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  1. I was honestly surprised that Walter Football was still around, but as I said earlier, I recently re-discovered them. Your critique is unfair and shows a lack of understanding of their rankings. They have rankings somewhere, but the rankings you are discussing are purely based on Charlie Campbell talking to teams (I think it is usually area scouts) and guessing where he thinks players will go. If you read the reviews, his ranking of Fields says: I also think that the guy that wrote the review you are complaining about is "Walt" not Charlie Campbell, so that represents two diffe
  2. Isn't JOK tiny? I mean we all made fun of Adams for being a safety that had to play LB, but he was bigger than this guy. His tiny hands make me think he probably maxed out his weight for the measurement. He would be in interesting pick, but he is more of a defensive weapon than a plug and play LB as far as I am concerned. Maybe this is where the league is headed, but he is not a prototype in my book.
  3. Just like Drew Bledsoe only two and half inches shorter, twenty pounds lighter and without the big arm. I ended up re-discovering walterfootball looking for the quote about Teven Jenkins. So glad I did. They are not kind. AFC area scout - "stronger armed Jake Fromm." "I think he could have a career in the NFL similar to Matt Barkley." Another team source described him as a "shorter A.J. McCarron." According to them of 5 teams 3 had a 4th round grade, one a 2-3 bubble and the last a 2nd.
  4. I'm not so sure. We all made fun of Thomas early in the year, but I think he settled down pretty well and Matt Peart developed nicely and I think he looked good in his time last year. They might not be as bad as you think It's funny but with the NFCE trades, I think the Giants won their trade and the Cowboys lost theirs. When the night was over, I was wondering what the Giants were thinking. If I am the Cowboys I am ecstatic to pick up a 3rd and still get Parsons. Seem like the winners of the day to me.
  5. I am wondering if the Jets don't like Jenkins attitude. He has the quotes we like about liking to hit people, but he is generally described as "colorful." There is also the quote in one of the old-school draft sites that some scout said "he was an odd dude that might quit on you" but should go early day2. That does not sound like the Joe Douglas mold.
  6. You mean like calling a cover 0 blitz up 4 with no time left? There are only some many times you can get away with that sh*t. There are ways to get fined and have your picks forfeited without saying a word.
  7. Based on Josh Rosen, this is a pretty good indication we should pass, though I'd really like to punch Mayfield too.
  8. Congratulations! Didn't that cabinet used to be overflowing with your sneaker collection? Or is that in the vault?
  9. Oh I got it alright. You are the worst GM candidate ever. Glad I got that sorted.
  10. It is stupid. Reaching is reaching. Hockenson is a very nice player, but the idea that he was a better choice for this team than say Josh Allen is silly. He didn't do wonders for the Lions who won less games than the Jets over the past two years and ran Stafford out of town. It's a team game and closing your eyes and yelling offense is beyond dumb. Saying that a GM has to do it or be fired is beyond that.
  11. The premise of the thread is that the Jets will trade Mosley, but all the reasons you think the Jets will trade him are the reasons teams won't want him. Missing two seasons with a huge contrat due that will still have a ton of dead money? Possibly a limited scheme fit? Are NFL GMs lining up? I'm not sure you can really walk away from him without a huge cap hit until 2023.
  12. Does Hockenson really change Darnold's trajectory? Of the 1st 17 picks, the only ones that weren't defense or QB were Hockenson, Jonah Williams (missed 2019), and Chris Lindstrom. Not having those guys certainly caused Darnold's downfall!
  13. They should. The Knicks are a fun team and I like the coach, but man people are getting ahead of themselves.
  14. Wilson has a much nicer release, but I don't think his arm is on the same level as far as strength. More importantly, I keep reading that the athletic guys are the boom or bust prospects. I don't see it. It is a different league and you have to start early. At that point you need to be athletically superior to belong on the field. Look at the last few drafts. Who are the studs? Allen, Jackson, Mahomes. All high ceiling guys allegedly boom or bust. Who didn't cut it? Darnold, Trubisky, Rosen. Hell Herbert was a guy who had all the talent in the world, but supposedly lacked the will t
  15. My recollectioni is that they loved Munoz, but he failed their medical. There was no way he was going to be able to start 182 games in the NFL.
  16. Aren't Perine and Davis the opposite type of pick? I mean they both were able to contribute immediately, but Perine was more ready with low-ceiling and Davis more p athletic upside with a need for development and role definition. This thread is the usual pick the good players, with the common bonus of they suck if they aren't studs by day 1.
  17. RIP He was 212 with the Jets according to that article. This guy is my Dad's age, and when I was a kid huge tackles were 280. Now that is a TE or a LB that can't put his hand in the dirt..
  18. Doesn't @Tony The Wiz usually have 67?
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