathetic is the position you are offering when you are willing to give it to a guy based on one good season at OC? Do you really want to leave it up to the candidates to determine if they are ready to accept all that work? Thank God you aren't in HR.
  4. Josh Allen

    Not terribly mobile? Allen was the fastest QB that ran at the combine. He had over 500 yards rushing in 2016 and 12 rush TDs over the past 2 seasons. He's more mobile than ******* Mayfield despite the Wilson/Flutie comparisons. I just complained about this with somebody else's Zach Mettenberger comp. What is wrong with this ******* board? Last year people wanted to promote Morton before he had been OC for a snap. Bates is a singularly bad choice for HC in 2019. He may be a good coach, but the guy was burnt out and took time off from football. In 2017 he turned down the OC job because he was concerned it would be too much work. Is that a guy you want to hand the keys over to? He needs Dennison around to hold his hand and do the grunt work. An NFL HC is the ultimate administrator and needs to handle a million things at once - every minor detail. I think Bates is like an artist. He has been great at what he does, but that does not mean he is suited to move up. We already had a similar deal with Rex, who at least was outgoing. Besides, can the guy have a single successful season at OC before you promote him?
  5. Mercedes Lewis

    Further along towards what? If we have a rookie QB, we should not have any holes next to him. It is the one reason I was okay with Forte, I hoped he would be a good safety valve for our young QB(s), not a guy comparing AARP cards with Fitzpatrick and McCown.
  6. Seriously? He said that with a straight face? Mike McCartney must be shocked.
  7. Anyone Else Feeling Schitzo ??

    Zach Mettenberger? I get the idea that you think he is a pocket passer, but Allen is one of the most athletically gifted QBs coming out. Considerably better than Wentz and I don't read anybody describing Wentz as ponderous and lead footed in the pocket. I also haven't read anything about Allen having a painfully slow release.
  8. Crying Over Spilled Milk (Jets QB Situation)

    Everyone loves Lauletta and hates Allen. Isn't Lauletta a chicken arm? Seems like people are planning on AJ McCarron going in the 2nd, only without the big school background and success on the big stage.
  9. Zay Jones making Robby Anderson look good

    ROCK N ROLL!!!!
  10. Allen Hurns Released

    I agree. People are all caught up in age and mileage. We only care about the time the player will be under this contract. Who cares if RBs break down with use? As long as they don't break down under the contract that is fine. Like Darrell Green? I actually don't like one year "prove it" deals. I think they favor the player. He gets an opportunity and we get a player cheap. What if he is good? Then we are stuck dealing with more FA issues next year. I prefer reasonable 2 year deals, or at least deals with a decent sized 2nd year option built in so that if the guy breaks out we have him under contract. Marcedes Lewis is 33 years old and they signed ASJ and Niles Paul. That isn't exactly a downgrade offensively. Lewis had 5 TDs all year, but 3 were in the rout in London. I bought a DKNY suit at Marshall's for $125 once. It fits perfect. True story. Maybe one of my legs is shorter than the other?
  11. Crying Over Spilled Milk (Jets QB Situation)

    If the next CBA goes in the player's favor, a few million a year over 3 may end up being peanuts in the long run. If Cousins keeps tossing 4K seasons, in 2021 the sky is the limit. Yeah. Instead of typing all of that I should have just put "Agree to disagree." I am interested in what draft picks you like, but if you mention them I will just pick them apart and we will go in circles. Instead, I will leave a different theory. Maccagnan signed a bunch of older free agents and used his high first to get a solid player and won Executive of the Year. He may think that was his goal. I sure hope that isn't what he is going for now.
  12. Crying Over Spilled Milk (Jets QB Situation)

    Elway, Marino and Kelly?
  13. Crying Over Spilled Milk (Jets QB Situation)

    See above. I understand fighting with Warfish. He wants to crucify the pick before it is made, but he has ever reason to lack confidence.
  14. Crying Over Spilled Milk (Jets QB Situation)

    The way things fell? You mean he was unlucky that his draft picks and free agent signings have generally sucked? Poor baby. Where is this aging roster? Brick and Mangold? Were they replaced? Harris, Cromartie and Revis? He signed them to big deals. Fitzpatrick, Marshall, Forte and McCown? Idzik didn't leave him those guys. sh*t, he even brought back Kerley. He replaced Ivory with Forte and Brick with Clady, a guy who was more ready to retire than Brick. Was Calvin Pace really that tough to replace? He replaced Geno/Sanchez with Fitzpatrick and then McCown. Getting younger? I can understand the learning on the job aspect and the idea that they wanted to compete in year 1 - even though I think that narrative is overblown around here. OTOH, give any incoming GM a ton of cap space and #6 overall and they are stoked. I sure would be. That is why all these names are flocking to the Browns.
  15. Allen Hurns Released

    They don't have to spend it until 2020. OTOH, I think you underrate these 2nd tier signings. Hurns and Pryor are guys that were sure starters going into 2017. If you can get a decent deal on them they are worth a look. Hurns wasn't cut because he is bad, but because he gets hurt and had a big contract. Sometimes you are better off shopping at Tiffany's for a few big ticket items and them finding some flea market gems.