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  1. It is, but when I read it I keep thinking we all knew Jachai Polite was going to suck. He ran like a 5.4 and sounded stupid interviewing about it. .
  2. Has anybody mentioned this, or did you just watch Rudy again?
  3. Jabari Zuniga being next man up is the literal definition of job security. I am not happy with anything, but the idaa that anyone would be better is why we keep moving backwards. Any coach is better than Gase. Any QB is better than Darnold. Well, here we are.
  4. Kind of misremembering. Parcells drafted him to play the LT position and everyone got all excited. He basically sucked for 3 years and was benched for much of that time. Then Herm came along in 2001, moved him inside and he excelled. He signed a FA deal with Pittsburgh continued playing inside and playing well. Jets were too busy paying the Damien Robinsons of the world.
  5. He stinks. Let them give the reps to Rashed instead if we are going to be pulling practice squad players. You think Huff has performed bad and your solution is to move to Zuniga? **** him. The only thing he has shown over Huff is draft position.
  6. Wow. This thread sure fits its title.
  7. Listen. You have to show some respect for this franchise. The team is good. The team is bad. The team is worse. Disciplinarian. Player's coach. Jetsrule keeps performing no matter the front office.
  8. We've been? I'm not telling anyone to be patient, but it has been 6 games. 6 games and they beat what is possibly the 1 seed in the AFC on the road. You can curse and complain. We all have the right. Just don't do it and pretend you've been patient.
  9. The fan base was ready to be patient. Then when patience was required there was an uproar
  10. You think they hired Kingsbury and then moved on from Rosen? Pretty sure they knew they were done with Rosen and that is why they hired Kingsbury.
  11. This is something that I have wondered about. There were times when the practices seemed light. We were told that they only had so many padded practices, like they were being saved. Now we hear they got a day off after being embarrassed coming off the bye? Are we using all the allotted practices or not? WTF? What are we saving them for? Maybe they got the time off because they are so banged up?
  12. People are pointing at this as some indication that Mac Jones is going to be great? Newflash: He is 1-4 against teams other than the Jets. The win came against the Texans, who started Davis Mills.
  13. ******* defensive holding on a running play. Literally this season is the first time I have seen it.
  14. Couldn't agree more with the last part. White does not have a noodle arm. Literally every draft report on him talked about his arm strength and he was 90mph pitcher.
  15. Well, maybe the part where he acted like it never happened to him? I liked Rex and I think he is a bit underrated by most around here, but he rolled into New England with a great team in 2010 and was eviscerated. Is he hanging his hat on them not scoring 50? Cause 45-3 was as bad as this. The beating at Philly the next season? In 2012 they lost to the Pat in OT after Hill had a key drop. In the rematch they were crushed 49-19. Yes those teams had Brady, but c'mon.
  16. Thinking that Hubbard has been quite productive while Carter is some kind of bust is another demonstration of flawed Jet fan logic. Hubbard has 309 @ 3.7 per with 1 TD. Carter 202 @ 3.5 with 2 TDs. Carter has 17 for 131 on 23 targets. Hubbard 17 for 110 on 24. They were both taken in the 4th, but Hubbard went at the bottom of the round and Carter at the top. I kind of agree with your post in that I feel that Carter is kind of a luxury player, like Moore. I think when you have enough of them it can work, but we need a horse we can ride and we don't have one. Still, there is no reaso
  17. Fans are idiots. It's the one true constant. If Jets fans had early career Romo or Warner they would want to lose those games since those guys suck and will never amount to anything. Then they will complain whenever their 4-6 round draft picks are not Peyton Manning out of the gate. This ******* place. Let them play the games.
  18. Nasrildeen went out for 3 weeks on October 6. He should be back this week or next, barring the inevitable setback.
  19. What do you base this on? He didn't look any worse than Wilson. Also LOL at him having a noodle arm. He may suck. He probably does, but I don't see how anybody holding out hope for Wilson makes that determination already.
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