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  1. #27TheDominator


    In the way of what? Goff is in the NFC, none of the three are in our division and Mayfield isn't even playing well. Excuse me if I am particularly scared. The idea that any of them equate with having Brady in the division for 18 years is ridiculous.
  2. #27TheDominator

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    I drive "home" from my expensive house at least twice a month. I am now in Silver Spring, MD so I save 20 minutes on the trip!
  3. #27TheDominator

    What are we going to do with Spencer Long?

    FWIW, regarding the "4 years", Long is signed for 4 years, but I think he got $6M in guarantees and makes $5M this season. I don't think they have more than $1M in dead money if they move on from him at any time after this season.
  4. #27TheDominator

    Do the Dolphins have a new QB?

    Ah. It's not really HIPPA, but there are plenty of restrictions and regs relating to an employers release of medical information.
  5. #27TheDominator

    Do the Dolphins have a new QB?

    What does HIPPA have to do with this?
  6. I said that three hours ago, but there was nothing in your post other than don't get D and build through the draft. They have to pay somebody. I don't want Cooper, but "build through the draft" is not a valid mantra for a team with $100+M in cap space and no particularly compelling players becoming free agents.
  7. You don't want Amari Cooper because you don't want defense? Sound planning. FWIW: "Wednesday I woke up to three different names that were brought to my attention and those conversations never happened. So I would just say, for most fans, tread lightly, because very rarely are those accurate." Steve Keim, Cardinals GM. Who by the way is the same guy that signed Johnson and Jones. This wasn't a complete regime change. Just a coach swap.
  8. #27TheDominator


    Mayfield? He wins games he needs to win?
  9. #27TheDominator

    Jets + 3 vs Vikings

    Buffalo Bills: Doug Marrone: 15-17 Rex Ryan: 15-16 Sean McDermott: 11-11 "totally tank"
  10. #27TheDominator

    Kacy Rodgers Medically Cleared to Return

    If it were a farce, wouldn't they have put it out there before they announced Bowles was taking over defensive play calling? He probably doesn't know. There are laws about employers releasing medical information. I am personally surprised that they even stated it was a medical issue, but that was probably based on a statement cleared by Rodgers and/or his agent. Thank God he is doing better and hopefully this is the end of whatever it was.
  11. ..and then he will be a year from free agency. They'll be back. He plays the three worst pass defenses in football the next three weeks.
  12. Surprised that Chan already finished F-ing himself?
  13. I had not seen or thought much about him prior to this week, but Copeland had a very nice game. I guess he's been playing all along though.
  14. #27TheDominator

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    I think he would have sucked if he only took a year off. I wasn't impressed with his "genius."
  15. #27TheDominator

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    Please do not say everyone. I have been saying he was a clown for ages and he would be horrible upon his return. He is cleaning house in Oakland. I'm surprised Lynch hasn't choked him.

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