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  1. This could be the most hysterical post I have ever read on here. Our #6 pick does not have to be worth what the #10 or #12 because he isn't a QB? Then why wouldn't we have drafted a QB? The Texans and Chiefs wouldn't have traded up to 6 because... why?
  2. Yes, why should the 6th pick be worth more than the 10th or 12th pick. No logic in that.
  3. Allbright hears

    Is he coming out?
  4. That entire post is completely irrelevant. Teams felt they were worth 27, 91 and a 2018 1st and 25 and a 2018 1st. I don't care why some idiot might believe that a QB that wasn't good enough to play in the preseason and needed to learn how to throw a football might be a starter this year. I don't care why he thought Mahomes and Watson were not worth #6. There is no world where the Chiefs and Texans would have offered less than what they gave up to move to 6. Therefore, Adams has to be worth those packages. So far I don't see it.
  5. Not seeing Hackenberg at all told us all we needed to know. This idea that he was so far in our plans is crazy. More importantly, we didn't have to actually take a QB. We just had to be a threat to take a QB. How did we **** that up? Unsure about Mahomes and Watson? 10 and 12 overall is unsure?
  6. Kirk Cousins is trash

    I think what is going to happen is that the contracts are going to be given in cycles where they get a ton one year and less the next to allow them to load up at other positions. I am very interested to see what the Cousins UFA range is. I am thinking it will be much closer to $25M/per which I think is not particularly crazy. Reports are that they will not transition tag him. They see that as letting him walk. They will either franchise him or walk away.
  7. Not that I haven't already said it, but why weren't the Jets a threat to take a QB?
  8. I think this is insane. Teams would trade their 2017 and 2018 first for #10 and #12, but not for #6? Why? You are talking value chart nonsense. If Adams was so high on everyone's board that he was worth more than Mahomes or Watson why the **** didn't we trade him?
  9. Kirk Cousins is trash

    Pretty sure that Sherman signed his extension in 2014. That is the year they gave the Pats the super bowl. Wilson signed his extension in 2015. They have gone 10-6 and 10-5-1 and into at least the 2nd round of the playoffs each year. Not exactly a huge sample size. IMO you have to decide f you are a guy that is willing to pay a good QB market value or be willing to try another way. If you are going another way - draft a guy like Jackson, design an offense around him and spend on the rest. I don't see the Jets doing either.
  10. Kirk Cousins is trash

    No! That make sense. The Giants will have more leeway because it will be year 1. McAdoo had some good will from last year that he wasted, but Reese was already on the hot seat.
  11. Kirk Cousins is trash

    How many ******* bridges? A bridge is supposed to take you from one side to the other. We will be on our third bridge to nowhere. Build a ******* boat already. Enough with the bridges. PS: This is far from "one of the toughest divisions in the NFL" This division sucks. Beyond the Pats you have 4 easy wins unless you are a sh*t team. I would be salivating at facing the Pats D anyway.
  12. Playing the short game? If this is them playing the short game could you imagine how ******* bad we'd be if they took their time? There is absolutely no possible way this is true.
  13. Nobody else was going to take a QB? What about us? We didn't attempt to trade back? Why the **** not? If what you say is true, not moving on from Hack should get him fired. If you don't know you have a QB, you don't have a QB. Having 2 is way preferable to having none. The idea is preposterous. But we ended the draft with three strong safeties. Hurray!
  14. Kirk Cousins is trash

    I don't have a problem with that stance. IMO the Jets should be first in line to talk to Cousins when FA opens, but I do not think they should be getting him at all costs and I am fine with walking if/when the bidding gets to high. My main issue with your post was your attemping to value him at $15M The idea that he is only worth 25% more than Fitzpatrick is laughable and every starting QB that has signed a deal is getting more than $20M. Cousins is certainly not "trash" though Paradis has some points in his favor when deciding how big a long term deal we should be willing to go.
  15. Haha. Fair enough. That is kind of an inside joke from a different group I have been overusing it lately.