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  1. So many opinions on #23. Most have to be wrong. My hope is that JD doesn’t have a position plan. He should have a group of players who he expects will be available at 23. BPA. And, dare I say it, he could even trade down.
  2. Good discussion 4-3 vs 3-4. Lots of insight into how these formations differ. Comes across as a bit optimistic. This is the Jets we are talking about. But I am on your side. I think JD will focus on other areas in the draft. But if the value is there he will go bpa. OL! I feel like a broken record.
  3. That's the problem with a roster with as many holes as the Jets have. No matter what choices JD makes, he leaves important roles unfilled. I don't expect much from the 2021 Jets. More important than which position choices he makes is whether those choices are good values based on what else is available. Hard for us to know that, but still the critical factor. All that being said, we need an OL that will scare someone besides Tenafly Hight School. JD has decided on a QB at #2. For God's sakes, don't get him killed in his first season.
  4. Great thread. It exactly illustrates why many of us favored trading down. You bring in an exciting new QB like Wilson. But you don’t have the roster that can make him a success. So he gets his brains beaten in and never reaches his potential. At least that’s the risk.
  5. I especially believe in Coach Gase," Douglas said, even though the Jets went 7-9 in the coach's first season at the helm, per Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. "I believe he's the right coach to lead this team. I feel really good about where we are with him and his leadership." First, we have all been burned so many times. Anyone who isn't saying "Show me on the field" is nuts. I had a negative reaction to Breer's statements just because we have been through it so many times. But you also have to cut Douglas some slack. What was he supposed to say? He just got a new gig. Is he supposed to
  6. The argument to trade down was never about "loving" Darnold. It was a question of building the team using the value of the #2 pick as a device to get more premium picks. If Sam turned out to be a genuine starting QB, then that's great. If he didn't, then there would be sufficient draft capital to address QB at a later point. And the offer (for a vet) or trade up to pick a new QB would have a Jets roster that is far stronger than our current group. I think JD may have made the wrong choice, but I'm not betting my football knowledge against his. So I have fingers crossed and am
  7. I was a big trade down guy. So the Houshmandzadeh article made me feel a lot better. Completely agree about his views on team quality.
  8. Not true! The CC Unit says he's hanging in there.
  9. Disrespect and contempt are dished out in a great many comments. Why would you be surprised it comes back the other way?
  10. Look it's clear we should trade for Watson!! All we want is Houston 1st round picks in 21 and 22.
  11. First, congratulations to JD. He is an exec of courage and deserves our praise. Whether he has been wise remains to be seen. He is obviously skilled as a trader. A 2020 6th rounder and 2021 2nd and 4th round picks seems a very solid return for Darnold. But I think he has a 1 in 3-4 chance of coming out of this looking good. Here are some scenarios to illustrate my point. Case 1. Wilson comes in and tears up the League. Darnold is a bust or marginally better. Clear win for JD and he starts working on his GM HOF speech. Deservedly so. Case 2. Both Wilson and Darnold
  12. First, a question: isn't it implicit in the QBASE rating that a QB who opts for the draft too soon is putting his career potential at risk? It seems QBASE is saying that there are skills that QBs learn in the college game that are far more difficult to learn once you make the jump to the pro's. Is that a correct interpretation? Re: Sanchez. When he declared for the draft, the USC coaches told him he wasn't ready. At the time, I thought that was just sour grapes over losing a QB they thought would be their starter next season. But, maybe they were right and Sanchez did make a bone he
  13. But wait! Weren’t we tanking for Trevor? Isn’t TL a generational QB? Lo and behold! The Jets fan base, in it’s finest “that was then, this is now” moment renames the BEST QB in the draft. How convenient for us.
  14. I think JD is in read and react mode. He has done most of his evaluations but has no idea what other teams are going to do. Where are we right now? We're reading headlines from a media all to happy to pump out "sensational" stories. And we have a bunch of GM's feeding them with misinformation and disinformation. Even though the draft is always a crap shoot, we know less about the current crop of players because of the Covid restrictions on colleges' seasons and on the NFL pre-draft process. One thing we do know about JD is that he respects value. He has his view of a player and
  15. First, let's set some parameters. There is no way in hell that the Jets are playoff contender this season. And JD isn't trying to make them one. Our OL is bottom quarter to bottom third. They will be better than last year just because they have played together. But there will be all new blocking schemes. I have no idea whether that helps or hurts in the long run. In the short term, it hurts because OL's take time to gel. Will there be an off season and training camp this year? Once again, Jets will benefit more than established teams if there is. WR: Jets look to be mi
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