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  1. I get the whole Jenkins/Darrishaw thing, but I don't think that is relevant.  The Jets supposedly loved Vera-Tucker.  We don't know if they are right.  There are reasons to dislike Jenkins in particular.  I remember in 2006 plenty of discussions about D'Brick vs. others.  Some of us were thinking about say Ngata and Marcus Mcneil.  Cutler/McNeil would certainly have seemed better than D'Brick/Clemens.  McNeil had back concerns and more importantly WInston Justice went ahead of McNiel.  There may be good reasons certain teams don't like these guys, even the good ones.  Some of these guys are trouble.  Sometimes they hit like Sapp or Marino.  More often they are dogs like Dorial Green-Beckham.  this is the kinf of deal where I give the GM the benefit of the doubt for now.  We will see how things go.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, greenwichjetfan said:

    You left out the part where he said "for 7-10 years". Hobson, Baker, Zuniga, etc don't fit that criteria. 

    That's true.  I addressed that in my follow up.  So much of that is position and contract dependent.  Baker started for 5 years.   Anthony Becht started for 9 years.  Kyle Brady 13.  Brian Winters is a 7 year starter that is still in the league.  Do we want 4 of those?  If the QB hits we are golden.  If he bombs having 4 David Harris isn't making us win many more games.

  3. 17 minutes ago, Alka said:

    Getting a starter from the draft means that they are better than the player they are replacing, in theory.   Getting better is where I want the Jets to go.  

    It seems to me that the Jets may have gotten at least 3 difference makers with the first 3 picks, and that is exciting.  

    Finding starters for a 2-14 team is not that difficult.  Especially one that traded away their starting QB and had departurues./trades of WR, 2 OLB, DE, 2 or 3 ILB, 2 RB, etc.  I guess that having a 7-10 starter means they are a bit better than the Chris Baker, Victor Hobson, Erik Coleman level guys I think of when I hear "We drafted starters!"  To start for 7 years you have to be a legit 2nd contract guy.  Not somebody that just plays the position okay.  Otherwise they wouldn't get that 2nd contract and start for another 3+ years. 

    This is remarkably premature, even for this place.  You are already crowning the first 3 picks as difference makers?  WIlson is as questionable as Darnold was and IMO the main reasons they moved on were contract related.   Vera-Tucker is a guard.  Name the guards that are difference makers in the NFL.  In NFL history.  Moore is 5'9"  You are already assigning him to Steve Smith status?  IMO, it is more likely that one of the S/LB hybrids becomes a difference maker than AVT or Moore and there is a pretty good chance they will all be out of the league in 3 years.

  4. I think when people start counting starters acquired as a good draft, my eyes glaze over.  Did we get Victor Hobson, Chris Baker and two other guys like that?  If so, big ******* deal.  There is a reason we talk about difference makers.  They make a difference.  Just getting starters is not enough.  You need a guy or two every couple of years that is more than that.

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  5. 34 minutes ago, Flightattendant said:

    Easy there fella.


     I just didnt think a crowded rb room would be good for anyone. Guys get buried in depth. Especially when we could use other pickups in the secondary. 

    I get that, but if you are worried about a crowded room, do you cut one of the better players or the guy from the bottom of the roster?  Personally I'd dump Pete Guerrero before Perine.

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  6. 8 hours ago, Flightattendant said:

    The juice is worth the squeeze. Cut perine or Adam's. If he doesnt pan out those to mentioned are easily replaced. 


    Worst case ontario we lose a 3/4 rb. Best case scenario we have an amazing 123 punch.

    Even if you want him, what kind of stupidity is it to automatically cut rostered players?  The rosters are at, what?  90?  There are plenty of UDFA and futures guys to cut before getting to last year's 4th rounders.

  7. 2 minutes ago, choon328 said:

    He played the full season last year 

    More importantly, who cares?  Lots of guys don't play a full season.  At $700k that is irrelevant. It is when you are paying guys like Mosley and Trumaine Johnson that injuries seem crippling.  Apparently as recently as week 3 of last year the Lions valued him more than Ty Johnson who was probably our best back in 2020.  OTOH, he was outperformed by Swift and Peterson.  Interesting guy, up to the staff to determine if they think he is done.

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  8. Quote

    Underrated: McKendree WR, Matt Cole

    I know, you are probably asking yourself who in the world is Matt Cole?

    Cole is from the small college of McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois, where only 4,500 live. However, he has garnered significant NFL attention due to his dynamic skill-set. At Northwestern’s Pro Day, Cole ran a 4.48 40 yard dash with a 37 1/2 inch vertical jump to boot. He was on the radar of NFL scouts beforehand, but now he has made himself a name.

    His main calling card is electricity after the catch. On tape, Cole housed catches on mesh plays and screens with ease due to his suddenness and quickness. As a route runner, Cole is subtle and efficient. In the NFL, expect Cole to be a slot receiver who can be dangerous after the catch. With return ability and 18 special teams tackles as a junior, Cole has a legitimate chance to make a roster.

