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  1. Really only one huge hole. Mosley is a loss of the opportunity to improve. Since he wasn't here last year, Jets can't be worse by his staying home. It's JA (the player) who will be missed. Jamal the teammate, not so much. Going in to this season, it was possible the Jets D would be intimidating. Win some games outright. That does seem likely now. But a repeat of last year isn't all bad. The retooled OL needs to step up!
  2. So if Becton pans out as we all hope, AG or his successor, can feel good about going for it on 4th and 1.
  3. Fwiw Greg may be happier with this deal than we think. 5 of the first 7 picks were O’s. With the extra 3 picks the Jets gained, Douglas can still build the offense and give Greg some players as well
  4. Mannish used to work at the Newark Star Ledger. He was as good a jets beat reporter as there was at that time Then he switched to NYDN. They editorially hate the JETS. So Manish toes the line. It’s a shame because he’s a smart guy. But he needs the job Focus the anger on the editors

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