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  1. Good call on @Villain The Foe. He was good for a few years and then fell off a cliff. I'm not sure how big a hit that was - Davante Adams, Landry and Allan Robinson all went later that round. Ryan Mathews was on that Philly team and spelled his name with one t. Maybe that is who you were thinking of?
  2. Perhaps I should be more kind. My boss just said "pass mustard" during a meeting. I'm not sure if I endeared myself by asking "Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?"
  3. I don't really care about negativity. I just wish the guy was a better writer. Even on twitter he is a ******* hack and eight year olds have mastered that format.
  4. As fans, this is a win-win. The player will be in camp without missing more than a practice or two. The team gets offset language which I think can be give-backs against the cap. The part where he gets the money early is just Johnson's money and who gives a **** about that?
  5. Happy Birthday! You made your wish. I guess you blew out the candles early today.
  6. "You guys" Ha. That's a good one. My point is valid. As I said, I agreed with your post, but there is a difference between looking at the Ravens and looking at the Jets. Compare this draft with Idzik's 2013. He had five starters in what was not a particularly good draft. I am not judging 2020 on last year's performances and I hope tha.t these guys turn out. I understand that mid to later round picks are for depth. How did you rate a guy like Alex Lewis? He was their 4th in 2016. He missed 2017 with an injury but started 18 games overand 2018.
  7. I don't disagree, but devil's advocate The Ravens have a solid roster. Breaking into their starting lineup is not easy. Much easier to start on the Jets where Mims had to beat out Jeff and Vyncint Smith and Josh Malone, Hall had to beat out Arthur Maulet and the ghost of Pierre Desir, Clarke was behind Van Roten and Lewis. Not exactly murderer's row ahead of these guys. Perine lost reps to Ty Johnson and Josh Adams. Zuniga is an interesting one because I think he was listed behind Anderson and Shephard, but I thought he would have had an easy route to OLB instead of Langi, Bash
  8. I know people look at them bringing Manion and Johnson in as a move for a vet since Wilson isn't signed. That is true, but I don't think it is looking for a "vet" or someone to start the season if Wilson doesn't sign in time. They expected 3 QBs in camp. They need somebody to take those reps.
  9. For what it is worth, the reporting on the offsets is pretty uneven. The Athletic reports that Fields and Mac Jones have at least partial offset language. The Boston Globe reports that as of June 10 Fields also is the only player so far in this year’s draft to have no offset language on any of his guarantees. Obviously they both can't be correct. Similar with Lance. I would assume that the partial offsets relate to performance vs. injury/suspension.
  10. Not that I'd expect you guys to understand it, but for those of us this beautiful the world is our photo location.
  11. It's weird that pretty girls park their cars? I'd better let my wife know!
  12. The offsets Vacchiano was talking about related to if the player is suspended. I can certainly see not wanting to set that precedent. My understanding is that Lawrence had them pulled. Not sure about Fields.
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