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  1. I am NOT saying this is true of Lance, but people were saying that Mahomes would go late 1st early 2nd and the Chiefs traded up to 10 to get him. I hope they have the balls to take who they like best and don't **** around because Kiper is going to say they were dumb on ESPN.
  2. At least I know I am not crazy arm-strength wise. No matter what you ****ers say, I am not alone.
  3. Well, that one game and the entire following offseason and season.
  4. That was quick. I guess I will take the Rams. Don't much care if somebody wants them I would switch.
  5. Ask Josh Norman how great Gettelman is at standing up for his players. The best thing about this post is that it is true. I thought it was an exaggeration, but it's not. First of all, I don't see how pretending to be a moron that can't see what is obvious to even the most casual observer is a "strategy." Second, to the extent that anybody believes it, he will lose any leverage he has that we intend to take a QB with the #2 overall. At that point teams will be less likely to trade up. Third, who gives a ****? If the player has that delicate a psyche they are not going to
  6. I don't see why anybody would say Lance is going through "unscathed." All the questions about Lance are legit, just as they were for Allen and Wentz. OTOH, going into the year it was pegged as a 3 QB race - Lawrence was the clear #1, with Fields and Lance looking to move up. Wilson came out of nowhere and is just accepted. Lance is a physical freak. Period. There is literally no dispute. He threw zero interceptions for a season. He was hte one that stood to gain from showing that wasn't a fluke and having another great year. He didn't do that, but I'd bet most preseason mocks had him
  7. Where do you get this from? Golladay is a target hog, but he is NOT a slot. I just checked. As far as I can tell, he ran about 8% of his plays from the slot. By contrast Godwin ran 55% and Robinson 21%. This is why I am against Juju who ran over 80% of his snaps from the slot. That is higher than Berrios or Crowder and I want more outside guys. I think dangerous slots are easier to pick up in the draft.
  8. Golladay supposedly turned down $18-19M last year. I guess the only hope to keep it under $20M is the covid ding on the cap.
  9. What do you consider substance? Substance in March isn't necessarily substance in November and December. Even the Jets lamest GMs signed "substance" in Mosley, Bell, Trumaine Johnson. I don't care if we sign big guys or lesser guys. I only care if they can play. I agree that Douglas ability as GM is still in question, but there is as little reason to blast him as to crown him.
  10. To be fair, he got off t ao kind of a slow start. His rookie year ended early and then . had a heart procedure right before the season started in 2018
  11. Tough to land? Is that why nobody traded for him? He was on the market the last couple of years. I was really surprised he didn't get moved before last season started.
  12. The validity in those statements is that it is harder to judge kids playing in certain systems. That is why everybody used to avoid these air raid kids. All the numbers on earth didn't make Graham Harrell an NFL starter. That probably pushed Mahomes down. The Chiefs trading Smith probably pushed Mayfield up. Historic is just bullsh*t, but there is some relevance to scheme and superior talent inflating/deflating prospects. There is so much more than stats, than physical ability. How do these kids respond under adversity? Can they make throws when their guy is covered? Are they just
  13. I get your point and agree. OTOH, nobody threw the ball 100 yards. I think Nagle supposedly threw it 60 from his knees IIRC.
  14. I find it odd that someone would think I am putting down his arm because I am "seeing what I want to see." After 2018, just being a douche with a face you don't like (Rosen) is enough to be a world class bust.
  15. What I want to see? Let me go snipe some scounting report instead of watching. I heard about his great arm, watched the clips and" wasn't particularly impressed. Not that I see something wrong, I am just not seeing "explosive." Fields seems to have more pop to me, though I can see why people aren't in love with him.
  16. BTW, what are you talking about?
  17. I am no QB expert, but I strongly disagree. Sanchez looked pretty good coming out. The only issue was his lack of experience. Particularly looking at that clip. I see no Aaron Rodgers and no flick. I see a fairly uncoordinated roll out and his feet catching before he throws. I have seen Wilson look good. I get that is a pretty long toss, but he does not look good to me in this clip. The only thing I agree with is the "huh"
  18. Who are the comps? Wilson reminds me of Sanchez. That isn't awful, but it doesn't help me root for him. Some of it might be the jump off two feet into the end zone that they show in all the highlights. Some I think might just be size. I am prejudiced against them. I want a big ****er with a cannon. Lance reminds me of Leftwich or Culpepper, but he ran run. That is probably based off a single clip of him shrugging off a pass rusher.
  19. I am not sure I can think of a less important indicator of arm strength than the furthest distance a pass traveled in the air. Who rightly gives a ****? It's not how far the ball goes, it's how fast it gets there. There is quite a difference between stepping up and heaving it and dropping back an ripping a deep out. FWIW, I am sure that Wilson's arm is fine, but the ball does not seem to fly out of his hand like Fields to me. I am not complaining about his arm, but it doesn't seem like a cannon to me.
  20. Are we supposed to be going after him for sacks or for fit/motor? I don't see much as a natural fast twitch pass rusher, but there seems to be plenty to like.
  21. I know that none of us so great at picking them, but I was hearing the same thing about 2017. If only we made a move to trade up in 2016 we could have had Goff or Wentz! If we only wait for 2018 there are multiple studs at the top of the list! Nope, there were no sure thing QBs in that 2017 draft. Just Watson and Mahomes.
  22. I watched those highlights and thought: Mark Gastineau would earn $56M a year.
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