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  1. Isn't Mike Stanton 53 years old? I think the new rules limiting pitching changes are going to make it harder for these old left-handed specialists to hang on that long.
  2. Marshall will start yacking as soon as you put a camera in his face. Most of the rest came from Reilly. I wonder if Cimini paid him anything. A 26 year old rookie that parlayed his draft position into a 4 year tour of the special team squads of the AFC East, he was last on the now defunct AAF Salt Lake Stallions. Thanks Idzik! overthecap.com shows him as earning a career $1.5M in the league. Probably happy for a little cash, but IIRC he had a ton of press for a bottom of the roster guy for things like driving for uber and espousing bro-science on the benefits of "six-sided molecules" found in distilled water.
  3. Now I totally picture Shane raising the feral mongoose from Barry. It is true that in civil society you don't settle a dispute with violence. It is also true that in the NFL violence is almost always the answer.
  4. They offered him a take it or leave it deal. It was supposedly $18.5M per. Not exactly what you'd offer a guy you don't think is a difference maker. Clowney's reps decided to wait it out. Circumstances have been unusual this offseason, to say the least. He probably still will get a decent offer, possibly from the Seahawks. Teams are scared to offer big money this year.
  5. Words vs. Physical Violence or sticks and stones is somebody calling you names. "What are you going to do about it?" Is basically a threat, or at least an invitation to physical violence. I'm not saying IK was in the right, but you can't be surprised that the guy punched him.
  6. I don't think anybody is saying that IK is right and I don't think most of us look at him as a real man for resorting to violence. OTOH, I don't think you can run around saying "What are you going to do about it" to people and not expect to get popped in the mouth. You shouldn't really be able to dare the guy to hit you and then play victim.
  7. I actually run into this thing all the time. It is a shame, but the fact is that it is much easier to tell, black and white, that the athlete drove drunk. Hard and fast, BAC is there from the breathalyzer/blood test. It is a shame that the worse crime tends to have a more squishy fact pattern. OTOH, look at La'el Collins. I don't have any problem with the Redskins cutting him. The really isn't a due process issue, and it is their right. The facts in this case are that there were three alleged assaults, the most recent being in April. The Sheriff's office didn't even get the report until July 22. That doesn't really tell me anything about guilt or innocence, but it does make me wonder about how the evidence will play out in a court of law.
  8. When Brandon Marshall says I was like, "This is not the guy you want to mess with." Smith probably should have known not to **** with him. Workplace violence is workplace violence, but I don't generally let myself get in a position to get hit without seeing it coming after saying what are you going to do about it and I work in an office full of pacifists.
  9. Yep. Another of Maccagnan's strange proclivities. Old rookies. I don't have a huge problem with it because I only count these guys for the time of their rookie deals. After 4 years, WGAF? It should push their draft stock down at least a little bit though. I think he was 24 when he came into the league. Shepherd is even older. Great? That is a bit of a stretch. Borderline starter vs. great. Potato/potahto Sorry for my backwards multi-quote, but too late now
  10. It's all probably secondary to his knee being spaghetti.
  11. Still? I haven't heard boo about Foster in ages. I can't say I fully remember it, but IIRC Foster already had his day in court, so to speak. In the first case, the woman testified she fabricated the charges in a "money scheme" and in the other the charges were dropped a year ago. Whether we believe him or not is one thing, but there is a pretty big difference from that to a guy out on bail with open indictments.
  12. Yep,. The Jets are tanking. They traded a malcontent that has been begging to get off the team since last October. An ILB that played 30 snaps last opted out. How will they survive? FWIW, Carolina won 5 games last season. The Browns won 6. Excuse me if I am not thrilled with the Panthers huge pickup of Teddy Bridgewater. and low expectations as reasons these teams are better off than the Jets.
  13. You don't think the fact that it is the Redskins should factor in? They are in a pretty big CYA mode down here. I doubt they looked at any of the facts of the case. They just saw newspaper articles and sought the best way to distance themselves.
  14. ******* @bitonti so reasonable in some circumstances, such a flaming troll in others. Ask yourself the value of Jamal Adams in an aborted season that might not happen. If only the Jets handled things like smart franchises. You know, like Carolina and Cleveland. The draft will be difficult to judge. It would be much better to have less opportunities?
  15. I don't know jacksh*t about guilt or innocence, but there is a decent chance he gets off. The most recent alleged assault took place in mid-April and they only became aware of them in late July. Plenty of opportunity to poke holes in evidence that old. He has a fairly high profile attorney, though the guy didn't exactly go undefeated on the DC sniper and Marv Albert cases.
  16. It's the Redskins. They are in complete retreat mode. They will do anything that whispers culture change, even it is a "guy with potential." Particularly at one of the easiest positions to fill where they already are trotting a HOF out and have several other viable alternatives.
  17. You think they like Farley that much? He did play way more than I thought. I usually notice Matt Snell's number out there. They carried more than 4 safeties last year. They let Rontez Miles and Countess walk and they had Bennett Jackson for most of the year. I think I like Shyheim Carter's chances, but he is on the covid list.
  18. Yeah, it will depend how he does on specials. The rare Maccagnan pickup that Gase seemed warm to. I wonder if Cager will add anything on specials which might be an issue for him depending on who else they carry.
  19. I am not shocked that anybody has us ranked super low, but I don't see how you rate our offensive line in the top half and have us at #32
  20. With Cannon gone, I think Vincynt Smith is the #1 gunner. Not as important as punt returner, but I recall reading that he was excelling. I was thinking the same thing about slats post. My sleeper is Jeffery Smith. Guy has crazy measurables and a great TD per touch ratio. They must like him, giving him run at the end of last year.
  21. A full year of prep? I expect some sick workout numbers, and I bet they will start being leaked early
  22. I don't think the issue is how much better Adams is than McDougald. The issue is how much of a difference that makes. Do they do WAR for football? I don't even know how they calculate it in baseball, but no matter how much better Adams is than McDougald, I personally do not believe that difference contributes very much to the likelihood of winning games. Certainly nowhere near the difference of a top LT or pass rusher compared to a mid-level or even slightly above average player at those positions.
  23. I think he wasn't going to make the team.
  24. @bitonti, you really like Pollack? Are those coach ranking related to offensive line coaches only? I did not have a good feeling about Pollack based on his last stint, but I guess he is well respected. FWIW I liked Dennison better. Seems you may have them ranked the same.

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