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  1. Chapman said he was on the Orioles broadcast. Said Holmes wasn't far behind. I get the Chapman hate, but why would you want to stretch King out there? He threw three as it was. Facing the bottom of the order up two, I am fine with Chapman there. He is struggling. Big whoop. He'll get better or he won't. The time to work things out is May against the Orioles. .I get why everybody is down on Gallo. He is what he is, but at least he plays D. . I assume they will add somebody
  2. They had to trade up to 36 because they traded up from 35. Also RB.
  3. Personally, I don't think it is bad, but I can certainly see why people do not agree with it. Those guys look at it as giving away chances. Right now most of the board is looking at all these guys as "hits" but those odds are pretty slim. Think about the way people are looking at Michael Clemons. Then imagine adding a couple of more guys to the draft class like that. They gave up 35, 69 and 163 for 26 and 101. They ended up with Johnson and Ruckert, but that trade meant that they had to trade up to get Hall, giving up 38 and 146 to move up to 36. They could have stood pat and gotten Hall and landed Ebikitie or Mafe and still had 69 146 and 163. At 69 the only TE off the board was McBride. Jelani Woods and Dulcich were there. They Titans took Petit-Friere. Muma and Nakobe Dean were there too, as was every QB except Pickett. They also could have traded down. The Giants moved 38 for 43 and 114. The took Wan'dale at 43 and Brandon Smith was there at 114 and I was interested in him. You end up with more of a shotgun approach than sniper if you keep all those picks. I like the fact that they seemed concerned with fit, but they have to be hits. There were RBs all over and plenty of DBs and LBs that could have helped the team. You couple that with last year's trade up for a guard and I can see concern that it is a trend. We just lived through this with Tannebaum. They gave up 23, 66 and 86 for 14 and 143. The Vikings took Darrishaw, Mond and Wyatt Davis. By doing things the PFF way, the Jets rolled #143 and 226 into Echols, Pinnock and Marshall. They don't have to hit on every guy, but there is less room for the Jabari Zuniga's of the world using this method.
  4. Gaudy statistics? For an offensive lineman? What the **** is "breakout" for an offensive lineman? I like Mitchell and think he is a good fit and a nice developmental prospect, but this article can be summed up with "PFF likes him,"
  5. I think we are in almost total agreement. I don't disagree with most of what is posted in this thread. I just think there are reasons to criticize the guy. Put yourself in May 2016, just after the draft. Maccagnan, the reigning exec of the year, had drafted Lee who was a plus athlete and seemed a good fit for what Bowles was doing. Hackenberg I already discussed. Jordan Jenkins actually was a decent pick. Brandon Shell was a tackle that warranted starts in the NFL, though many probably overrated him. Meanwhile, he had Leonard WIlliams coming off a good year, Devin Smith coming back (he was supposed to be a steal!) and Mauldin was the king of all fluff piece topics. They were coming off a 10-6 season. There were reasons to believe. Looking back. Devin Smith was brittle and never played. Hackenberg a horror. Leonard WIlliams solid, but not exactly able to move the needle. Lee had no instincts and Mauldin was a slug and that draft was pathetic. Still, in May of 2016 the future seemed bright. I am glad that Douglas had the conviction to move up and construct the team this way. Making the chalk pick or being married to the analytics guys is not going to get you ahead. I was okay with Maccagnan having the conviction to make the moves he did. In the end Maccagnan's moves sucked. Let's see how Douglas turns out.
  6. I don't have a problem with the AVT pick. Still, it was a trade up for a guard. A guard in the top half of the first round is supposed to be a beast and I'm not even sure how good he will be yet. I find your second clause amusing. I assume you mean he had to take Becton because Wirfs is the RT? 1. Based on style, I'd say Becton is as much a RT as Wirfs. 2. Fant is an LT. How good of one can always be debated, but I would argue that the 2020 NYJ needed a RT more than an LT. The Vikings used the 1st they got from us on Christian Darrisaw. He is an LT and probably has been better than AVT and Becton so far. I'm not knocking the decision as a mistake, I am knocking it as being considered a can't miss hit. They got Darrisaw and #66 and #86 for AVT and #143
  7. I agree completely. The math nerds aren't always right. They don't really take into account the interview process, the way having certain players will impact others. We had a ton of picks. Did we even want all those bodies in camp? For the most part, I understand why Douglas does things. That is part of what I like about him. Still, giving him credit for things that haven't succeeded yet, seems wrong. We need to win. Will we? It remains to be seen. People tend to look at our selections as hits no matter what. I can give an example. An ugly one nobody likes to remember. Hackenberg. I hated that pick with all of my being. Still, when I read the fluff pieces, I was willing to give Maccagnan the benefit of the doubt. Hackenberg was supposed to have an NFL body and arm and the articles said he was pro ready. I thought, wIth a coach that adapted to his QB, like Gailey it might work. They needed somebody that they could hand the job to since the Fitzpatrick debacle was ongoing. Mac even seemed smart for passing on Lynch. I reluctantly began to accept that maybe they knew something I didn't. Think about it, we didn't trade up and we got to use our 1st on the tiny linebacker! Looking back, we all know I (and almost everybody else) was right in the first place, and it was a moronic selection. It was obvious as early as mini-camp and certainly by the time they had to put their tail between their legs and sign Fitzpatrick. Still during that offseason and for years afterwards people were treating that pick like a win in 3D chess.
