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  1. They got rid of probable? Sometimes. As an older player, sometimes there were aggressive trainers insisting on crazy stretching routines. Pretty sure that is how I got my "sports hernia."
  2. Status Details Phillip Dorsett WR DNP Out Hamstring Rex Burkhead RB Limited Questionable Foot Shilique Calhoun DE Limited Questionable Ankle Patrick Chung DB Limited Questionable Heel Nate Ebner DB Limited Questionable Groin Julian Edelman WR Limited Questionable Chest Josh Gordon WR Limited Questionable Knee Yodny Cajuste OL Reserve/Non-Football Injury David Andrews C Reserve/Injured Keionta Davis DL Reserve/Injured James Develin RB Reserve/Injured Hjalte Froholdt OL Reserve/Injured Malik Gant DB Reserve/Injured Stephen Gostkowski K Reserve/Injured N'Keal Harry WR Reserve/Injured Brandon King DB Reserve/Injured Derek Rivers DE Reserve/Injured D'Angelo Ross DB Reserve/Injured Isaiah Wynn OT Reserve/Injured
  3. Rex didn't have a losing season his 3rd year. He went 8-8. Then 6-10. Then 8-8 again. Small detail, but when Mangini gets lumped in with Parcells for "not having a losing season in year 3" when he went 4-12 year two is kind of disingenuous.
  4. They aren't getting that open. Falk is holding the ball for 20 minutes and not throwing until the guy is actually open instead of on/before the break. It isn't that it they are open more than other teams, it is that Falk is eating the ball or never throwing unless they are.
  5. I get the reasoning, but I honestly think that team is probably worse than this one. You are starting a 2nd rounder at LT, 4th rounders at LG and C and a 3rd at CB. That's with your FA plan working out better than can be expected. You'd better plan on loading up on a bunch of Tom Compton, Neville Hewitt, Brandon Copeland level FAs too. Honestly, Gase isn't going anywhere. Douglas took this job because of Gase. Even if he hates the job that has been done, I think he loses a lot of credibility chopping his boy before they even have a reasonable chance to put a team together.
  6. Miami and Cincinnati. I hope you don't have Mixon on your fantasy team.
  7. Teams don't need to pass, but surprise! we are 21st? That stat is yards per game. How are we giving up more yards than 20 teams when teams don't have to pass? I will give you a hint: Our pass D sucks.
  8. Okay, how does this explain being 7th against the run and 21st against the pass?
  9. What the **** is a core? Core players are the good players on your team that deserve to stick around. We don't have many. You are complaining about two of them. Agree completely with the 1st paragraph. As for the OL, everyone thought they would be better because they think "nobody could be worse." The Spencer Long theory. They were wrong. Guys thought that last week and they switched players. They sure were not better. I never like Pollack, but I am hesitant to blame this entire mess on him. What is the scheme? Why did they chatter about ZBS and they trade for Osemele? Is there a solution? The guys this week sure didn't solve anything. They had better get something going quick or they are all going to be out of work.
  10. Be fair. Nobody is suggesting they cut these guys immediately. They are saying we should trade them right now for a 5th round pick!
  11. I don't much like anything on this guy's resume, but I don't think the errand boy comments are very valid. He got his first job as a scouting assistant for that fat **** when he was in Dallas in 2005. Then Fisher hired him on with the Titans where he continued rising up the chain even after Munchak took over, reaching OC. Then he joined Pettine's staff in Cleveland where he was QB coach. Pettine only lasted a year, and Loggains joined the Bears staff under Fox as QB coach. That is the first time he crossed paths with Gase, a decade into his NFL career. When Gase left, he stayed and was OC. When Nagy was hired, Loggains left and joined Gase in Miami. The guy has been in the NFL since 2005 and this is only his 3rd year with Gase. He may suck, but I don't think his great relationship with Gase is the only reason he got a job.

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