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  1. Interesting choice of spelling cause Mark Barron went 7th overall and I don't think the Bucs were too happy about it.
  2. Thanks for reminding me that our system is dirty . Even if he counts on Becton, Moses is a UFA
  3. I have no idea if Rodgers will break it. To stick around that long, you either have to have an enormous ego, be out of money, or just hate the guy in front of you.
  4. To be fair, Rodgers is 6 years younger and he sat for 3 years behind #4 on that list.
  5. How do you show agility? This is an honest question. Is it the drills? I remember Boykin was a big fast dude that had to show agility. He ran a crazy good cone time, especially for such a big fast dude. I got sucked into picking him for the Ravens in the mock. In the end, he has been meh at best. I picture DeCosta and Ozzie saying why did we listen to that guy?
  6. Feeney has been a joke around here, but pff graded him higher than Fant, Moses, and McGovern. Everybody is in love with AVT and LDT, but they graded Feeney 10 and 20 points higher respectively.
  7. All I can say is that they were all acting like it was a great get together with tons of camaraderie and love and when it came to Russell it seemed like there was a bunch of eye rolling.
  8. Not in what I am talking about. I wish I could remember who it was, but I remember guys of color from the top 50,saying "look at him holding court" with disdain and huffing and saying "I guess we have to go kiss the ring." I will I could remember who it was. Elgin Baylor? Elvin Hayes? It was a guy before my time that I didn't know like I knew the Knicks, Gervin, Julius, etc. Might even have been Sam Jones RIP, though I saw some nice quotes from Russell in the articles on his passing last month.
  9. I can tell you that at the Big O sure seemed to get more respect than Bill Russell. That dude did not seem loved.
  10. I hear that he drinks that special water with the hexagonal molecules.
  11. Oscar Robertson would tell you that Oscar Robertson was the best.
  12. He already ****ed us. Might as well reciprocate.
  13. I know almost nothing about the 2022 NFL draft, but from what I have read I think it is more likely that Linderbaum lasts to 35 than Wilson. I wonder what the team thinks about CB, S and TE. I think Jets fans are hung up on Kittle, but I don't think they are necessarily have that at the top of their shopping list. If they can get one sure, but I think they want weapons and if WR is a better value that is where they will go. I think their TEs will have to want to block. They seemed to do okay with the the low level CBs they have, but I think some of that was smoke and mirrors.
  14. You seem willing to discuss, so I will bite. I don't understand your first paragraph. You acted like Berrios was trash and putting him in the same sentence with Renfrow, not worthy of discussion. You called Berrios a "cast off." He was cut, but by the Patriots who hoped to stash him on the practice squad. The Jets picked him up and they were like 3rd in waiver claim that year. It's not like he spent months on the street. I don't know how you can disagree on facts. You admit that Renfrow is an NFL player and worthy of rostering, but you refuse to accept that Berrios might be b
  15. How does this jibe with that douchebags GOAT car rental commercials? **** him and his inflated head.
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