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  1. I have completely changed my philosophy over the last few minutes. I want Haskins. I was watching some draft videos and Charlie Casserly's analysis of Haskins said that he can challenge defenses horizonically. Did he mispeak? No! He repeated it three times and explained what it meant. If Haskins can create a new dimension we need to select him!
  2. #27TheDominator

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    This really isn't true. I did the run down on these guys near the end of the season. They suck, but they mostly have the athletic ability to get extra chances and they have. First of all, 3 years is 2016. Pryor was starting for three full seasons, then ended up on the Jags. Amaro hasn't played since 2016, but he was in Chiefs camp until final cuts in 2018. McDougle started for the Eagles last year, but didn't finish the season with them. I think he ended the year on the Redskins practice squad. Saunders and Evans both are in Canada. Evans stuck around with the Cowboys offseason/practice roster for a couple of years. Dozier and Enunwa are presumably the guys that you admit to lasting. Both have earned 2nd (3rd really) contracts. Jeremiah George played in 2017 and was cut injured after camp from the Colts last season. Brandon Dixon started several games for the Giants in 2017, but I think he had an achilles tear and they cut him during the offseason. I think he was on Orlando in the AAF. Enemkpali played a bit the first couple of years for Rex, but got hurt in 2016 and he didn't make it out of camp with the Raiders in 2017. Tahj Boyd is the Rex vanity pick and awful. The Steelers had him in camp in 2015 and he has played minor league and tried to latch on in Canada without success. Trevor Reilly, the Jets Uber driver was an ancient rookie and is now 31+. He played through the 2017 season and the Pats actually added him to their playoff practice squad at the end of the year. I wonder how well Idzik vetted these guys or if he ignored character concerns. Pryor's disappearance and stay in Cleveland seems to indicate some personal problems - why isn't he even getting looks? The Jalen Saunders 1 car accident seemed strange and substance related. Some guys I coached with overseas had UCLA ties and I asked about Evans and was told that if he came in humble and worked he would be a starter, but if he acted like he had the team made he wouldn't last long. Seemed cryptic the way it was put, but it was prophetic. The Enemkpali punch out and Dmitri Patterson disappearance, and exhibition benching also scream lack of vetting/character. This is a lovely thought,. but if it is true, why did we pass on Mahomes and Watson again?
  3. I get where you are coming from, but the new head of scouting? You mean Jon Carr replacing Barzigian? I think you can safely say that the philosophy will be the same. both came and went from the Texans, where Maccagnan comes from.
  4. #27TheDominator

    Draft Trade Rumors

    THEY ARE ALL JOHN ABRAHAM ARGUMENT THREADS!!! Well, you have me there. I certainly have no ******* idea what you are talking about or who I thought you were giving a hard time.
  5. It's Thursday night. You usually cry during Grey's Anatomy.
  6. #27TheDominator

    Draft Trade Rumors

    What the **** are you even talking about? They were both the playoffs. The "bad stomach" game he played about a half. The takeaway for you and much of this board is that he is a dog. What it should be is that with him sick, the Jets couldn't stop the Raiders, or maybe that Curtis Martin fumbles in the playoffs. The other games he didn't play. He was out with a significant knee injury for weeks before the playoffs even started, but Serby or some other douche that didn't like him blasted him in the press because he mentioned that he was concerned with permanent damage to his knee.
  7. It was the Gholston draft. They traded back up into the 1st to get Keller. Kind of a weird deal. They sent their 2nd and a 4th to the Packers. The Packers used the 2nd on Jordy Nelson. The 4th was the pick they got for Vilma. They traded their 4th, which was like 10 spots higher for that 4th (Dwight Lowery) and the 5th they used on Erik Ainge. As I recall we were happy that we got the extra year of contract. The rules were different then, but I think it was still 5 for 1sts and 4 for 2nd and later. Nelson vs. Keller doesn't look great, but the deal seems fair enough.
  8. #27TheDominator

    Draft Trade Rumors

    You are the one that doesn't remember, but you are accusing others of changing the narrative? I remember having a similar argument with some numbnuts who claimed Abraham was never injured badly enough to require surgery. Turns out he had something like 9 during his NFL career.
  9. #27TheDominator

    The case against Williams is weak

    Why would I want to cover my genitals? They are spectacular.
  10. #27TheDominator

    The case against Williams is weak

    Do you have agility numbers on either?
  11. #27TheDominator

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Great memory. In case I have to point that out, it was sarcasm. It was reported as the flu and supposedly he was hung over. Only issue is that he actually played in the game you are talking about. The game most of these assholes point to is the Steelers game in the 2004 season. He had a significant knee injury and missed from week 12 on. He missed the first playoff game and tried to come back for the 2nd. Trust me, he was still hurt. There was the quote about him being concerned about his "future" which the press and typical "suck it" fan base love to treat as meaning more than "I will play if it will not cause me permanent future damage." IIRC, he was not under contract for the following year (2005), but was franchised and had told the team he wanted a long term deal. They ****ed with him and Herm threw him under the bus, either to get him to sign cheaper or (more likely) to force the Steelers to prep for him. The team turned on him so much that they paid him the franchise tag and he had 10.5 sacks. Mangini and Tannenbaum dumped him because of the Pennington/Martin salary cap hell they were in and because the boy genius probably couldn't handle a guy like Abraham, but valued a team of boy scouts that would run through a wall for him over guys that were bigger and faster than their opponents.
  12. #27TheDominator

    Draft Trade Rumors

    It made more sense than fattening up Shaun Ellis to be "our Warren Sapp!" BTW, "Iron Man" Shaun Ellis has 4 postseason sacks. ! came for the Pats, 3 came under Rex Ryan. John Abraham also had 4, 2 under Herm and 2 for the Falcons. Could also suck.
  13. #27TheDominator

    Draft Trade Rumors

    He hadn't played since week 12. People act like he just decided to skip a playoff game. The whole story is flat out bullsh*t.

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