    I looked him up.  Came from a teeny tiny school and made a name for himself at Northwestern's pro day.  The Dolphins signed him right after the draft, then put him on the practice squad when the season started.  SF signed him off the Dolphins practice squad.  They waived him yesterday, presumably to make room from some UDFA.  Seems like an ST cover guy.  

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  9. 1 hour ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    How is he getting on the field with Davis, Mims, Crowder and Moore ahead of him?

    I just dont see much playin time for him unless someone gets hurt.

    Last season Chris Hogan started on opening day.  Tons of snaps went to Hogan, Jeff and Vyncint Smith, Berrios, Cager, Josh Malone.  If the guy can play he will have the opportunity.  Mims, Crowder and Davis are not exactly iron men and Moore is like 5'8".  I don't know much about the player, but the thing that worries me is his catch rate.  Then again, he has not had the best QBs. 

  10. 3 hours ago, LionelRichie said:

    Watching JD operate this off-season makes you wonder about 2020.  it really seems like JD's focus was clearing the deck (Gase included) and in hindsight he didn't put a lot of effort into the team last year.   

    It certainly seems like there is a clear vision and plan...just seems like Gase wasn't part of it and the real effort starts now.    I am cautiously optimistic that at least one of Zuniga or Clark fit the Saleh/Lafleur profile and just redshirted last year with Gase/Williams.   


    I kind of feel like this too.  I have to, it is the only thing that gives me hope. 

  11. 8 minutes ago, Shockwave said:

    He said that and then drafted literally EXACT Seahawk type players. Thats absolutely a good thing. Seattle drafts well its just they never have picks. 

    Eh.  I am not sure that Seattle drafts well.  They do well in the later rounds finding guys and developing them.  At the top they are sketchy and on the OLine they have kind of sucked since Okung in 2010.  Ifedi is pretty much a disater.  Pocic underwhelming.  In general, I am usually more interested in their late rounders and UDFA.  Imagine how Jet fans would act if we had drafted Malik "I need to talk to your supervisor" McDowell in the first round. 

    Funny thing is, the Seahawks are known for picking traits based guys and not deviating from their type, but their success is predicating on drafting a QB everybody passed on because he is so short. 

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  12. 2 minutes ago, 32EBoozer said:

    They gave out 2 of these contracts. Dunn & Yeboah. Rashed Jr. got a large deal as well.

    I guess we’ll see.

    It certainly indicates that they like the players and they have an excellent chance of making the roster.  I just don't think it gives them even a tiny leg up if somebody outplays them.  They could cut 25 of those guys and it wouldn't be as much dead money as they carry for Darnold.

  13. 12 minutes ago, 32EBoozer said:

    $200,000 guaranteed for this year. That makes it a pretty solid roster spot.

    People are giving away roster spots over $200K?  Are you ******* kidding me?  Even with all the cap space, this team is eating $21M in dead money.  $200k barely guarantees a spot in camp.

    EDIT: To point out that it is actually $21,178,273.  Nobody cares about the $178,273.  That is because $200K is meaningless to an NFL salary cap.

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  14. 17 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Yeah I'm surprised I forgot about Fatusaki; probably because I was just looking down a list and his $$$ are so low I never got to his row.

    I was hoping he'd have been extended, while the team holds such leverage (he's made nothing so far, and if he has a down-year or gets seriously injured this summer/this season he may never cash out). aybe they're thinking he's not such a scheme fit. I think any scheme needs to be able to stop the run, particularly when you know it's coming on short yardage and/or goal line, but still. 

    Then again, maybe they wanted to take another shot on someone else (e.g. Marshall) and see if they think he'd do as well, or nearly as well, for a fraction of the cost. I just didn't think he'd be crazy money to extend, as a 2-down nose, they don't have any cap issues at all, and it negates the point of having so many draft picks if they're going to just bring in outside FAs at those same positions before they're given more than a rookie season to show their stuff.

    Herndon, meh. I know it sounds weird to word this way, but he's not worth extending until he shows he's worth extending. He was a half-season tease as a rookie and has been nothing since then. Some of it can be blamed on injury; some of it on Gase's offense that doesn't really feature the TE position as a weapon. 

    As for the others:

    • Guidry's a FA and he's not. He would be an ERFA. He can only re-sign with the Jets, unless the Jets decline to make one at all, no matter how low the offer. 
    • Franklin-Myers isn't on the team now, is he?
    • Philips is a reserve. There are a hundred guys like him. He's fine depth but until such time as he finishes the season with 10 sacks then he'll be able to be retained for not-too-much, or the Jets will let him go in favor of an edge they draft, or frankly I'm still hopeful that Zuniga will be something as an edge with his hand in the dirt rather than standing up read-and-react OLB.

    I like Fatukasi, but I don't see him as a priority for this D.  For Rex or Parcells?  Sure.  I think these guys want more slashers than stuffers.  I'd like to have him back, but if not there will be other guys to take what will probably be a part time role. 

    Franklin-Myers is on the team.  He is in the 4th year of the contract he signed as a 4th rounder of the Rams (I think it was the pick they got for Ogletree).  I like him.  I wonder what these guys will think of him and if he will thrive.

