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  1. Give it just a little more time. Maybe I just throw in the word "silly", I think that sets off some sort of alarm here. They'd have this thread raided within seconds.
  2. Cut the entire team! Fire the HC! Lazy bums! Not even working out! WTF?! Season over! Bills finish 0-16!
  3. Think whatever you want, that's not the issue. The issue is contacting him and telling him to get his lazy ass to the facility.
  4. Winters didn't play because he was better, he played because 1) he was a higher draft choice and 2) Rex always plays his personal favorites. It became painfully obvious after a few games that Winters was just flat out awful and should have been benched. Just because Rex stuck with his guy instead of playing the better player doesn't mean Aboushi wasn't good enough. He was thrown into the fire in the middle of the season, he didn't get any reps with the starters, couldn't build chemistry with Mangold and Brick, yet he played VERY well. In fact, again, he was our 2nd best lineman after Mangold.
  5. Do you show up to work if you don't have to? No? Well so what are we talking about here? And please spare us this "I'm not a millionaire, I'm just a hard working guy" junk. I'm not a millionaire either, let's clear that up. These workouts are VOLUNTARY, that's it. Stop whining. If somebody doesn't want to show up it's perfectly fine. It doesn't set him back, it doesn't set the team back. If you want to whine about certain players having to show up then make these workouts MANDATORY. Until then stop bothering the players, it's none of your business what they do during their time off. Sheldo
  6. That wasn't the point, pay a little more attention.
  7. So you would root for Brady, BB and Kraft if they moved here just for the sake of making more money. You'd root against Bowles, Macc if the Jets moved. You'd buy a Brady jersey. To each his own I guess.
  8. It doesn't matter if he's a 3 year or 6 year vet, he's an elite player, among the best in the NFL and he's still on his rookie deal (underpaid), and he still shows up for the OTA sessions (not all of them) even though he could easily just hold out alltogether and not show up for anything. Did the other guys? No. McCoy by the way the Bills gave up a good young player for, they handed him a huge contract on top of that, and he's on a new team with a new staff, new GM, new everything. It's amazing how some of the Jets fans learn nothing from their mistakes in the past. They pulled the same sh*t w
  9. As for why we did this, there was at least one more team that tried to trade for Marshall, so in order for us to get him we had to sweeten the deal just enough. I think we'll be fine, this is probably just a 2-3 year thing with Marshall. History shows us that he always wears out his welcome after 2-3 years. Broncos, Dolphins, Bears, now with us the way we structured his contract it's probably another 2-3 year thing again.
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