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  1. If you think Berrios is really providing great performance, fine. I don't. I would describe him as a JAG, but that has taken on way too negative a connotation and I was one of the guys sticking up for him around here. He is fine. He is a solid enough player that belongs in the league, but he hasn't even hit 400 yards in a season. There is room for him on the team, but not at the top my roster. I have plenty of heart. I couldn't run a 4.44 40. Braxton Berrios has fine measureables. He is just teeny. His 3 cone and shuttle were why I loved him and thought he was a great waiver pick
  2. He got the job in SF based on his work as LB coach in Jacksonville under Gus Bradley who he worked under on the defensive staff of the Legion of Boom.
  3. Didn't he come from Seattle? They paid Jimmy Ward a ton of money and his teams have generally invested a bit in safety.
  4. Oh dear. You have hurt my feelings! You think Berrios has excelled as a receiver? He has been okay. Solid. Maybe even good, but I don't think a team in the league would pencil him in as a starter and not try to upgrade.
  5. I totally get that. The thing with a guy like Berrios is that yeah, you don't want him to start, but Berrios + good starting guard might be better than Crowder + Van Roten. It isn't that you don't want a better option, but in a salary cap world sometimes you have to pick your poison. Berrios is not a stud, but as poison it could be a hell of a lot worse. Trouble is that you are coming around on him as he enters free agency. He's the kind of guy you want back, but you don't want to pay. Depending on where/how they spend, they might even let him walk to help the comp formula. The Jet
  6. You are going to indict the staff because he was a 2nd? Every bust WR is not an indictment on the staff. He has missed a ton of time and is not the best fit. The idea that he is going to be some great help while Moore is running around open getting missed all day seems silly to me. His per catch average is a function of him not catching many balls He is at 50%. Jeff Smith has better than a full yard more per target. This is like stumping for Jonathan Carter. He has the tools. He may end up being good, but thinking it makes sense to force coaches to play a kid that was never good in
  7. Who said we don't need a TE? I think I might have been the only one arguing that Shanahan doesn't rely on 100+ target TEs. I think they will bring in at least 2 more TEs. I just disagree that they will be top fo the draft guys. I think they will bring in at least 1 block first guy that is better than Wesco. Probably a vet that is decent or maybe some injury risk guy (like the Niners bringing in Jordan Reed in 2020). I don't see burning a first (particularly top 10) on a guy unless it's a Pitts level prospect. I think you and I had an annoying argument about Berrios. Interestin
  8. The reason Queens says the town names is because it wasn't an incorporated city when it became part of NYC. Brooklyn already was a city with different neighborhoods. Queens was not. I used to tell people I was from Brooklyn. Then I was in the foreign service and every a$$hole that spent two weeks in Williamsburg is telling people they are from Brooklyn. I tell people I am from Bensonhurst.
  9. Because Kittle is their #1 option. The guy got the job off of what he did in Atlanta running the Julio Jones show. Was Shanahan running his offense through Jacob Tamme? He had 31 targets in 2016,
  10. I think everybody is blowing the TE thing way out of proportion. Will they have a new TE next year? I'm sure at least one. Do I think it is a huge hole? Nah. I think it is more important to get another playmaker. Doesn't matter if it is WR, RB or TE. I tend to think it unlikely that they find a TE that will move the needle without a ton of luck. If they are looking at Pitts? Sure, but I'm not sure there is anybody like that in this class. I like Carter a bunch, but still think it's pretty likely they will draft another back later on. Moore seems like a very nice piece. Hopefu
  11. You don't have to agree. You just should acknowledge that there are reasons beyond distrust of the QB to run there. The whole "they made a statement" thing is beyond ridiculous.
  12. I truly have no idea what you are talking about. You are winning you shorten the game. You are losing you lengthen it. Their O hadn't do anything, so you want to give them another 6 or 7 plays to heave it deep? It makes zero sense. None. It's coaching 101. If the OC sees something that he KNOWS he can take advantage of, okay. I'm not going to crucify a pass attempt, but the idea that the ONLY reason to run is because you distrust the QB is asinine. With a capital ASS. The drive prior they let him throw a bunch of times and they were up 4.
  13. if the pass is incomplete then you add 40 seconds to the clock. You're giving them 200% more time. I was literally the Daryl Lamonica of U21 coaches and I would have done the same.
  14. Or maybe because you want to kill another 45 seconds? I mean what the ****? They were up 7 points. The Texans had literally done nothing on offense. I think they had 2 1st downs in the 2nd half, both in the 3rd quarter. They hadn't scored since like 2 minutes into the 2nd quarter. The Texans needed a TD. Making that sh*tty team drive the length of the field with only 20 seconds on the clock made way more sense than trying to go for it and potentially giving them the ball with a minute and already at a distance where Taylor could reach the end zone.
  15. When they signed him, I described Riley as not long and not fast, but other than that he is great. I think he has fit that description quite well. He has looked pretty good to me. Hopefully he keeps it up. He's the kind of guy the fans love and GMs keep trying to upgrade with the Taylor Mays of the world.
  16. I love the idea that Russell Wilson would want to come here to throw to... Corey Davis. Ha.
  17. That's the mother****er I wanted in 2006 and 2007, but no, we have go after Patrick Ramsey and Marques Tuiasosopo. **** you Manginious, your roster moves sucked balls.
  18. Why the **** would the Flacons sign Flacco? Oh, that's right. They probably want to trade him back to us for a 5th rounder in late October. ******* cunning Flacons.
  19. To me the most interesting thing about this is that they both had their best games against the Titans. I thought they were the one of those four teams that was supposed to be for real?
  20. I am also not too fired up to use another super high pick on the OL. I get that Linderbaum is seen as an elite prospect in some circles, but I am wary of using a top 10 pick on a sub-300 lb C. He does seem to be a good fit for this scheme. I think it becomes a more reasonable thought when we are looking at a near perfect match of need and prospect. The fact that we have all the extra picks makes the idea much more reasonable. As Jet fans we like to look back to the last time we had anything resembling "glory days" and in 2009 we had 4 guys that were 1st rounders on the Oline - 2 were
  21. I know numbers are it, but I think you have to look to the eye test too. Longer passes are always "more accurate" because the receiver can adjust to them. Look at the catch Cole made over the middle. That was behind him and Cole had to reach back for it. If it were a shorter pass, he would not have the ability to do that and you get those balls bouncing around the RBs on swings.
  22. I literally sent only one text message during the game. It said It's official. Wilson is the problem.
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