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  1. Torre's managing is totally based on Rivera. If Rivera goes down we are dead. This has been true for 10 years. If Torre can't put him out there he doesn't know what to do.
  2. I started to get worked up enough to research and write a whole post on this and then I remembered people swearing up and down that Rey Ordonez was better than Jeter. The internet blows.
  3. On the bright side, Pennington seems like a stand up guy that risked his arm and future by coming back on the field in the game he got hurt even though he couldn't throw the ball 15 yards he tried and took the shots and has agreed to restructure the deal numerous times to help out the team-ie to get Coles back. He does seem to be a team first guy.
  4. Why is this being owned? Just because they were moves that had to be made doesn't mean they weren't shedding money the easy way. It doesn't take a genius to figure that Mangold and D'Brick will be cheaper than Mawae and Fabini. Keep Ty Law? They signed him to a contract that everybody in their right mind meant he would only be here one season. As far as I know, the extra years were only to pro-rate the bonus. Plus, part of his "easily getting us under the cap" was the cap being raised. That was an impressive piece of work right there. PS: Jolly for Becht was a brilliant strategic
  5. That would be nice if those two guys didn't have multiple starts last year and probably this year too. When your starters can only make second team at the Vegas Summer League things are not too bright.
  6. Charles is the brains, but JD has the ability to run a monopoly and keeping that monopoly is what he is good at, no matter what he has to spend to do it. Woody got sucked into the whole Olympic dream by the mayor. As far as getting a stadium built in NYC, it was as good a shot as any. Once he was in, might as well go in with both feet.
  7. Not sure if I remember this correctly, but they didn't specifically force the Nets to sell Dr. J, they required a "buy in fee" during the ABA-NBA merger to let the Nets (at the time playing at the Nassau Collisieum) play in the same area. The cash strapped Nets ownership sold Dr J for the fee. Broke up a pretty good team. I believe they still had Larry Kenon and Super John.
  8. My Dad was a Giants fan (well before I was born) and started watching the AFL and rooting for the Titans. He said that the NFL was like watching those old black and white tapes of the Pack,etc. seemed like it was always snowing, while the AFL games were in technicolor with bright unis in locations like SD. He got mad when everybody told him the Jets were worse than the Giants and continued after Super Bowl III, so he now hates the Giants. Thinks the Yale Bowl game was as big as anything except Supe III. I grew up in all this rooted for the Jets since birth-pre-Super Bowl. Dad hates the
  9. One other thing to remember: Moss was a very dangerous punt returner. Sure, sometimes he just ran out of bounds, but so did Franco Harris. Coles was a fairly feeble kick returner and gave it up. We did have some problems with punt returns last year, didn't we?
  10. I wouldn't go so far as to say Moss is better than Coles, but what he brings to the game is harder to replace. I didn't hate the deal because I think Coles is a little better, but if Coles was coming here because he loved it and missed Penny then why did we have to redo his previously too huge to match contract? I wish we'd have kept both. Moss might not have had 1000 yards with last years offense, but I bet he'd have had more TDs than Coles.
  11. No reminder necessary. Some of us are Ranger and Knick fans. I've got friends that work at the Garden. Yours is NOT an uncommon opinion.
  12. How come everybody on here hates McCareins so much? I mean he's no star, but he's not so bad. 40-50 catch guys aren't so bad and he played well in the playoffs. Seems like the whole board has a hate on for him. There are plenty of stiffs I like less.
  13. If I were on the sidelines I would have choked him myself. What I don't understand is how a guy that lacked so much in coaching could have the team so low in penalties year in year out. Does it just come down to the players?
  14. Anybody notice how Herm was always going to fix the slow start by some type of change in training camp philosophy? One year he gave Curtis almost no carries in pre-season, despite the guy begging for work, the next year he's going to give him some work. Another year no snaps for Vinny, then the guy has to step in raw. I can see not overexposing your stars, but let them play a little.
  15. I can agree with everything you are saying, but I disagree that people didn't say bench this veteran (Curtis Martin) because we're rebuilding. My point exactly is "if they are neck and neck in preseason." You can learn a ton from preseason and practice. There is no reason to throw games to see if a guy will be a viable #2 back. Sure give the youth more carries, but that doesn't go with the whole give up on Curtis thread.
  16. I was responding to a quote that said that we should play another back EVEN IF IT COST US THREE WINS for the season. Tex jumped in claiming we should play for the draft pick. Why? Brady was a 6th rounder. Sure if the season is in the pot you play the youth. There is no reason not to start out with Martin. If he sucks, play the youth. If the team sucks, play the youth more, but the way RBs are in this league there is no gaurantee that if say Houston steps up he'll still be around or healthy the year after. Play the best players and season the youth. Don't sit the best RB because he won't be her
  17. Last in the league? They don't even have us at last in the division, Buffalo picks first!
  18. I think it was against the Colts at Shea. Maybe '72? It was the first game I went to and I was maybe 5, so my memory might not be so good. I have the ticket stub from a Colts game, but I may be remembering tv highlights around the same time. He was my favorite player because of that for years.
  19. I forgot, you're delusional enough to think the Pat's could have won it last year. We can bash Herm all we want, but one thing he said that was correct is that you play to win the game. No other reason to play. Any coach or player that doesn't try to win should be out the door.
  20. He thinks he's a backup running back. He's right.
  21. Pats didn't win the superbowl last year, I guess they were dumb for not finishing last and getting a good pick. Seems Kotite was a genius after all.
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