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  1. Jeez. @T0mShane misses couple of weeks and people start a thread hunting for his whereabouts and praying for his safety. I am out for over a month and you guys, @Lith, @Dcat, @NYJetsVets91, @New York Mick still think I am making picks on day 6 of the mock draft? My whole family has been sick and Dad is in the hospital, so you can count me out for this one. Please find someone to take the Rams. I will try again in 2022. Sorry I didn't let anyone know, but real life is a little more important than usual this year.
  2. Actually, I think they are for interviews and medicals, which are probably more important than anything else.
  3. Yeah. The WIzard of Oz, Gone with the WInd and Apocalypse Now sure didn't work.
  4. People were that fired up over Thuney and Linsley? GTFO. Instead of signing two interior linemen we now HAVE to get a game changing WR, pass rusher and corner? Sign me up for any of those over interior linemen.
  5. Not very bold, but I say Leonard Floyd as Wide-9 OLB/DE. Seemed llke a bust, but had a nice year for the Rams. The Rams can't afford him and he is a good young player with extreme length. Strikes me as a nice Calvin Pace styled signing.
  6. This is how I feel. I don't think you trade down and then think you are drafing your QB of the future or 2021 starter. OTOH, I think these guys subsribe to the QB a year plan, and the QB as commodity plant. Those guys draft QBs whenever they feel they are a value.
  7. Shawn, do you work for the CT DMV? Cause my cousin's license has the same misspelling.
  8. I am NOT saying this is true of Lance, but people were saying that Mahomes would go late 1st early 2nd and the Chiefs traded up to 10 to get him. I hope they have the balls to take who they like best and don't **** around because Kiper is going to say they were dumb on ESPN.
  9. At least I know I am not crazy arm-strength wise. No matter what you ****ers say, I am not alone.
  10. Well, that one game and the entire following offseason and season.
  11. That was quick. I guess I will take the Rams. Don't much care if somebody wants them I would switch.
  12. Ask Josh Norman how great Gettelman is at standing up for his players. The best thing about this post is that it is true. I thought it was an exaggeration, but it's not. First of all, I don't see how pretending to be a moron that can't see what is obvious to even the most casual observer is a "strategy." Second, to the extent that anybody believes it, he will lose any leverage he has that we intend to take a QB with the #2 overall. At that point teams will be less likely to trade up. Third, who gives a ****? If the player has that delicate a psyche they are not going to
  13. I don't see why anybody would say Lance is going through "unscathed." All the questions about Lance are legit, just as they were for Allen and Wentz. OTOH, going into the year it was pegged as a 3 QB race - Lawrence was the clear #1, with Fields and Lance looking to move up. Wilson came out of nowhere and is just accepted. Lance is a physical freak. Period. There is literally no dispute. He threw zero interceptions for a season. He was hte one that stood to gain from showing that wasn't a fluke and having another great year. He didn't do that, but I'd bet most preseason mocks had him
  14. Where do you get this from? Golladay is a target hog, but he is NOT a slot. I just checked. As far as I can tell, he ran about 8% of his plays from the slot. By contrast Godwin ran 55% and Robinson 21%. This is why I am against Juju who ran over 80% of his snaps from the slot. That is higher than Berrios or Crowder and I want more outside guys. I think dangerous slots are easier to pick up in the draft.
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