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  1. Mims should have tried harder. Not a huge fan of it but he was overrated around here IMO. Seems like people are looking for us to get OBJ Cobb or Hopkins. Can't have everybody but we might be better off to add one or two of those guys and have the pick than Moore.
  2. Ha. Took me 4 today. Yesterday my first word had zero letters and I got it in 2. Those are almost always my first two words though.
  3. I don't know about Ashtyn Davis. If pro football reference is to be believed, he only played 13 snaps on D all year and only 2 were in the second half of they year. That is after 700+ in 2021. He wasn't hurt cause he was getting 20 special teams snaps a week. Meanwhile, Tony Adams played 100 snaps over the last 2 games and Will Parks started weeks 14 and 15 and got 25 snaps on D week 17. They either just don't like Davis or he was more a fit for Gregg Williams playing single high.
  4. Interesting. This all makes sense. I think many of us expect different roles because they are such different players. Whitehead and Clark are bigger guys that can bang and Joyner is more of a small slot corner that is good against the run. They may be happier with using Clark and Whitehead interchangeably.
  5. RIP One of the greats and a true class act.
  6. Isn't the driving force of this deal the Pat McAfee podcast? We should expect activity to ramp up on Wednesdays around 1 pm.
  7. IT DIDN'T WORK WITH FAVRE! That drunken degenerate was another carpetbagger. He came here, but he was never one of us.
  8. Elijah Moore returned both at Ole Miss. I am not sure how great he was, but it was a selling point in the draft. Now that he has fallen off the gonna be a stud WR list he should be an option. Deontae Spencer should get some opportunity I don't think either Carter even returned a single punt in college. They both returned kicks. Ty Johnson returned some punts at Maryland, but I think they let him walk. Moore did, and Garrett Wilson returned some punts all three years at Ohio State and was significantly better than Moore, but I guess I wouldn't risk him until the playoffs.
  9. I would dispute that, but you are actually helping my point. Favre had 3 weeks of prep with a team running a system he was less familiar with that Rodgers will be and it didn't exactly take the whole season to get rolling.
  10. I think everybody would prefer that he gets here sooner rather than later, but for me that is not at the expense of upping the compensation. If he jumps out of that helicopter it is not the end of the world. IMO Favre did basically that and that team finished 9-7 even after losing 4 of their last 5.
  11. That is literally the exact thing I said. That goes along with moving a guy like Hall over from corner. i don't know if you realized it, but we discuss low end FA and UDFA here fairly often and in depth.
  12. When you are dealing with what is supposedly a top D, small gaps can mean a ton. Even if they just roll with Adams, there is still probably at least one roster spot to be had.
  13. Cause we have nobody on the roster. Last year they carried 4 safeties all year - Whitehead, Joyner, Davis and Adams. Joyner is a FA, peole expect to cut Whitehead for cap and everybody here hates Davis. That leaves Adams an UDFA who didn't play very much until the end of the year and Clark who they traded for but seems more like a box guy.They will be adding a body or two and I agree it should be a low level - late pick, cheap vet, or UDFA. Trying to move a guy like Hall who does not seem to fit in the mix at corner and nobody looked to trade for fits that mold for me.
  14. The Jets traded for Favre in August and people around here think that was a super bowl team by November. He had never played under any of the coaches, or played with anybody on that team except Bubba Franks who was behind Keller and Baker, IIRC. Meanwhile, Rodgers played under Hackett in 2020 and 2021 and won MVP both seasons and has Lazard, his #1 receiver from last season.
  15. Ben Rudolph. Barry Bennett and Jerry Holmes.
  16. My Dad's favorite. He never knew anybody's name but once listening to Dire Straits he told me "This guy is the best guitarist." It was then that I realized. the big difference in our musical tastes. He didn't like distortion
  17. For guys that complained about losing Duvernay-Tardiff and Herbig, you guys sure are harsh.
  18. is that @jason423? I am happy to see the video, but did I have to sit through that hair-plugged cocksucker's Hertz commercial?
  19. I saw John Mayer on a tv show too. I would definitely got to a show with John Mayer playing with Questlove and Chappelle yelling psuedo-Spanish gibberish into a bullhorn. I missed "Controlled Danger," but I hear they did a solid version of Radiohead's Creep. I bought the John Mayer Trio album with Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan Try! It's pretty good, if nothing groundbreaking. I had a friend call me about it because one of my best neighborhood tackle games. I had come in to play corner, but only knew one guy on my team. Seemed like everybody hated me - small, slow, pale. QB hit a bunch of short outs in front of me. Late in the game I jumped one and apparently while high-stepping and pointing at the QB I was screaming "WHO DID YOU THINK I WAS?" My buddy I had not spoken to in 15 years heard the song and called me to remind me.
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