    Kyle Phillips will be an RFA.  I feel the same about him as JFM, but a little less optimistic. 

    Guidry is a tiny guy.  This is a new staff.  They might not like him.  I think people expecting the same lower tier guys to stick may be surprised.  Remember when people were writing Parry Nickerson's name in the rotation in ink?  Lamar Jackson is long, but they might not like him either. 


  15. 3 minutes ago, nycdan said:

    That's a bold, if not borderline silly take.  Top-10 absolutely.  Best all-time?  As in you would take him over Ogden, Munoz, Pace, Jones and some of the older guys who it's harder to compare to?  I know you'll defend it to your dying breath, but I think you'd be in a slender minority on that one.

    So you'd have passed on Joe Thomas, or forced him to move inside? 

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  16. Very different for the Jets?  That ****sucker Maccagnan took Leonard Williams partially based on arm length and laughed at Pepper Johnson for wanting Grady Jarrett in the 5th.  These rules are nice when they work.  When they don't, they suck and limit you.  I think using length as a big contributor can help you find value, but when everybody does it, it loses the edge.


    [laughs] Okay. But Leonard fell to you guys. The whole world thought he’d get taken in the top three, but you guys got him at six. 

    The whole world except Pepper. Leonard wasn’t the No. 1 guy on my to-do list. I had him as a first-round pick and all that, and I was more than happy to get him. But the style of defense that we did, or that we were doing, he did not fall into that category for me to be that No. 1.

    How did he not fit?

    When I was hired there I was told that we were going to be a stunting defensive line. So in my mind I needed to find guys that stunt well, and to my evaluations of guys that stunted well was [Grady Jarrett] from Clemson, that the Falcons took [in the fifth round]. There’s a reason why I’m saying his name specifically. We get into a pre-draft discussion, and we’re talking about defensive ends’ arm length. And I’m semi-mad because a scout is telling me ... this guy’s trying to tell me that the defensive linemen need long arms like the offensive linemen, or they’ll never be able to beat them—the offensive lineman’s just going to hold them off. And I said, ‘Well, with all due respect, I don’t know what defensive line coaches that you’ve worked with have told you beforehand, but I teach from the ground to the man’s chest. And the guy can bring their hands from the ground to the chest the fastest are going to win the battle.’ That’s how I teach: We’re going to attack him, and offensive linemen are allowing us to do this now, because of where the game is going—they don’t get down in a stance no more, so they automatically are up, especially the offensive tackles. And he laughed at me, like, ‘He don’t know about arm length?’ And I lit off into them and everybody was, like, ‘Pep, why you do him like that?’ And, like, hey, the guy wants to smirk at me and act like he knows more about football than I do!


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  17. 1 hour ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

    They traded him away because they already had Mark Andrews. He would be an immediate upgrade at TE for us. 

    They didn't exactly already have Mark Andrews.  Hurst was 25 overall and 3rd rounder Mark Andrews has never had a season as bad as Hurst's best.  I wouldn't have a problem with kicking the tires, but this guy is far from a must get, and he is going to be a free agent.  He is talented, but not a top TE.  On a team with a fanbase this excited about Kenny Yerboah, I wanting to go after him.  

  18. I started to feel much better after I realized that the safeties are going to be playing LB.  Then it made me wonder what he had against JOK.  I do feel those kind of tweener Taylor Mays types can be valuable, but you can get them later.  The Raiders did burn a 3rd on Tanner Muse last year.  OTOH, I also think that small shifty slot-type receivers are generally value picks you can get later and they drafted a 5'8" WR at the top of the 2nd.  We will see if Elijah Moore can win at the outside.  

    A lot of interesting guys and they can run.  Probably be a bunch of flashes that get people excited, but some of the guys that flash won't be able to hold up.  Either due to injury or getting pushed around.  I will say that watching Nasirildeen on that INT return reminded me of the Revis college return everybody showed.  Kind of gliding and doesn't seem that fast, but he must be moving, though by the end this dude did look gassed and cruising slow.

  19. 2 hours ago, FireTheJohnsonsNow said:

    LOL- you realize he projected 10 minutes before the draft the Jets wanted to trade up from #23 to get one of the offensive lineman- don't you??  Besides being easily searchable on the net its on this forum.

    Didn't Connor Hughes trade up in the Athletic's mock draft for Vera-Tucker?  I don't think that wasn't much of a projection.

  20. 14 minutes ago, Shockwave said:

    Someone correct me if I am wrong. We actually don't have a starter there? Neal went to Dallas. 

    Who is Neal? I thought Hewitt and Langi were starters, but I guess Basham is the one that signed with Dallas.  I'm not particularly worried about replacing either, but I guess it could be considered a need. 

    I wouldn't have a problem with the pick, if they have a plan on how to use him.   I just see his size as an issue that limits the teams with real interest and a valid reason for him to drop.   I know he is listed at 221, but at that weight he declined to run. IIRC he was playing around 214 and he is skinny and his hands are small enough that I'd consider him unlikely to put on much more than the 221. 

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