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  1. #27TheDominator

    Case for Teddy?

    So the only way to find out if Bridgewater can have a 30% better season than he has ever had is to play him? Fair enough, but we just know that Darnold will be helped by sitting and won't have a better season in 2018 and beyond?
  2. #27TheDominator

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Bet Tampa is missing Mike Glennon about now, amirite? I am missing how this makes Mariota better? Color me unimpressed.
  3. #27TheDominator

    Case for Teddy?

    You're wrong. Not only are you wrong, but you completely mischaracterized what I said. As I said, the Jets situation is very different than Philly or Washington. 1. The Jets have 3 QBs, not 2. 2. Bridgewater is under contract for 2018, nothing more. There is little reason to play him in 2018. This season is to get Darnold ready. The only reason to play Bridgewater - as you point out - is to increase his trade value. What round pick do we have to get to make it worth even the slightest dent in Darnold's prgress? 3. Nobody is saying they should not have drafted Cousins, but does anybody think Washington played the situation correctly? Is there a single person on the planet that does not realize that the Redskins should have traded Cousins while they had the chance? You could argue they would have been better off without Cousins - they would have saved around $50M in cap the past 2 years and could have tried to find their QB of the future instead of ending up with Alex Smith and another big cap charge.
  4. Richard Sherman ran a 4.56. So did the 6th pick in the 2017 draft. They had more time to prepare. I am sure part of any workout with this kid will involve verifying his speed.
  5. #27TheDominator

    Case for Teddy?

    Do you want me to point out how flawed this argument is? You want to point to the Redskins as sound managers of the position? What did the Redskins end up with when it was all said and done? They spent a bunch of draft picks and spend millions then let both QBs walk without compensation and had to send a 3rd and a promising CB to KC for the "right" to give 33 year old Alex Smith a long term contract for a gajillion dollars. Here is why the "two QBs are better than one" philosophy is wrong in this case. The Jets are not contending for anything this year. The purpose of the season is to get Darnold ready for the big push in 2019/2020 and beyond. The Jets already have a 2nd QB that was worth more on the open market than Bridgewater. Bridgewater will be an unrestricted FA in 2019. They will get nothing in return and if he seems like a viable starting QB again, he will not likely sign with the Jets. The Eagles are a bad comparison, seeing how they moved their best QB when they drafted Wentz. That is what the Jets would be doing here. Drafting Darnold (=drafting Wentz), keeping McCown (=keeping Chase Daniel), and trading Bridgewater (=trading Bradford). There is some value to having Bridgewater around, which is why we are not all advocating cutting him (to save cap space) or trading him for anything (Hackenberg conditional 7th anyone?). There is a spot in the 2nd-4th rounds, where it makes too much sense not to move the guy. McCown could put up 4000/20 and under 10 ints too. In his best season, Bridgewater put up 3200/14/9 in 16 games. Last year McCown put up 2900/18/8 in 13 games. One did it in 2017, the other in 2015. One is not coming off a catastrophic injury. I don't think anybody is rushing to ship these guys out the door, but if you can get a 2nd or 3rd for either you had better consider it strongly. QB is a strange position. Teams don't like to have guys on the roster that may detract from the psyche of their starters. Guys like Tebow, Cutler and Kaepernick do that for varying reasons. That doesn't make them less likely to win games than guys on roster - guys like Joel Stave, Nic Shimonek, Alex Tanney, and Luis Perez all have jobs. One of those guys goes down and teams will almost certainly prefer to play Taylor, Bridgewater, or McCarron.
  6. Funny, I was thinking "may project to safety" no surprise to hear the Jets are at least kicking the tires. You have to take that into account when you make the picks, but I am not so sure that the draft pick next year "is most likely more valuable." This kid is not going in the first. He is more likely a 5-6-7 guy. Makes sense to check him out. Even if you don't pick him, you want to be ready if he goes undrafted or when he hits the practice squads. The comparison in value should be this guy vs. Rashad Robinson. Funny thing to me is that the one thing I was interested in (arm length/wingspan) isn't being reported. The fact he is tall is nice, but I am more concerned with arm length. ... and if they didn't pick him they probably would have ended up with Favre.
  7. #27TheDominator

    Case for Teddy?

    It's true, imaginary Bridgewater would be awesome. What are two out of three things Teddy Bridgewater has never done, Alex?
  8. #27TheDominator

    Tom Brady admits he sees his retirement coming

    You do realize you are talking about the NFL, right?
  9. Can't expect any leadership until they pick up his 5th year option.
  10. ..but he had a better rookie year than a couple of 5th round picks! Ah, what the **** do I know. I've never played on a sports team. Yay sports!
  11. Find me the bust post. I see people trying to say he was a good pick because he is better than Gholston. The hyperbole doesn't really help either side, though some is funny. To me, the main reason to support the pick is the way Pryor fell off the face of the earth. That kid was a box safety and seemed to have a very good year in 2015. Seems obvious now that he had character concerns and replacing him with a guy like Adams seems more rational when you see how Pryor worked his way out of the league in 3 easy steps. Still would have made more sense to replace him with a Dawan Landry or Yeremiah Bell type IMO. The safety market appears to be in the toilet. Being set there does not seem very important when starting level players are on the street in mid-June.
  12. FWIW, Lee is an athlete. A tiny one, but an athlete nonetheless.
  13. Why can't we joke about the guy? I have Pats fan friends (gross, I know) they make fun of Brady at Carnivale and Welker at the Derby. Doesn't mean they think they suck or don't want them on the team. Don't you make fun of your friends and teammates when they say and do stupid sh*t? Is there a world where even your best friend doesn't bust your balls for calling yourself #president on twitter?
  14. Haha. You got me. I have never been on "sports team." I am famous for that. In case you didn't know, that was sarcasm. I haven't played single-A baseball, but... Make up your ******* mind. What is your argument? You want me to shut up about Adams? I would be glad to, but you want me to kiss his ass for being a mid-pack safety. No thanks. Lattimore made the pro bowl. Watson plays the most valuable position and was responsible for 21 TDs. Mahomes will start this year. They all play higher value positions. That was what I was looking for at that pick. More importantly, you want to play the he was only a rookie card. Part of the benefit of Adams was his "pedigree." He was a 3 year starter at a top school and his Dad was in the NFL. He came in ready to play. Yes, he will probably improve over time, but this isn't Byron Jones coming out of UConn. He is much closer to a finished product than most of these guys. Guys like Williams, Jenkins and Adams are closer to their NFL vet selves coming into the league than Byron Jones, Gwacham, Derrick Jones, etc. My issue is not with Adams as a player, so much as the fact that these guys are Maccagnan's successes. It does not take much projection to see these guys as pros. With guys with a higher ceiling and lower floor, our track record has been dismal.