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  1. Mine is 3. I will probably sleep some in a couple of years.
  2. Isn't that exactly what I said?
  3. I would also prefer Darnold, but pointing to Miami might not be the best example. Darnold put up 3 points with 2 INT and 10 first downs. and that was the home game. Miami owned us.
  4. You don't bring guys like this to solve your quarterback problem. You bring them in to be a floor. To set a minimum standard for your rookie/reclamation project to have to surpass before hitting the field. Like Kurt Warner did for the Giants.
  5. Haskins and Kyle Allen seemed plenty cursed to me.
  6. I think that is the issue. If he is a "fine player" then drafting him the year after Becton isn't the way to do things. That is picking Leonard Williams to join Snacks, WIlkerson, Richardson and Coples. If he is a generational, HOF LT? You absolutely draft him, unless there is some HOF'er at some other position staring you in the face. It takes balls, but our GM had better have them.
  7. His only seasons over 60% completion percentage were under Ray Handley and Dan Reeves.
  8. If only we could draft a QB made out of glass that could take years to become useful and lose his job to Scott Bruner and Jeff Hostetler. A dream come true.
  9. Year 3 Comp %: 49.7 TD: 3 INT: 12 Yards: 875 QB Rating: 41.2 Can't you fools see?!?!
  10. I remember Phil Simms. Why don't we compare Tommy Kramer?
  11. I said it in another thread, but I actually spotted him blocking while watching Cam Akers highlights. He was noticeably bigger and faster than everybody else.
  12. I agree. Stephen Hill type vibe, but I don't think that is as bad as most here. He is big and fast and looks liek he will put in work in the run game. Seems super inconsistent catching the ball. Most of the time I think that is bad because where I grew up playing we looked at it more as a natural talent than a learned skill. Still, one look and you know he can play in the league. If he is willing to work he can probably excel on specials. Late round and humble, I'd love him.
  13. I don't see making fun of the GIants over this and then suggesting that we tag Marcus Maye.
  14. Going into last year's draft, I considered the idea of adding two right side prospects and going from there. For the Jets that might have meant rolling with Fant at LT. At the time I was thinking Isiah Wilson at RT and Damien Lewis (LSU not the guy from Homeland) at RG. Wilson went early and was a bust now considering quitting the league. Lewis went the pick after Ashtyn Davis. He started every game and was a beast for the Seahawks, though much penalized. Neither may have been a great fit for this Shanahan ZBS, but I can't really remember.
  15. I love this sh*t. It's really the first year of rebuilding. This is Sam Darnold's put up or shut up year!
  16. Doesn't Cincy have Burrow? Why exactly are they trading up?
  17. Bonus. Nobody else will dare to try and eat your pancakes
  18. Tutu seems very KJ Hamler to me. Am I wrong? Hamler went 46.
  19. I think he is most likely for a Tannehill style renaissance. I think they should use Darnold on more designed runs too. Those things put pressure on the D and make for easier cues to make reads. It's not like there is any reason to protect these guys as "franchise" quarterbacks.
  20. Fair enough. I think it will change and it will change quick. Their next two reviews are 100% guaranteed to have discussion about this factor being difficult to meet. Trubisky is a pretty elite athlete. He's not Jackson, but he is probably as good or better than anyone else.
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