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  1. Interestingly, the 7-9 team had 3,111 yards receiving and 19 receiving TDs. Guys Douglas brought in had 1,093 of those yards and 6 of the TDs. Demaryius, Griffin, Vyncint Smith and Berrios.
  2. As an ex-coach, you'd be right. Thing is, the guy is media now, such as it is. Having us yap about his stupid opinions is the best he could hope. Saying he needs to STFU is like saying Kim Kardashian needs to stop posting on social media. We might be better off, but their whole career is dependent on it.
  3. Guess you are right about Griffin I thought that Maccagnan signed him, but he signed late in camp in 2019. If he wasn't there yet, no wonder Gase was pining for Fells
  4. Okay, so you are putting it on Ubrich? You are going to scapegoat him? Fair enough that they are green at S and CB, but they picked those guys. More importantly, that does not explain how/why the run D is so far beyond pathetic.
  5. No. It's not. Griffin, Fatukasi, Jeff Smith, Hennessey, Wesco, Crowder off the top of my head.
  6. I get it, but I am not sure that is how we should be looking at things. The offense has generally improved. As far as competing, they beat two pretty good teams. If they have beaten a couple of doormats and gotten rolled by the Bengals and Titans, we'd be saying, yeah, but they can't do anything against good teams. I get the whole use what you have thing, but I think the all gas, no brakes and learning the scheme thing goes with getting blown out. They stick to their guns and keep swinging, even when the tide is already high and their heads under water. They actually got close
  7. Look at you. Aren't you rewriting history to suit you? Pretty sure you have been here longer than I have. It's not my fault you had to get a new user name. What happened to Johnny Green Balls anyway?
  8. I think that is like 5 years old. There was a 2nd season, but no 3rd. I'm pretty sure these is no more. I know that we watched it in 2019 or so and it wasn't new then, so it has been off for quite some time.
  9. You don't see how we can blame the coach for this? He's a defensive coach. The Jets added 3 or so CBs in the draft. They got Davis and Mosley back. They signed Rankins and Jarrad Davis. They added 2 LB/S that they obviously like. They added Shaq Lawson. Yes, they lost Carl Lawson. Boo hoo. Did they have anyone like that last year? Cause Gregg Williams and Frank Bush had a worse D with more injuries, were intentionally trying to lose games and they were not 32nd in points or yardage. They are giving up like 4 or 5 more ppg than last year. Pretty easy to see how you can blame the c
  10. You mean it's his fault we are talking about rep here? Interesting proposition.
  11. I don't get this sh*t. Rex never stopped flapping his gums. Now he is a talking head paid to flap them. He is trying to get people to pay attention. I'm shocked, but apparently you guys are. Rex went off the rails his last 4 years here, but I don't think he ever gave up more than 40 twice in a season Saleh has done it 3 out of the last 4. People are losing the message. This is like people complaining about Stephen A. Smith yapping about Kevin Durant. Who gives a ****? He's paid to yap and he's yapping.
  12. I have never given myself positive rep. Not intentionally at least. I have no idea about the rep bombs though. I only remember the neg ones for the true jackoffs.
  13. The ******* guy is literally willing to suck a dick to get us to .500. What the **** are you going to do to get us the rest of the way?
  14. Eh. I get what you are saying and there is some truth to it, but I think around here it is just rush to say I told you so. Everybody wants to be an early adopter. People proclaimed Saleh the moment he was hired. Bowles was held up as a disciplinarian that was going to fix Camp Rex - before we even saw him run a camp. Then when the pendulum swings in the other direction everybody jumps on that. I think with Becton there were dozens proclaiming him a 10 year all pro after a good game or two. There were some of us that wanted Wills or Wirfs, but everybody was happy to pile on the Giants
  15. I don't think the issue with the run D is players, I think it is scheme. I also think they know that. Maybe they want better LBs to flow to the ball, but this isn't the kind of D where they are going to look to the IDL to fix the issue. I think they are just spreading them too wide to expect real success. I think the failures behind them cause the disaster we are seeing.
  16. I will add that there is something to this all gas, no brakes bullsh*t. They are getting rocked, but they don't roll up in a ball. This is not a team that down 30, will run the ball and kill clock. They act like they are going to try to win the game, even when common sense dictates that opportunity ended 5 drives earlier. Guys like Rex would do things on offense that would allow them to maintain whatever BS defensive stats they could muster. These guys have no shame. I'm not sure if that is a pro or a con.
  17. He had Andy Dalton and they were in what may have been the weakest division in history. They were insistent upon Gregg Williams. I have no idea why, but I'm pretty sure that was how they ended up with Gase.
  18. Yep. Rex said he was supposed to be Rex without the bad stuff, but here he is with the bad stuff. 100% what Rex would have said.
  19. Maybe you should look at it a little harder. You are giving him credit as GM and not noticing the sh*tty job he did as coach. I am not sure why he never had a chance in Cleveland beyond that he sucks. He did a great job in SF too. He literally never had a team better than 12th in points or yards on D. Mangenius indeed.
  20. You're counting Rex as part of the coaching fraternity? I liked Rex, you didn't, but the guy has never gone along with everyone else. If people were piling on Saleh for any reason other than "he deserves it" Rex would probably be sticking up for him.
  21. I'm not sure Hall is fast enough to Island anybody. He is their best, but I don't see a shutdown CB and I think he gets abused in man plenty.
  22. I AM SO ******* SURE OF MYSELF! EVERYTHING I THOUGHT WOULD HAPPEN HAPPENED! HUZZAH! Mike White can't throw deep! The ball that Davis spit up was 3 yards longer than anything Trevor Lawrence completed against the Bills. I guess that he can't throw deep either? Generationally. Yes, Mike White is probably not the future. Yes, our best course of action would be to get Wilson developed as well and as quickly as possible. None of this is news to anybody. People calling for Joe Flacco are being silly.
  23. If he learned something in his first attempt, why did he suck so hard in his second?
  24. We have to look at the film is code for "I know who ****ed up. I'm not going to blow them up in the press."
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