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  1. Russell Wilson

    Oh dear! The board I used to post on would bash Goodwin! Abraham had 47 ******* forced fumbles. 47! He had 4 less sacks than Ellis AS A JET. That is despite Elllis soldiering on for an extra hundred years with the team. If you don't think an extra 34 forced fumbles and 60 sacks is worth mildly worse center play you deserve a team full of safeties, inside linebackers and interior linemen.
  2. Russell Wilson

    Yes. Abraham was worth Ellis and Mangold. Abraham + Goodwin >>>> Ellis + Mangold
  3. Russell Wilson

    Yes, I am sure the surrounding parts are what got him dumped in Denver and Dallas.
  4. Russell Wilson

    hahahahaahahahahaha #1 in points allowed. #1 in yards. You: "It was the defense's fault" Running game overrated? 2009 #1 in yards, #3 in TDs #5 ypa, 2010, #4 yards, #9 in TDs, #8 ypa. "Running game not good enough!" Drew Stanton is better than Sanchez. Since 2014 Drew Stanton is 7-4, Mark Sanchez is 4-6 and barely in the league. Sanchez is barely hanging on behind Glennon and Trubisky. Murderer's Row! Poor Mark can't recover from losing his favorite receiver and then his most trusted receiver? Does he want a ******* tissue? Why couldn't he make friends with Dez Bryant and Witten? Demaryius Thomas?
  5. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    Joe Montana is better than Mark Sanchez. Equally relevant to the discussion and my comments.
  6. Russell Wilson

    John Abraham is the one pick your idiot coach got right when he was "picking the groceries." Well, I guess Jason Ferguson too.
  7. Russell Wilson

    Give me a ******* break. They dumped Drew Stanton because that was too much pressure for him and Tebow. He failed with all different weapons. As soon as he wasn't propped up by a top 10 D and top 10 running game he flopped. Povero Mark Sanchez.
  8. Russell Wilson

    Most people claim that he missed a playoff game with a hangover. Then they stretch that to his serious injury in 2004 when the dipsh*t coach kept saying they expected him to play when he couldn't even go in the walk-through. Here is the story. I remember my Dad watching 30 seconds of the practice on the TV news seconds and saying - "he can't go." https://www.newsday.com/sports/abraham-weighing-his-risk-vs-reward-1.618578
  9. Russell Wilson

    I am not interested in "figuring out a way to keep" players. A pass rusher is the guy to do that for, but at the start of an administration Abraham isn't necessarily the guy you want as a team leader. I hated/hate Mangini more than anybody, but that team was in need of a culture change.
  10. Russell Wilson

    C + cap space. If you want to talk about positional value, that isn't where I would have gone. They had Goodwin under contract.
  11. Russell Wilson

    Losing those guys due to scheme was not an issue. Abraham was tagged. The issue is having cheap young talent under contract. Having Abraham tagged is not different than a huge signing. They got 4 years out of Vilma and six out of Abraham. The issue is not having enough cheap young guys to fill that slot once they are gone. Mangold was great to have from 2006-2010 or so. Once he is signed to a $55M contract what good is he doing? They could have gone out and signed anybody and would have been better off just sitting on a cheaper guy (like Jonathan Goodwin who they also drafted and played until 2014) The worst thing to do with a draft pick is to have them do nothing for a few years while they "develop" and then let them walk. James Farrior was awful for that. Decent player, not used, becomes very good to great with the Steelers for no compensation. Ugh.
  12. Russell Wilson

    I am not arguing that he was a good pick. Just pointing out that the idea that he obviously didn't belong in the NFL is false. It is pretty difficult to translate guys from schools like UMass to the NFL.
  13. Russell Wilson

    Please.... why is that relevant? He sticks because he is better than others. I would assume the guy they cut to keep him on board would be a worse fear.
  14. Russell Wilson

    8 years in the NFL, multiple starts for several seasons.
  15. “FrancesaTheFoe”

    I choose all my radio entertainment by... intensity!
  16. Top 6 picks need mentors in their third year now?
  17. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Eh. More likely because he is small and there may be other issues. I was the one that posted this a month ago. He went down pretty easy.
  18. More than one guy can't draft like sh*t? This is like saying that Jerry Reese is a great GM because he is better than Maccagnan. I think teams will want Taylor. Plenty. Is the Keenum thing a typo? He makes $2M. If that is a ton, how do you support giving an old stiff three times as much?
  19. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    I guarantee you that if Mayfield does not go in the first it will have nothing to do with him grabbing his crotch and yelling at the KU sideline.
  20. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    Objection: relevance. Please explain how the Jets 2017 draft, or their 2nd round picks in 2015 and 2016 support the premise that Jerry Reese "killed the '07 draft." What the **** are you going on about? Was Evan Engram selected in 2007?
  21. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    Killed? Aaron Ross? That draft was stacked. Bradshaw was a huge pickup for them, but he dropped because he was a criminal. It worked out, but that is why he went when he did. Smith and Boss were nice picks, but "killed?" Jay Alford? C'mon. I think DeOssie is the only one that has made the pro bowl. He's been there a decade, but when you spend a 4th on a long snapper that is to be expected.
  22. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    A high bar you set there.
  23. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Has anybody mentioned that it seems like his Dad may be full on LaVar Ball?
  24. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    Are you still ******* going on about this? Interestingly enough, Belichick was on almost all of those Parcells staffs, while Parcells was never on Belichick's. Parcells has won 0 career playoff games and 0 division titles without Bill Belichick on staff. They are both flaming douchebags that ****ed us over, arguing over which was better is like arguing about the best brutal despot.