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  1. Every team has UDFA and 6th rounders starting. The Ravens started their '18 6th at LG and a rookie UDFA at C. Another undrafted guy is playing FB. On D, they have undrafted guys at NT, MLB and on the weakside. They started two rookies at WR. Our talent level sucks, but we can't whine about these guys starting. They actually look decent. It's just that we don't have a great measurable 2nd rounder like Tyus Bowser to sub in for our 2016 5th. These guys are beating out guys like Bowser and Hayden Hurst, not Daniel Brown and Arthur Mallet.
  2. Ryan only got one year after the 8-8. The GM sabotaged him in 2014 with no corners. None. Zero, and they went 4-12. Everybody was fired and they went 10-6 the next year.
  3. I am really sick of you ******* guys complaining about how bad it is. As bad as Kotite? The absolute worst the Jets have been over any two year stretch since Johnson took over was 9 wins. Kotite had 4 in 2 years. The sh*t show that Walt Michaels took over had 9 in three years. Yes, I am counting Walt's first year. It doesn't take much to turn a team around. Especially if you believe in Darnold. You can complain without it being the worst of all time. It's not the Great Depression. Stop being a bunch of pussies.
  4. Not sure if you get it. You are costing us cap space with these moves. Trading Quinnen Williams accelerates his bonus and we would be on the hook for like $16.5M for 2020, to save his like $4M in salary. Clearing Bell's salary probably costs us cap, but I am not sure if his guarantees are salary/roster bonus (which will net less in a deal) or signing bonus which will eat 2020 cap. Who is Beach? Beachum? You aren't going to save salary there because 1. you can't cut someone that isn't under contract, and 2. whatever below average LT you sign is going to cost considerably more.
  5. I think the key to much of this is how these guys get along. Do they respect one another? Do they speak the same language? Can the coach understand what it takes to make the QB thrive? Some QBs will never truly thrive. <cough><cough> Mark Sanchez. Some need more specific help than others, but the relationship is often more important than the plays.
  6. To be fair, you could argue that he made the guys he lost too. Andre Roberts was in the league a long time before Boyer got him to a pro bowl and the kicker was on the street last August.
  7. Those moves aren't clearing salary. They are probably raising it. Bell, Williams and Adams all had bonuses that would accelerate if you move them. It's going to cost money in the short term.
  8. It is a nice fantasy. Not the same as I had when I was 13, but I digress. The one thing I will say is that Ozzie Newsome has already cemented himself as one of the greats at least twice. I doubt he could be bothered to do it again.
  9. This mythical President of Football Operations position is just a way for you guys to find a position to bring that fat ******* carpetbagger back. Never mind that he rubber stamped Tannenbaum, Sparano for OC, and Todd Bowles. It is a position only taken by guys to old and past it to remain as coach or GM. No thank you. Pick one of those that isn't an idiot and do away with the middle man.
  10. Ozzie Newsome is still under contract with the Ravens. I believe that Bisciotti called him the highest paid consultant in the NFL. He still sat at the head of the table in the draft room with DeCosta on his right. They are buds. The whole step down thing was because Ozzie was getting older and wanted to wind down and they didn't want DeCosta to get poached. Can't see why Ozzie would taint his legacy, and even the interview would taint him.
  11. I have always liked Jordan Jenkins. I got on the pick early in his career because of his lack of speed, but physically he has generally been fine and his measurables aren't actually bad. Yesterday though. Yeesh. He could not even sniff setting an edge against Jackson. I get that is a tough job, but he looked like an old lady with knee braces on trotting after Jackson. Even worse was the offsides/personal foul combo which I think got him benched. Burgess was too small to hold up on the edge, Jenkins too slow.
  12. False. The ball came loose and he tried to pin it against his leg. That isn't possession. It spit out when he rolled over, but he didn't have that ball. I will give you the ball hitting the blocker on the punt and the interference with Anderson. Turning point? I think the turning point was going 3 and out and then having the ball fed to us on the first drive. The Smith play isn't so much a fault thing, as a same page thing. FWIW, Smith is the guy that blocked the guy into getting hit with the punt. He may have value if he shows on specials. I don't think he is the most natural receiver, but he looked like he might belong out there.
  13. I get saying that their WRs aren't super great, but TE? Andrews and Hurst were both top TEs coming out in 2018. Hollywood was the first WR taken this year and I took Boykin in the same slot for the Ravens 3rd in the JN mock. I am not a huge fan of Snead or Roberts, but Snead's numbers in NO shouldn't be discounted by a guy who loves to tout Robby Anderson. Their skill position players are pretty good, counting Ingram and Tottenville Pirate Gus Edwards.

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