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  1. Sanchez, Greene, Slauson. Can Douglas top that?
  2. I floated the idea of Wilson at 2 and Lance at 23 in another thread. That would be pretty off the wall crazy, but I think it makes way more sense than this.
  3. Faith? I honestly do not want my GM to draft so the fans have faith in him. I want him to have faith in himself. If you believe that Lance is that good, I do not think it is crazy to take him. How much RBs or Cs is Lamar Jackson worth?
  4. I totally agree with this. My question is what do you do if Lance is sitting there at 23? If you like him but are scared by his inexperience you probably should pull the trigger. I don't think these guys will if part of the reason they moved Darnold was to avoid a "QB controversy.".
  5. I agree with the sentiments of everybody here, but I wouldn't be surprised when some starters go down if he signs on the way Cutler did with Miami. Not much reason for the guy to uproot his family for a lower tier backup job, but if the right situation opens up it might make sense. The Bradford deal to Minnesota also comes to mind.
  6. Maybe. His safety ends up further off than the guy on the bottom (Mims 80 yard TD!). Neither of them seems open at all until the QB is already running for it.
  7. How the **** is that an 80 yard touchdown? The guy was bracketed by a corner trailing and the safety. The QB was forced to roll right about when he came even with the corner. If I'm sitting at safety I am begging for that throw.
  8. Disagree with the Gore comparison. This isn't bringing Gore in to play with Bell. This would be bringing a veteran presence that knows the system in to play with a bunch of no experience kids. As far as sticking wtih him too long, I think he played at a higher level, and isn't some durable freak like Gore. Don't worry about riding him too long. He'll probably get hurt. The fact that they haven't done it yet means that either other teams are interested or they are cognizant that the money may be better used elsewhere and will be smart about any deal. I have no problems wtih this tweet, e
  9. Interesting how much we disagree. There is something I don't like about Wilson, but I can see the positives. Fields does seem to have flaws, but he also has the running ability to design an O around and go from the start. I picked Lance because I want ceiling. Similar to how I was not "off" Josh Allen, though he did scare me as a prospect. I don't think these guys necessarily need to sit. Lance is big and physically fits in the NFL game. You can design an offense around him and using his running ability to take the pressure off the passing, he can succeed early. Think about
  10. I will take Lance. I fully understand why he shouldn't go as high, and I am not advocating taking him at 2. OTOH, he is a physical freak and I don't see anything too detrimental in his background. I was really looking forward to seeing him in 2020. I have reservations about all of them, but as I have said before when in doubt give me the freak! Also, nobody picked him, and I am a contrarian.
  11. What do you have against Darryl Roberts? Also, how old are you? Cause you should know the Dominator. This post pretty much warranted a neg rep from me. I had been Dominating and wearing #27 (and sometimes #83, #31 or #25) for 20 years when Dee Millner was born, though the player I took the name from didn't join the Jets until 1984.
  12. Wait... Max doesn't like profanity?
  13. Why are we recreating the vaunted BYU offense? Are we trying to win the Boca Raton Bowl?
  14. Sure somebody mentioned it, but our respected GM came from that organization. That improbable super bowl win was a big part of his credibility.
  15. ^thinks pita chips are an A-level snack. See the perils of weed!!!
  16. Jeez. @T0mShane misses couple of weeks and people start a thread hunting for his whereabouts and praying for his safety. I am out for over a month and you guys, @Lith, @Dcat, @NYJetsVets91, @New York Mick still think I am making picks on day 6 of the mock draft? My whole family has been sick and Dad is in the hospital, so you can count me out for this one. Please find someone to take the Rams. I will try again in 2022. Sorry I didn't let anyone know, but real life is a little more important than usual this year.
  17. Actually, I think they are for interviews and medicals, which are probably more important than anything else.
  18. Yeah. The WIzard of Oz, Gone with the WInd and Apocalypse Now sure didn't work.
  19. People were that fired up over Thuney and Linsley? GTFO. Instead of signing two interior linemen we now HAVE to get a game changing WR, pass rusher and corner? Sign me up for any of those over interior linemen.
  20. Not very bold, but I say Leonard Floyd as Wide-9 OLB/DE. Seemed llke a bust, but had a nice year for the Rams. The Rams can't afford him and he is a good young player with extreme length. Strikes me as a nice Calvin Pace styled signing.
  21. This is how I feel. I don't think you trade down and then think you are drafing your QB of the future or 2021 starter. OTOH, I think these guys subsribe to the QB a year plan, and the QB as commodity plant. Those guys draft QBs whenever they feel they are a value.
  22. Shawn, do you work for the CT DMV? Cause my cousin's license has the same misspelling.
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