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  1. I'm not rating him for his career. I am stating he did not have any GREAT seasons. He had several very good seasons. His career, as a whole, was wonderful. His running was workman-like, but not great. How great can you be without having two great seasons in your career? You constantly try to change the way I am rating him to suit your demented plan to "win", but it won't work. That's the only thing moronic-al I'm seeing.

  2. Yep, you win. 83 yards per game = your hero. I'm not impressed with less than 100. YOU adjusted the benchmark to suit yourself. It's been done 73 times in the NFL. Your boy managed that number once in his ****ing career. That's despite having 4 of the top highest 36 carries per season. You can keep nutkicking, but they are your nuts. You love the guy, it's fine with me. Somewhere in Pittsburgh somebody loves Bettis and Franco, it doesn't put them with the all-time best. He was very good, maybe excellent. Great? His durability was great.

  3. Wow! 70 ypg! What a nut kick!

  4. You take the good, you take the bad...

  5. Ha! I'm younger than Mrs. Drummond!

  6. Thanks. Hope you had a happy Easter too. I was in Cinque Terra and haven't really mastered the facebook-y portions of the site. ;)

  7. Hey Drums. Going pretty good here. How are things out your way?

  8. You call that a celebration? I wanted cake!

  9. You're not insane? Too bad. Can I be your facebook buddy? I have a fake name on there too.

  10. Hey, welcome back! Things are good here. How are you doing?

  11. Obviously you don't know me very well. I am quite the dick. Good to have some late night California people on. If you ever come to Italy give us a shout. You'll be my first friend request.

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