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  1. He is an example of my changing theories on WR. I used to want big and fast. Then I began to become obsessed with agility times. Plenty of people did after Welker. It is one of the things on Berrios. Thing is, some of these big guys with great agility times don't really seem like they have good agility times. Miles Boykin, I'm looking at you! Sorry, that was another of my mock draft picks. It will be interesting to see how Claypool pans out. Cantell is a big slot with phenomenal agility numbers but his arm length is fairly short, so I'm not sure how he profiles. He is big enough to carve out a Neal Sterling type role as a move TE, but I am not sure that he will ever get past that. Downfield blocking was touting in some of his profile, so you'd assume he has the desire. He was waived injured, so his health may be a concern.
  2. Wesco is probably a bubble guy, but one of the attractions was that he could/did play a fullback/H-back role.
  3. Eh. There is a pretty simple explanation to this whole post. The Jets have had nothing but defensive coaches during that time. In the last 30 years the only offensive coaches were Coslet (4 years), Kotite (the 2 most pitiful years ever) and one year of Gase. Carroll, Parcells, Groh, Edwards, Mangini, Ryan and Bowles were all defensive guys. Having a defensive coach does not guarantee that you will have a sh*tty offense, but they generally play the game close to the vest and keep scores and yardage down. You aren't going to be high in yards or points scored. This is why points/yardage can be misleading and something like DVOA, as proposed by @GreenFish would be a better measure.
  4. Eh is right. He earned some slack with 2015. He made a bunch of moves for money that got the team a very solid record and narrowly missed the playoffs. For me, it was obvious that the guy was in over his head with the 2016 QB situation. Nothing about that was properly handled. I lost all respect and withdrew any grace period. Then he compounded it in 2017. The way he handled Wilkerson was also an abomination. I actually did initially think he was okay, though I wasn't a fan of the "competitive" rebuild all vet strategy, but by his second offseason it was pretty obvious he was a disaster at team building. We couldn't know how poorly he drafted for a bit longer.
  5. Even crazier, the Eagles signed the guy for $2M last year and he played in the playoffs for them. Same player at 1/5 the price. Do you think maybe Maccagnan bid against himself a bit on that one?
  6. Who has given up on him? I think we just feel that we shouldn't count on him. I think everything about him was as promising as could be expected for a rookie coming in the way he did. Do you think the team is relying on him for one side? Did they only bring in Hall, Desir, and Wilson to compete for the other side? They added a few hybrid CB/S types in Davis, Cioffi and Shyheim Carter and their UDFA class had two promising CBs. I think the Jets CB slots are wide open. Austin has an excellent chance to start, but he also isn't a lock to make the team. Hopefully, with the competition the cream will rise to the top. Just make sure you get consent first.
  7. Don't forget to add the likelihood of limited time in the camps/preseason to gel.
  8. I picked Cantrell in the JN mock in 2018. I took him at 161 for the Ravens and the Chargers picked him at 162 or something like that. I took him before Valdes-Scantling with 2 of my 6ths while I loaded up on WRs. The actual Ravens took Hurst and Andrews instead. Cantrell had an excellent cone time and a bunch of production, but all the Big 12 WR's don't translate talk probably applies to him. His RAS and SPARQ were off the charts. Big dude with crazy agility, but mid-4.5 runner. His arm length wasn't great, particularly for someone 6'3" 220. I think he is pretty much a big slot, maybe somebody might turn him to a move TE. I assume he doesn't add much on specials or he'd probably have spent more time on roster instead of the practice squad.
  9. Rosen is a perfect example of reading between the lines. Going into the 2017 college season, I thought he might be better than Darnold. As the talk went on and the draft grew closer, it was obvious he was dropping and that he genuinely wasn't liked. He still went top 10, so I guess he didn't drop like a stone, but I may have been considered a "Rosen peep" at some point, but I don't think I said a nice thing about him after February 2018.
  10. Your memory is way the **** out of line with reality if you think that 3/4 of the board said that Bosa would be a bust. There were injury concerns and that's it AFAIK. There were probably more posters that made threads professing their love for Mahomes than saying Bosa would bust. More importantly, I will ask again: How is what the board wanted relevant? What is the purpose? Who cares what poster thought about what tackle prospect? Other than our personal credit, what does that have to do with how we look back at a front office? Am I supposed to think the right move was made because Kiper liked a guy? If Wirfs ends up the best one, Douglas and Gettelman will rightly be ripped.
  11. A handful? The board was literally screaming for a QB. I blame them for both. Who cares what people wanted, or who Maccagnan was linked to? It was their job to identify the best value for their pick. Even with their best picks they failed miserably. I don't know how we got on this and I don't know how any of it is still up for debate.
  12. Except there were several people on this board calling for him. When we are discussing their mistakes, why does it matter if the guy was on their radar? He is the best player in the NFL, at a position of need. Shouldn't he have been on their radar? Doesn't that just amplify just how wrong they were?
  13. I am fully aware of Sar and his shtick, but a few of these folks are not and this one was even further out there than most.
  14. I like them, but don't love them. Seem like a decent Led Zep cover band. Strange thing was that early on, I had read about them loving Zeppelin and the influence, but a later interview the guy seemed to say they never listened to Zeppelin, and felt Aerosmith is a huge influence. Annoyed me since they basically seem to be copying Led Zep. OTOH, it doesn't bother me that much when you consider how much Zep ripped off others. Some of my favorites. Lately I have been listening to Rival Sons a bunch.

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