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  1. Yeah, I mean if he played like that for a full season it would only be 5,500 yards 48 TDs/16INT @ 68% MVP season? Possibly.
  2. Scapegoating the kicker had us make that stupid move for Nugent. We could have moved up one slot for Rodgers.
  3. Mediocre? He trhew for 350 yards and 3 TDs. Darnold having a day like that ia a wet dream. They scored 4 more points than the Bucs averaged all season and they certainly left points on the field. I didn't see them as being on Rodgers.
  4. To be fair, Herbert was gone before we picked. I think the Mims trade was based on him playing the draft and that I like. He probably saw Higgins, PIttman and Shenault off the board with Claypool, Jefferson and Mims still there and figured he was safe moving down. I'm not sure who he rated where, but I appreciate keeping that kind of thing in your eval. Singing the praises of this draft seems too much like being all pro Idzik going into 2014, but it is certainly too early to give up on the class. There is still plenty of potential. OTOH, in January 2017 plenty of people were still saying Hackenberg had potential.
  5. So is everybody completely off Lance or does he have the chance to rise back up during the draft process? I don't watch these kids much, but Fields seems to have a much stronger arm to me. I see Wilson throw a lot of jump passes and heaves and they often seem to be into coverage, if well placed. I don't necessarily "trust" Douglas, Saleh and their staff to make the right choice, but it is up to them to pick the guy they can work with and make him succeed. If they don't, that is on them. I am pretty sure that more than one good starting QB will come ouf of this class. I just hope that includes the one we pick
  6. 1st and 10 from the 25 with 16 seconds and all 3 time outs. Brien had just missed from like 3 yards further out. Not only does that jackass take his foot off the gas, but he actually has Pennington kneel and lose a yard. WTF? Is that the only way to get the hash you like? They might as well have tried the field goal from where Barrett got the pick.
  7. I get people not being happy with Mann's production this year, but it is kind of hard to rip on the guy when he produced a Pro Bowl kicker and returner and they let both walk. I'm pretty sure that he wasn't on board with that decision. I think that Berios was pretty good in 2019, if pedestrian last season. He's been here for five years. He predates Gase by a pretty good margin.
  8. I don't know. I liked the Clark pick. I get that you like ourlads, but I don't see how one draft guide having a guy as a 6th makes him overdrafted. He was one of the more intriguing later round tackle prospects from what I read. If your GM is going to just follow the guides, what is the point? So far Clark has not worked out, but time will tell. I did not like the Perine pick. He seemed like a capable enough guy, but a bit slow. I kind of feel like @BurnleyJet about him. He doesn't seem fast enough for what these guys like, I think there are scrap heap guys they may prefer. Going with Darnold this year and not drafting a QB because "sunk cost" sounds like pure insanity to me. It is not "trying to be a contender in 2021." It is trying to solve the QB problem. They aren't having #2 overall again next year, and if they do I think Douglas probably belongs out on his ass. They have access to good QBs. They either need to find somebody or tie their futures to Darnold. I don't know about any of you, but I don't see anything that would make me jump on board the Darnold train right now. I like Becton and he has been good, but I probably don't feel as highly as much of the board. He missed time and his conditioning was always going to be a concern. I don't see why his potential is better than Wirfs. Wirfs wasn't a 3 sigma guy, but he was like 2.4. Something like a 99.1% athlete among NFL linemen. Physically Wirfs is as good as there is, and Becton being big does not change that. More potential than Thomas? Sure. Wills? Maybe, but WIrfs? I don't see it.
  9. I'm not sure what Michael Carter has to do with my point. I don't have a huge problem with burning a pick on RB, but I don't think it is imperative. My point was that our RB stable was better if they stopped trying to feed Bell and Gore and let the ball go to the players that were playing well - Ty Johnson and Josh Adams didn't get many carries despite obviously having more success that the others. Ballage ran okay and did well out of the backfield, but at least his blowing blitz pickups explains why didn't get run. I was saying that they don't need to sign or draft anybody and they would still probably be better. I assume the new guys will want their own guys, so there will probably be tons of turnover.
  10. Stop trotting washed up guys out there and the team HAS improved at running back. Everybody is looking for splash players, but I think you can expect them to sign a guy that they know and roll with some young no-names. Everybody is thinking Wilson but I think he is an RFA. Breida is another option, but I think they may go Jerick McKinnon. He was considered a big get when he got to SF., They got nothing for their money, but he proved healthy this year. He may be the kind of vet that knows the system to be a good floor and example for the others. OTOH, maybe he lost is burst and is another of the washed up guys I am complaining about. I would hope that these guys know which, but that hasn't been the case with past coaches (Gase/Gore).
  11. I think some offenses are limited in their use. Gase certainly seemed to be Crowder or Berrios but not both (unless Crowder was throwing to Berrios). There are some guys that need to play from the slot to get off the line which is why some oldtimey guys like me become prejudiced thinking that it is for tiny guys. If LaFleur is going to be more flexible, maybe there is room to spend on another slot if it is the best value. One of the reasons I was against getting Smith-Schuster is that I think it is much more effective to use an outside receiver in the slot than a slot receiver outside. Crowder and Berrrios are not doing much damage outside
  12. RIP to a legend of the game. My grandfather on my Mom's side was a Dodgers fan and always tried to get me to root for the Mets instead of the Yankees like my Dad. He would take me to Shea when I was little and I guess the Braves were a cheap ticket, so the first few games I went to featured Hank Aaron. When I finally got to the old Yankee Stadium, Aaron had gone to the Brewers to retire back in MIlwaukee and I ended up seeing him again. I thought he was every visiting team. Pretty sure that I saw him hit bombs in both leagues.
  13. One thing that is interesting is whehter these guys feel that they can get 2 slot guys on the field at the same time. I read somewhere (probably here) that Shanahan feels he can use multiple slot receivers on the field simultaneously, while Gase could not. If that is the case, maybe JuJu is not as bad a fit for them as I have been saying for the last year. Or maybe they get some value out of Crowder and Berrios together instead of either or.
  14. Disastrous? These guys are coming from SF. Who were their top RB/WR over the last few years? Breida, Wilson, Mostert. Tevin Coleman. Ayiuk, Samuel, Sanders, Kendrick Bourne. Not a Stefon Diggs among them. Sure they had Kittle, but that's really just another 5th rounder they hit on. Who were the big money guys they brought in? Jerick McKinnon? Emmanuel Sanders? You are probably looking at something similar whether you think it is "disastrous" or not. Names and past experience don't win games and get yards. Remember Bell and Gore? Ability and scheme fit are what you want.
  15. I have advocated for Samuel for years. Erasmus Hall Dutchmen FTMFW! OTOH, I don't know how much he will cost and he seems more weapon than receiver. It took him some time to start paying off in the Rhule/Brady offense, but he had over 100 yards the last two weeks. He is still young and had some health issues that should be behind him now. I'm certainly interested at the right price.

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