  8. How good was the 2nd draft really? They got WIlson and his ability remains to be seen. Vera-Tucker seems good, but he's a ******* guard. At 14! Moore was the 3rd pick in the 2nd round and he looks very good, but he has been hurt. A bunch. Same for Carter. Good, but hurt often. All those DBs and S/LBs? They had jobs and snaps, but I don't think any of them proved anything special. At this time last year people were still singing his praises for Becton over Wirfs and Mims was being compared favorably to Claypool, PIttman and Van Jefferson. I heard that Hall is a true #1 corner. First round value! The 2021 draft looks good so far, but that perception can change pretty quickly.
  9. What ******* heat? The team has 13 wins in the three years he has been here. It's nice to give him a pass for that first year, but they got 7 of the 13 that year! That is with an extra game last season. I like Douglas and I like his "process." On the other hand, acting like he has succeeded because he had a good draft on paper is typical of this board. I like what he has done, but we need wins. I am not one of the guys thinking Wilson has to be a stud for the guy to keep his job, but they need a cohesive plan if he sucks. It also astonished me that the board wants to jump up and down crying about pff and Jason saying the trade ups were a mistake. You can't praise the guy for his "process" and then give him gold stars for going against it. More than Wilson, I think he banked a bunch of his rep on Johnson and Hall. They'd better be good because they gave up the chance to draft a bunch of players that I liked with those deals. The board loves it because the board was super enamored with Johnson, Hall and Ruckert, I get what he wanted to do and I give him credit for the conviction on those players, but they got those three instead of #35, #38, #69, #146 and #163. The process is great, he's banking on the draft, RBs are not high value players - but when he gives up picks and puts a ton of capital in an RB, the board blindly supports him. I like what he is done and I am excited (finally) for the season. Still, they need to win games. Saying that he "had a four year plan" based on the fact that he couldn't put a winner on the field his first three years sounds a lot like the 2018 preseason when I was hearing I should relax because it was the first year of the rebuild - 2015 they signed vets (Johnson's fault!) 2016 they had to overcome that, 2017 they had to clean out the dead wood and then 2018 they had the QB! It's all bullsh*t. You try to win every year, but I appreciate them not mortgaging the future to do it. Still a few actual wins would be nice.
  10. I feel the opposite. Even if Zach is good I would consider taking one - the way Willis, Riddler, Corral and particularly Howell were dropping I'd have been considering one this year.
  11. He was Time Rider you uncultured louts! RIP
  12. Agreed. Looking at their production I don't see how Shenault is a bust and Jeudy a hit.
  13. Good point. I think Clemons will be solid. What I like about him is that, like Johnson, he seems like he will play the run and can stand up to blockers. I know this guy has become a boar hunter level meme on the board, but he had 12.5 sacks in his career at A&M. That is 32 games. 7 came as a 5th year senior and 4 of those were in one game. I don't think he will offer much as a pass rusher beyond his motor. Counting his time in JuCo the kid has been out of high school since 2015 and had 16 total sacks. He is built, but he is a pretty awkward looking runner.
  14. I always wonder about this. I thought the same thing about some of our other older D linemen and they seemed to take time to settle in. Shepherd isn't very good, but he seemed lost at first and settled in as a fair rotational piece. He went to some teeny tiny school, so I guess that might be expected. The oddest one to me was Pouha. He came in supposed to be battle ready and looked like crap. They switched to a 3-4 and he wasn't even nose when DRob was miscast. They got Jenkins and he was an afterthought. Jenkins went down in 2009 and Pouha took over and was great. A 26 year old rookie, he didn't even look solid until he was 30 and played 4 very good years.
  15. This take seems ridiculous. I didn't see anybody limiting it to the first round. The dude said: That's what you responded to, but you want to pretend that somehow we should pretend that we got Jermaine Johnson as a free throw in? Be my guest, but it seems silly. I guess then in August of 2021 if you asked if the Seahawks were better off for making the Adams trade the answer would be yes, since he is better than Bradley MacDougald? I mean all those future picks don't mean sh*t, right?
  16. I saw some videos that say he was awesome. You mean they aren't true?
  17. You don't think 5 QBs go first? Are you filling out a depth chart or deciding who were the best/most valuable players of all time? The times have changed. There was an era where 5 RBs would go first.
  18. FWIW, in the Jetnation all-time draft LT went third behind Rice and Montana. I picked 18 and took Elway who was the 5th QB off the board. Seems dumb in retrospect, but I had a team theme going and planned to run a ton of RPO. july-madness-all-time-draft
  19. What about the other three players you are leaving out of the equation? I just squint and pretend that the Titans didn't get them? No matter how you word it, Jermaine Johnson wasn't free.
  20. Fair enough, but a guy who thinks LT isn't in the top 5 overall is not crazy. You are picking LT 33rd, right? I think Jim Brown will be gone before 65.
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