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  1. Show me another coach who gets to take over a team that had a winning record 2 out of the previous 3 years like Rex did. It doesn't exist. Mangini had a HUGE say in all players that were drafted, good and bad while he and Tanny were here. Its not an exact science but of the Eric/Tanny or Rex/Tanny who's drafts were better..You can't even argue that. If you check Rex retained about 60 or 70% of Eric's coaches the first 2 years..smart by Rex. Mangini managed to crush The Pats and defending Super Bowl champs and should of beat the Jets with a roster in Cleveland that was well..pathetic..and also the Steelers..Thats coaching..Woody wants headlines not substance, he got just what he asked for. Harbaugh is a very smart head coach and knows that surrounding yourself with smart people is how you stay successful
  2. Bring back Eric Mangini as the GM, that was the last good draft we had and maybe the Mangenious can bring back some discipline to the Jets. Then Rex wouldnt have to be the bad guy which he cannot be because its not his personality..
  3. We had football-focused coach in Eric Mangini, but he was too boring..and of course when the Jets traded down w/ Cleveland to take Sanchez Post,News, Fans all laughing how we fleeced Mangini..okay..With a healthy Chad and Brett before his arm fell off Mangini is 18-9..yes I know 10-22 in Cleveland with Quinn/Anderson/McCoy .. 3 guys destined for the HOF..In this league you need a QB and Sanchez was the guy they choose..wrong guy and now its a world of football s**t
  4. Spermy, you are a smart guy and I respect your football intellect, but minus David Harris this year the Jets franchise would have set a record for rushing yards given up..no lie.. Bart got Rex to give him a" buddy" contract and he makes like 3 tackles a game and is the lead s**t talker and he certainly isn't backing it up..Agree to disagree on DH.
  5. "And even the people who rip Rex in the media admit he's a solid defense guy. Far better than Mangini" Thats laughable..People in the media..Who like Mike Greenberg.. Mangini drafted to ALL PRO guys..Harris and Revis and Mangini moved up to draft Harris Who by the way makes about every freakin tackle..Unlike overpaid Bart Scott who sucks
  6. No one is benching Favre when the guy a a continuous game record in tact, plus it was Brett Favre, anyone who said they would of benched him is full of crap. Lets not forget Rex's 1st year he was gifted into the playoffs when Indy and I think Tennessee both played the JV's..Indy would have buried the Jets that year. Rex's 1st 2 years he had 75% of Mangini's roster and 60% of his coaches. Why they didn't offer to pay Bill Callahan a fortune to stay at O line coach is beyond me. Rex can coach X's and O's no one disputes this., but when you bring in and draft guys with character issues and allow them to run off at the mouth this is what you going to get. Mangini was young when he was here but this kind of crap would never happen under his watch. Its comedy tragic theater now. The ship has sailed on reigning these guys in, just the comment on Tebow, a player on your team just trying to earn a living shows you how unprofessional this has gotten Rex being the gambler bet the house on Sanchez..and sadly.................................
  7. A Mangini find. Belichick knew this and swooped him up. How did that work out for the NEP's
  8. First 2 years he had 70% of Mangini's roster and 60% of his coaches. Then they started to dismantle that and the results speak for themselves. Losing Callahan was HUGE.
  9. Excellent posession receiver. Great route runner. Always comes back to the QB when play breaks down. I'm sure Sanchez can't use that kind of guy. Oh and an outstanding character. No Boy Scouts on the Jets!
  10. Listen Mangini is 18-9 with a quality NFL QB (Chad one year and Favre before his arm fell off.) In Cleveland it was Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson..seriously Beside Brick,Mangold,Revis, David Harris was a Mangini pick because he fit a 3/4 inside backer 6'2 255 If you haven't noticed Mr Harris makes about 70% of the tackles..If he gets hurt that defense will be epic bad Because the big mouth who bullies reporters makes about 2 tackles a game Rex HAND PICKED Sanchez..because they hoodwinked Mangini remember? Sanchez is on Rex You cannot win in the NFL without a QB..The Jets have a below average one..period
  11. This all smells of Woody. Seems he was so obsessed with having the Jets on the back page and ticket sdales, they forgot to BUILD a team. This is what Tanny and Mangini were attempting to do, but headlines are more important then the sidelines to Woody Johnson..In the words of Malcolm X "The chickens have come home to roost" Its the truth. The Jets missed badly on Sanchez..Blame Mangini for that too
  12. The further we get from Mangenious the worse we get. Flashback: According to the NY Rags and the Plain Dealer Mangini was hoodwinked by the Jets when they didn't take Sanchez....ok
  13. Three words to the Jets offensive line woes...NO Bill Callahan
  14. Uh..difference is BB is and was paying the Vet Minimum for those turkeys..They don't work..cut'em Holmes is a 45 milion mistake..you can't walk away from that without disasterous cap consequences and he has 0 trade appeal after this incident. Jet are stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place.
  15. Along with Mangold,Revis,Ferguson,Harris,Pace,Pouha,Smith,Jenkins,Cothery(actually playing him), Devito Keller, and Woodhead..How's that worked out for the Pats. .but I get it Mangini gets blamed for the above but Tannenbaum credit for the below I think your posts are insightful but like anyone else SE some times your full of s**t too. This is Rex and his ego thinking he can handle guys with issues..guess what..he can't.
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