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  1. This goes against everything that I stand for.
  2. Define catastrophic. Picking 23rd, I'd feel Bateman going by 15 would be awesome.
  3. I'm not as hardcore about it as @Paradis, but Bateman going top 15 will probably blow the top of my head off.
  4. This isn't even close to true. If they keep Darnold on the 5th year he will be about a $25M hit. Can we afford that? Cause I don't think Watson at $35M for the same year is so prohibitive.
  5. Yes, the Jets wish they were the Steelers. How do you become like the Steelers? My suggestion is by acting like them.. Do you think we should emulate the Jaguars?
  6. No. We ended up with them because our GM is a poor judge of talent and people. Why do players play for the Steelers? Their love of pierogies? Vicinity to Fallingwater?
  7. I honestly would not care at all. I'd feel like I did when they signed Spiller or Ridley. Eh. They need guys that fit. If they think Carson is it, fine. I would like it more than signing Conner who the piece above suggests for the Jets.
  8. Do teams love the Steelers front office? They still seem to be able to put some talent on the field. I don't want to worry about players and their agents. We have enough money to attract people.
  9. Let's go pay Marcus Maye! Wait! Maybe that's not such a great idea. Glad you realized that. Remember when the Jets gave a ton of money to Wilkerson and Quincy Enunwa? Maybe they are learning from that mistake and are trying to apply that knowledge.
  10. I don't blame Maye's agent. If they tag him, he will be 29 before he sees free agency. He will probably end up on the carousel signing one year deals like McCourty and Logan Ryan.
  11. Nice idea, but that won't come until well after free agency. The offseason workouts can't even start until April. The draft is pushed back, but you'll still have less than a month to make that decision.
  12. Fair enough. I think the WR transition number will be over $14M. I think the franchise figure is expected to be north of $16M.
  13. Decent player. Questionable contract. Bad fit. Best of luck to him.
  14. Pretty convoluted, no? How many times has the transition tag been used in the past decade? If the Lions match we are out. IF they don't we don't have to give up anything. At that point, why are we discussing giving up a 2nd? I would take Golladay at $14M all day. $14M a 2nd, I don't think so.
  15. We know if he is worth moving on from because it is 2021. Worth moving on from includes contract. In 1982 you could sit on a guy and hope that he developed. In 2021, you need to be ready to play by the time you are going to get paid and Darnold is getting paid in 2022. If you can't see that, or think that his WRs and coaching staff cluttered the view so much that he will be worth $25M in 2022, cool. I don't see it that way.
  16. Read the edit. Whether Darnold can improve is irrelevant. They can't pay him off of what he has done, so they need to find somebody that is worth paying. The reason guys don't get time to develop is the reality of the NFL in 2020
  17. Who gives a flaming ****? The guy has the opportunity for a single quality season before he needs to be paid. He has not earned a big contract. He has not even earned the 5th year option. If Darnold, like Simms, will sign a 5 year 2nd deal for $3.8M l will take him. Do you think he will go for it? Phil Simms played before the era of true free agency was ushered in. When his rookie deal ended teams still had to compensate when they signed someone's free agency. Then there was that Plan B sh*t where you "protected" your top 37 players and the only free agents were Neville Hewitt style
  18. Kenny Golladay is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent. Why/how would you trade a 2nd for a free agent? There is a good chance the Lions tag him, but there are difficulties with making deals with players on the tag. If you don't get a deal done by July 15th, you are tagging him again or he will be a free agent.
  19. After they tag him? He is a FA now. I'm not trading a 2nd for anybody on the tag, when we can't do a long-term deal.
  20. Lamar Jackson went 32nd. The difference between that and 23 is a mid-high 3rd in this year's draft.
  21. Pretty sure that Kyler Murray and Burrow came after Trubisky.
  22. Trey Lance at 23 and Rondale Moore at 51? I don't see it.
  23. Hate to agree with a Raider fan, but the current deal is in place until 2030. If they were going to do away with it, they would have. Considering the influence covid may have on the league, I think they have plenty of other things to be concerned with and the whole deal might require blowing up.
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