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  1. #27TheDominator

    Neutral End Zones this Weekend at MetLife

    Who lives near the Javitz or MSG?
  2. Is that why you keep cramping up? I thought it was ovulation.
  3. #27TheDominator

    Neutral End Zones this Weekend at MetLife

    You don't think more than 80K travel to the City every weekday that don't on a Sunday? NYC does not have the infrastructure to move people?
  4. Most popular? Always respected? @T0mShane? What the **** is going on around here? Is the Bizzaro Jet Nation?
  5. The draft does not guarantee a great player, but it does guarantee a reasonable salary for 5 years.
  6. Is this even a rumor? Who says they are shopping Mike Evans?
  7. #27TheDominator

    Enunwa and Crowell OUT vs Texans

    I am the one that just downplayed missing Enunwa, but this board has to stop with acting like everybody is better until proven otherwise. These guys all proved it in camp. Peake might well not be as good a WR as Hansen or Stewart. He made the team on specials. Burnett was undrafted for a reason - he has short-ish arms and small hands, He is not big and I don't think he is particularly fast. Matthews is going on 30 and is not signed for next year. These guys are probably not showing they deserve more time during the week because they don't. They are all fairly bad. The difference is probably negligible. Burnett was beat out by Matthews and some other stiffs. Ever hear of Cameron Batson or Darius Jennings? His connection with Darnold would have paid immediate dividends if it were ever likely to pay off.
  8. #27TheDominator

    Enunwa and Crowell OUT vs Texans

    What's the big deal? Sunday they played a much better D, particularly against the pass, and won. Are they really going to miss Crowell's 2 for 5 and Enunwa's 3 for 22 that much?
  9. #27TheDominator

    Enunwa and Crowell OUT vs Texans

    Like I said, that wasn't aimed at you personally. Sometimes reasonable people mention the same names that unreasonable people have.
  10. #27TheDominator

    Enunwa and Crowell OUT vs Texans

    Funches and Anderson have the same number of TDs. On 90 more snaps and 13 more targets. I get that Anderson gets many of his from further out, but I don't see how that is a knock. I think people think Funches is going to be some #1 WR and pay him $10M+ and he has 11 catches and 35 yards more than Anderson. I hear all the time how limited Anderson is, but if that is a complete WR I don't see it. I know that you, personally, are talking about the help of a big body. There is some truth to that, but IMO it won't be a huge help and JN in general is wildly overvaluing whoever is in a different colored jersey.
  11. #27TheDominator

    Enunwa and Crowell OUT vs Texans

    Yeah. I don't even know if I'd go that high for him, but people thinking Fuchos and Conley will be a huge improvement over Anderson and Enunwa are destined for disappointment. People here like Enunwa because he gives the impression of trying hard, but he has as many fumbles as Anderson, less yards and 1TD vs 4 on more snaps. Anderson certainly seems like a knucklehead., but for all the press, Enunwa is the one that has served a 4 game suspension.
  12. #27TheDominator

    Enunwa and Crowell OUT vs Texans

    Eh. I agree that we shouldn't be running to pay the kid based on his injury history, but... I don't think you are sniffing real WRs for under $9M per. The other guys you mentioned signed their deals back in 2015-2017. The market is going up, up, up. In 2015 the franchise figure for WR was under $13M. In 2018 it was $16M. Allen and Hilton signed extensions. That thing that @Sperm Edwards and I are always screaming that Maccangan should offer players that he likes. You get a much more team friendly deal than waiting until they hit the market (Winters) and having to franchise them before working out an extension (Wilkerson). The guys you mentioned are all making in the $11M - $13M range. @Mogglez proposal was for incentives, so Enunwa would not be seeing that much cash without hitting set numbers which presumably would require him to be on the field. I think $8 or 9M should do it without incentives. I know people love squawking about Anderson's limitations and the free agent class, but guys like Funches and Conley seem great when you aren't paying attention, but they are not putting up numbers, why would they do it here? How much are you willing to pay them? Enunwa is right around the top 10 WRs in this free agent market.

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