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  1. I was going to say. The Eagles had 70 sacks. The Chiefs were 2nd with 55(!). If you took the Eagles out of the equation the entire league was within 20 sacks of each other with the Jets pretty much in the middle.
  2. What if it happens in the Poulan Weed Eater Independence Pro Bowl Dodge Ball Classic brought to you by Bud Light?
  3. I agree they need multiple playmakers. I just don't think you can count on them getting another one the level of Wilson. Hall coming back should be a fairly huge help. The hope is the good compliments good to be better. Even a slug like Corey Davis looked better than serviceable next to AJ Brown. You have to hope that Moore perks back up with a new QB and an OC he isn't cursing out. You always want to add playmakers, you can never have enough. I am just not holding my breath for a guy at the top of the draft. A flawed guy or a small school guy might be a better play. I know they probably want a guy with some size, but these smaller guys generally drop and they can be huge weapons with someone like Wilson drawing heat on the other side. Maybe a small school guy, like the kid from Princeton. Funny. I thought Metcalf dropped because he had the 3 cone of an unsuccessful pass rusher.
  4. Is that why DK Metcalf went at 64? Trouble with just adding another good receiver is that it is not that easy to find a guy that is roughly around Wilson's caliber. Wilson went at 10 overall. We are picking 13 and Wilson appears to have been a great pick. I think the idea is that with a good QB and WIlson, the other guys should be getting more open looks. They won't have to be as good as WIlson. Only more dynamic than Davis. I think that was the hope with Mims and Moore stepping up. Maybe with a real QB they do.
  5. I am not sure how Carr would feel about giving the Raiders that list. Sounds like the Raiders are refusing to let him shop himself around (which he would probably want to do for contract purposes) so that he doesn't undermine what they might get in a deal. I don't think that full panic mode will come for some time because nothing can get done officially until March. I think we are going to have another month plus of crazy speculation, then 3 days of false reports and then things will fall into place. I wonder who will be sitting in our chair when the music stops. I do hate the air of desperation around the Jets getting a new QB. I would prefer to be like Atlanta. Looking but able to at least pretend that Ridder is the Man.
  6. I would like to see some of these players try that hand at rocket science. That would be entertaining. @ECURB might still have some rockets.
  7. I am not too young to remember when Davante Adams was so happy to run from the hell that was the Packers and Rodgers to play with his college teammate, best friend and childhood sweetheart Derek Carr.
  8. I generally like White, so I don't really agree. They are not likely to have a huge diversion on offense. White has been under Jason Garrett with Scott Linehan and Kellen Moore as OC, Gase with Loggains and Saleh/LaFleur. That is after a college career with South Florida under Taggart and Western Kentucky under Brohm and Sanford with a bowl under an interim. One of the reasons for his success (such as it is) might be his time under so many different systems. I do get wanting to move on to keep from the old Parcells (*that fat ******* carpetbagger) saw that if you have two QBs you have none. Odd saying for a guy that benched Simms for Bruner and Hostetler. I think Wilson may be prohibitively costly to trade. I am not sure how the other guarantees work, but his deal has like $10M in bonus that should be accelerated if they move him. I think it complicates any deal, but I guess there usually is a way.
  9. I don't see anybody as a must trade, but there are a few levels of guys that might be traded. Potential cap casualties - Lawson, Mosley, Davis, Tomlinson. Davis has looked like sh*t for the most part, but teams were interested and his deal won't be that expensive. Lawson certainly has value. I would add Q in here if his demands are crazy and so are the offers. Guys we don't seem to value - Wilson, Bryce Hall. I think Wilson would be costly to trade, but Bryce Hall seemed to have value. Until he didn't. Guys the new offensive staff might not like so much - Becton, Tomlinson, Mims, Moore. Contract wise I can't imagine Tomlinson getting moved. Moore and Mims may flourish under a new scheme or may go belly up. They may make some moves just to make a point. Even a guy like MC1 might thrive or not fit at all. He certainly has some value, though he proved he can't carry our offense. If I had to guess they will maybe make one deal and end up with a 6th. I don't forecast anything exciting.
  10. In the long run, that is probably us not getting screwed.
  11. Yeah. My comment was not regarding whether Jensen was a viable target so much as we may be seeing moves we don't expect with the new staff. Then again, maybe Douglas will make them take what they get and don't get upset. He did very well in the run game, but not so much with pass protection. I am assuming they will have some kind of "passing game coordinator" to work on that. Interesting thing when I looked back for FA targets is that a bunch of guys the Titans had when they were rolling are FAs, but they are also older. Guys like Kelly and David Quessenberry are journeymen that had success with Carter. Quessenberry is consistently listed as a guard, but I think he played a decent amount of RT for the Titans and then the Bills last year. I will be interested if they go for any of these guys cheap or if they pass based on age. Not going to break the bank for them, but certainly preferable to Remmers. Also will be interesting to see if any of these older vets want to come work for Carter. Lewan said the vets were not happy because he hammered them so hard in practice and beat up their bodies. He blamed that for many of the injuries. He supposedly drove everybody super hard in practice. Some said that made them finish the season stronger, others that they had a ton of injuries because of it. Lewan did say he got better about it as time went on, but that he came on as a crazy dictator when he first got there. Carter also did not seem to have much success with developing the younger guys. Radunz and Isaiah Wilson seem like total busts. Petit-Frere did not grade well. Maybe he is just better working on the run game and with guys inside because Nate Davis developed pretty well and Radunz supposedly was showing promise after moving inside.
  12. This is ******* tiresome, but as @Jetsfan80 knows I am fine with that. What's your point? If it is that Wilson's 5th year will be lower, maybe you're right. If it is that Jones' wasn't $22M+, I am pretty sure you are wrong. It is all irrelevant because paying $20M (your estimate) and getting QB play that we don't know will be light years better than we have seen so far is still monumentally stupid.
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