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  1. #27TheDominator

    jets staying with 3-4

    Who does? Even Rex didn't do it often. I remember when he was with the Ravens he was talking about how rare it was to find a guy like Kelly Gregg who could handle it at all and how almost nobody in the league actually played 0 tech often.
  2. FWIW, PFF had them 16th. Not great, but not awful either. I am sure they were worse in 2016 and the 2014 defense had several guys that did not belong on the field.
  3. #27TheDominator

    2019 Comp Pics

    The way that it works is that smart teams manipulate the system to get more picks by having better players that teams will sign to big deals, they don't sign other team's free agents, but only guys who were cut (particularly cap casualties) or trade for guys like Patterson, Dorsett, Grodon, Austin. They had to give up assets for those guys, but they won't count against the comp picks they are entitled to. The Jets lost Demario Davis, ASJ and Catanzaro, but they added Trumaine Johnson, Williamson, Bridgewater, Crowell, Roberts, etc. They will be buyers again this year. Solder, Butler, Amendola and Cam Fleming all may net picks. They also lost Dion Lewis and Bademosi, but they were offset by Clayborn and Jeremy Hill. My info was from https://overthecap.com/compensatory-draft-picks-cancellation-chart/ but there may be newer, more official information.
  4. Um... dude, he was always a serial killer. You just mean before he got caught.
  5. #27TheDominator

    Why would anyone NOT want to be cremated?

    True story: We packed a small portion of the ashes of one of the biggest Jets fans I know in a shotgun shell and shot him off on the 4th of July 2013.
  6. A 5th and a 2020 1st? Yuck. Are we banking on Murray tanking the season and getting #1 overall? I don't think Maccagnan is on strong enough footing to only add a 5th this year. He needs a huge improvement #15 +a 5th isn't going to cut it.
  7. Who did those ratings? PFF? Any method that rates the 2014 secondary above last is severely flawed. Maybe Rex did a better job covering those stiffs than I remembered.
  8. Did you forget the secondary in 2014? That was a long time ago? Okay. Did you forget 2017?
  9. #27TheDominator


    Yep. Seems crazy. They can't be counting on ticket sales. The whole thing had to be funded by a TV deal. They didn't have that in place? Didn't the AFL set up that business plan 50+ years ago?
  10. I remember when Jordan Palmer was going to fix everything between the Tax Slayer Gator Bowl and Jets mini-camp. Poor Jeff Christensen has to do all that work over again!
  11. #27TheDominator

    Will Steelers Transition Tag Bell?

    Trumaine Johnson is a worth a sh*t? Not in 2018 he wasn't.
  12. Isn't the time to figure that out, you know, before you burn a draft pick?
  13. #27TheDominator

    Would you make this trade with Washington?

    He's been doing it for a decade. That is a long time to be in 7th grade.
  14. #27TheDominator

    Landon Collins

    There is a different reason that Landon Collins would suffocate Jamal Adams with a pillow? Do tell.

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