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  1. Fair enough, but I don't see the parallel with the Niners and Smith. My point is, that was a similar situation to Darnold. Smith survived 4 head coaches, and McLoughan, Yorke, Baalke in the front office. He had a new OC every year and some of these guys people are still calling for as our HC - McCarthy, Norv, Hostler, Martz and Jimmy Raye his first five seasons. Raye didn't make it out of Smith's 6th season, getting axed for the QB coach. In 2011 Greg Roman came on board and suddenly he is the #1 overall pick again, getting them within some special teams turnovers from the super bowl in the OT loss to the Giants. What will decide if Darnold sticks around is what we are offered and how much he costs.
  2. That was the part of his argument I agreed with.
  3. If you are responding to me, you need to explain yourself. Are you claiming that the 2004-2005 San Francisco 49ers had a "good supporting cast?" If you are saying that you are sadly mistaken. The Cardinals are a great fit for Murray, but they were impossible for Rosen? Coaches and QBs make each other. Darnold is on his 2nd set. How long until we decide it's him and not the coaches?
  4. Yes. If there is one thing that great coaches, like Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells, Sean Payton, Buddy Ryan have in common, it is that they aren't ******* dickheads.
  5. Probably not, but Alex Smith was something like 19-31 with San Francisco. His TD:INT was almost even, though it had been improving. Harbaugh came in and he went 13-3 and was 6-2-1 in the Super Bowl year when he went down. His TD:INT was 30:10 during those two seasons. He went to KC and continued to play some really good ball, even going 6-4 with a Redskins team that went 1-5 without him, finishing the same 7-9 they did with Cousins. It isn't likely, but it's not unheard of. Still isn't something to wait around on and financially it may well make sense to move on even if Darnold does become a good starter.
  6. I know, right? It's basically the golden age of Jets football.
  7. You don't think Casserly is qualified? C'mon, he wears a mop on his head.
  8. I have been citing the cow on ice quote all along. I will point out that Darnold's footwork has been a problem, but I think the relationship to turnovers may be overstated. He had 35 turnovers, but only 22 were INTs. He had a whole bunch of fumbles in 2017. I was very concerned about that, but he seems to have largely cleaned that up. His INTs were not really out of line with Allen, Rosen, Goff Wentz or Watson.
  9. There is no acceptance for Jets fans. Just denial, anger and depression.
  10. You wanna be a baller? Shot caller? In 2018 DeCosta traded #16 and 5th for #22 (the pick Buffalo got for trading the Mahomes pick to the Chiefs) and a 3rd. Then he traded #22 and a 6th for #25 and a fourth. Then he took Hayden Hurst - since traded with a 4th for a 2nd and 5th. Only then did he trade back into the first round, traded his 2nd in 2018 and 2019 and a fourth for the super bowl champion Eagles 1st and slightly later 4th. I would hope Douglas learned enough with DeCosta and has the balls. I wouldn't wait until a later round because for a QB that 5th year option is ultra-important.
  11. I get what you are saying and it is rational, but I disagree wholeheartedly. You invest everything 100% in the position. I don't favor the sunken cost. I just think you roll with what you've got and you make every attempt to upgrade, no matter what. I look at Darnold as a poor man's Alex Smith. I'd like to think of us as the Chiefs, looking to upgrade him with Mahomes (aka the best player in football). Unfortunately, we are the 49ers, trying to dig out from picking him with a high choice. We have plenty of draft capital to get a viable QB over the next two years. For years I heard that the Jets could not get a QB because they never picked at the top of the draft, well the top QBs in the NFL were selected #32, #10, #12. Wilson went in the 3rd, Brady, Cousins, Brees were free agents. We have the capability of selecting our QB of the future without tossing Darnold yet. Think of the Chargers with Brees/Rivers or the Chiefs with Smith/Mahomes. That is what you strive for. Hell, even the Browns with Taylor/Mayfield. Pick your overused old saw. I'm not counting my chickens and rolling with Darnold. I'm also not throwing the baby (Darnold) out with the bathwater (Gase). Keep trying to develop Darnold and pick the next guy. The goals are not mutually exclusive. For the record, the only way this kind of thing can backfire is if it upsets your established guy. Rodgers mad about Love. Roethlisberger dissing Mason Rudolph. Is that even an option here? If is is do we care? I sure as sh*t don't.
  12. This is what I am thinking. I am far from bullish on Darnold, but I am nowhere near as bearish as we've become. I am sort of in limbo because they hired a sh*tty coach that I expected to fail. None of this is coming as a surprise to me. I am not investing the entire future in Darnold, but there is still hope IMO. I fully expected the sh*tshow yesterday and I expect normal mediocre on Thursday.
  13. This is a decent enough analogy, but it is exactly what they were saying about Jackson before that draft. Seems like they were able to find a structure that works for Jackson. Maybe it will be impossible with Darnold, or maybe the "structure" that they are trying just sucks.
  14. I find this whole thread amusing. Did you guys all just awaken from a coma? Did anybody expect a good game out of him today? Comparing him to Winston is interesting, but Winston was playing for offensive coaches on teams with bad defenses. That is exactly the kind of team that will run it up, particularly when loaded at the skill positions. Gase was supposed to pivot us away from the defensive kill the clock mindset, but he seems to be a sh*tty coach that turtles into his shell to keep from getting hurt while he is kicked, instead of just airing it out. The skill position guys still suck. I am not giving this kid a contract and quite possibly not even picking up the option. That doesn't change the fact that he probably will stick around in the league. This week they face a depleted, weak Broncos team. It will be interesting to see how that goes. It will also be interesting to see how the board responds if he puts up a respectable game. I will also be interested to see what the front office does. Idzik sabotaged Rex and got the axe. It looks like Douglas is going to get to pick his own coach if this continues. First time that will have happened in a long time IMO. Maybe Mangini, maybe before.

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