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  1. Yeah, but didn't Arrington's agent get suspended? Wow, a guy with a "character" problem on the Raiders! Who'd a thunk it?
  2. I thought he looked real good last year. 18 in 8 games and a 15 yd per average on that mess of a team isn't too bad. He's not Gates, but he'll be adequate.
  3. Thought they were just going to spin Andruw off for Oswalt.
  4. Delay of game during the two minute drill? Yeesh. On the other hand, that's not the first time I've heard Wallace Wright's name called out. Seems like he's having a decent camp for an UFA.
  5. Hehehe, you said Wlson Philips.
  6. Nets traded a #2 for Mikki Moore. I remember a little from his last stint with the Nets and his time with the Pistons. Anybody have any real insight into his game? Will he crack the rotation?
  7. Ken O'Brien had a bigger arm than Pennington. Neither would hurt you with INTs. O'Brien had trouble avoiding the rush and was likely to eat the ball. Not a brittle guy though. Walton was a terrible head coach, but he was a good offensive mind. They made him the coach because they were worried about losing him as offensive coordinator. Fired Walt Michaels after a playoff season I believe. To say he's the only guy who was as big a buffoon as Herm forgets Kotite.
  8. He was rated way higher than everybody's loverboy Cotchery in '04. Sounds like a similar type only bigger. On the dark side, he hadn't been practicing with an "unspecified" injury. Maybe they didn't believe he was hurt.
  9. The term monstrosity infers that somebody might be scared of it. Please be more careful with your phrasing.
  10. I don't think it makes sense. They will have 3 Qbs on the roster. Plus Smith and Tutt. If somebody gets hurt then can bring back Bollinger (assuming he's not picked up) or some other stiff off the waiver wire. Fred Jetstone is off the deep end, but I think he's right, Kingsbury will still be out there if they are that desperate. I don't see a coach so hyped on flexibility wrapping up 4 spots for guys that give him nothing extra. They don't even hold for kicks for pete's sake. Nothing.
  11. They aren't QBs in my mind either, but three is plenty and three plus two guys that played there last year is excessive on a team that needs all the help it can get. Why do you say "the first few weeks of the season?" Think they are waiting on somebody getting hurt?
  12. ...and there is no such thing as a clutch hitter. This was a straight statistical analysis which I'd be more inclined to trust.
  13. It was said at least two or three times-on this board or one of the others. Glad to see that nobody really believes it because it's ridiculous.
  14. I think Bill James ran some computer program and figured that if you walked the best hitter during his best season (Babe Ruth-not sure of the year) it'd be way worse than just pitching to him and taking your lumps.
  15. Why would anybody in their right mind believe the Jets would keep Penny, Ramsey, Clemens & Bollinger? Makes no sense to carry 4 QBs especially when you have two college QBs likely to make the roster at other positions. (Brad Smith & Tutt) I see people posting they'll keep them all, but without one hitting the IR somebody is getting a visit from the turk.
  16. Nah, guess he isn't back. Not sure where I thought I read that. Depends on what his personal reasons were. If it was a family matter (somebody sick, wife giving birth) they'd let him back, if he just wasn't sure about camp and football, he's gone.
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