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  1. There are 2 good questions here. First. Is JD so cheap that he drives away talented players who we should sign. Until he signs a Jets draft pick to a big contract, that will remain a worry. Second. Does Maye really want to be a Jet? The home team can often get a discount. If Maye wants out, he can use the stalled negotiations as his exit plan. Based on the Jets the last few years, who could blame him. A lot will depend on the new coaching staff and how the team meshes. We have to wait to se how it plays out.
  2. We are not yet 1 full day in. You got some good news. Where's the dumpster fire? Jets generate a ton of bad news. Be patient. You will have lots of opportunities to complain.
  3. Extremely sorry to hear this news. Condolences to his family. The Jets community share s this loss.
  4. First and foremost, this is a logical move for both sides. The timing may be the growing possibility of a Wilson holdout. Parenthetically, if Wilson is headed for a holdout over contract offset language, he should fire his agent. Wilson stands to make much more money by coming in, focusing on camp and starting game 1. A call is not a trade offer. And we know JD is not going to do anything rashly. Just ask Maye. All the comments from Saleh and the Jets indicate the Jets see 2021 as a development year. If Wilson holds out, Jets will be pissed but won’t go off the deep end. They ar
  5. Word out of Boston is that the NE Patriots have just signed Richard Sherman to a multi-year contract. Belichick says will add to our championship culture.
  6. Don't think JD is interested in short term help. 2021 is about player development, culture building and letting the new coaches settle in. Any acquired players have to fit into those requirements. That isn't to say a trade won't happen. Don't think it will be for an older vet. QB would be the exception, but it's late in the game for that. Foles could still be a possibility. There are still teams out there who have cap issues. A cut or trade for a 3rd day pick is possible. But it would have to be a guy who they would want to keep for a couple of years.
  7. Maybe. Sounds a bit urban legend to me. But I can live with brash only.
  8. Seattle puts out the welcome mat for tough, brash players. Jamal certainly is that. Seattle is also tough in their contract negotiations. Some of their former tough, brash players ended their time with the Hawks in anger and disgust. Earl Thomas is an illustration of that. And Earl was a Seahawk great. So I don't think Seattle will cave quickly. From Jamal's perspective, Leveon Bell has to be a lesson in life for players who buy their own hype. Leveon's hold out cost him $Millions and shortened his career. Even Jamal can figure that out, maybe with the help of his agent.
  9. It would be great for Herndon and the Jets if he lives up to his potential--or what we hope is his potential. But he has to do it. I think Costello has it about right. This could be Herndon's year, but so could last year have been. Gase may have been a jerk, but he didn't get his hand on the ball and cause the incompletions or fumbles. Saleh and JD should be rooting for him, pushing him and looking for his replacement just in case.
  10. Couldn't agree with you more. But this is the dead period. What are we supposed to do? If we can't speculate on how the Jets will play ahead of time, then why are we here? There can only be so many threads discussing the new uniforms or great moments in tailgating.
  11. I think the best answer to that is the OL is very dependent on the coordinated movement of all 5 guys. It just takes time for the guys to get their movement "choreographed". If the OLs don't have their spacings right, there are seams that allow DLs and LBs to move through. A great DL can beat you with individual effort. That's less true of an OL.
  12. I think you need to look at the D (and the whole team for that matter) in terms of progress through the season. The first 4-5 games are likely to be rough. New players, young players need time to mesh and get experience. CJM has to shake off the rust. Jets new coaches are good. But they can’t change this reality. By mid season, all that should change. The OL will also be a big factor. They too face an early season “mesh and experience” process. But by mid season, the Jets should be able to run the football. Doing so changes time of possession allowing the D to be off the field.
  13. The standard is you wait 3 years to evaluate a draft class. And that's in a normal year. 2020 was obviously not a normal year. So you have to be a little patient with the 2020 draft class. Given how little prep time last year's group got, the normally large jump between years 1 and 2 should be even greater. One of the younger Jets, a db I think, commenting on the OTA's, said that they were extremely helpful because the coaches could focus on small technical aspects of their play. Then the player could go out and focus on that detailed aspect during practice. He contrasted that w
  14. For sure!! And the OL is the most improved unit. Becton in Year 2, Add AVT and Moses. The RB's better look good this year and I think they will.
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