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  1. Probably true. What happened with Ward. The bookend tackles idea was a good one. Did his career get shortened by injury? Getting old, can't remember.
  2. You are certainly right that Kensil was competent and build the second strongest Jets organization after Werblin's SB Jets. I am probably in the wrong but I have never forgiven him for drafting Johnny Lam Jones instead of Anthony Munoz. Had he drafted Munoz, Jets probably would have made the SB over Miami. But... As I often say, GMing is a zero sum game and some bad decisions are gonna get made. I am giving him lower marks than he deserves. And in that same draft, he picked Mehl in round 3, a brilliant choice.
  3. FWIW, I'm 78 and have been with the Jets all those years. The contempt for the Johnson's is as nothing compared to my feeling about Leon Hess. Gase was not the worst coach ever hired, Rich Kotite was! So it's easy to dwell on all the horrible things the Jets have done. At heart, the issue for the Jets has always been poor GM's. All the way back to the Sonny Werblin days, the Jets were poor at drafting. So I am actually optimistic about Joe Douglas. I was in the keep SD camp. Trade the #2 pick for more draft choices. But I think JD got it right with Wilson. Yeah, we're wat
  4. Accept the fact that the Jets are going nowhere this year!! If you add players--and I doubt that there is anyone out there we really want--it has to be a player who has a 3 year time horizon. A veteran at this point is of no real use. The Jets went all in on player development in 2021. We see all the losses and they are painful. You may not like this strategy, but there is no point changing it in the middle of the year. This time next year, if the team still looks this bad, then go ahead and get out the torches and pitchforks. Riot and mayhem justified. But for now, suck
  5. Darrelle was always sure to maximize his earnings. Absolutely his right. But if you choose to sit in a cesspool, don't complain about the smell.
  6. This is one of the few franchises where winning 1 games sets off a torrent of SB predictions. I am optimistic too but let’s wait for a little more supporting evidence before we call out the NFL biggies.
  7. Yeah but that’s all media/fan talk. GM,s are supposed to know better.
  8. Just an FYI. Lived in NYS 40+ years. NYC for 20 of them. I rooted for the Titans. Was mad when Werblin changed the name. Live in Seattle so watch the Hawks.
  9. https://www.fieldgulls.com/2021/10/7/22715862/jamal-adams-terrible-performance-2021-seattle-seahawks Well I’ve hit that point that I hold a negative approval rating of both the coach and the general manager. I’m of the opinion that Jamal Adams has not been terrible or a net negative in terms of on-field performance. He arguably had his best game of this young season a few days ago against the San Francisco 49ers. Against the Los Angeles Rams, Adams was arguably the worst player on the field. He was beaten for a touchdown by TE Tyler Higbee and on the drive prior, the game-changing pl
  10. Please. No optimism. Jets suck. Always have sucked. Always will suck.
  11. Your conclusion is right even if your reasoning is wrong. OL is a long term project and he is one of several who need to be improved upon. But GVR is talking as a professional OL. He may be a journeyman, but he is still a competent NFL player. When he says faster, he's talking in terms of tenths of a second. As a rookie, Wilson has just the slightest hesitation between what he sees and how quickly he passes the ball. He's already better than a lot of other Jet rookie QB's. But he undoubtedly needs to improve. And he will! We are all in pain over this season's start. But s
  12. Jamal may suck personally, but not professionally. He's a good player. Seattle's problem is cap management. A handful of players are consuming an overly large % of their cap. RW is one, but there are more. Pete has impulse control problems. He sees an athlete, and he has to have him. Works in the short term, but not over time. Guessing we get a 16-19 pick this year. Good for us, bad for them!
  13. We are done with week 3. 32 Teams. 48 games. And New York...? 25% of all losses are in New York. Where would the fans of all those other teams be without us? Bow down NFL.
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