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  1. QW would have been rated "Disappointing" or worse using the above standard. The only players seen positively are those who have instant impact. Players who have not seen the field much are "nonentity". Obviously, the more accurate answer is "unknown". It is generally agreed that a great many players take a significant leap between years one and two. Again, QW. So the assumption that what you see in year 1 is what you get is wrong. The purpose of the negative slant is to undercut JD. While no one would disagree with the "Lets not give JD too much credit.", overly negative evaluations pretending to Fairness aren't much help.
  2. I would bet the players' agents are in their ears all the time telling them to keep their heads down, work hard and count the days. So they are just like us.
  3. Both the owners and players have assumed that annual revenue increases are the natural order of things. That is not the case. The NHL players--admittedly a far less wealthy sport--are learning that a deal is not a deal as the owners ask for further concessions. There the issue is money. As a league, the owners and players are relatively cohesive in terms of social outlook. But the NFL has much broader divisions. While money will be the most important issue, there is a fundamental difference in how the PA and the owners view their product. Many of the "new" procedures involving player safety and referee oversight have slowed the game. The unintended consequence is that games are delayed and lengthened. I haven't seen a significant reduction is tv viewership, but the league is getting closer to losing fans. All this says there may be some difficult negotiations this off season with the cap under further pressure. How and if this will play out is unknown. But I think this will be a significant off season. Owners may be more willing than usual to let players walk as a way to reassert control over "their" game and to make the point that the NFL is a business. GM's may find their hands tied with regard to their negotiations negating some of the cap tricks typically used to minimize current cap impact. So the Jets may find their negotiating position even stronger in acquiring players this off season
  4. Harbaugh strikes me as a coach who could take a strong team and push it over the top. But not a guy who could develop a roster from scratch. Jets are definitely not a strong team. Pedersen strikes me as a solid nfl “lifer”. I think that’s a good background for a new Jets coach. The JD connection is also a plus. But I don’t have “must hire” sense about him. When the season ends, we’ll have a much better sense of who’s out there how each might fit the Jets. With the draft picks JD has accumulated and our cap position, I think the job will be attractive.
  5. First, players are human. Did you have your “A” game everyday at work this year? Next, coastal teams all struggle in cross country road games. Some teams fly out the day before the game. Others go a couple of days early to acclimate. Neither approach seems to change much. Home teams win a lot of games that on paper they shouldn’t.
  6. Take the criticism with a grain of salt. Media are 75-80% entertainment. There are some good analysts out there but they are niche players in the overall media circus.
  7. I did as well. In our defense ...Leaf’s issues were more personal rather than athletic. The tools were there, the brain wasn’t
  8. JDs FA choices this year we’re poor. His draft class is above average but it is early to give a real grade. His trades have been superior. We have reason for optimism but won’t get a good read until after next season. How he and the Jets manage firing Gase and naming a replacement will go a long way in determining his/our success.
  9. I have also heard that Gase is a serial jaywalker as well. Surprised the League hasn't stepped in.
  10. If you are saying Sam has shown he is not a "generational qb" ala Peyton Manning, then you are right. He's not. If you freeze the Jets roster and add any qb out there, do you think we win the division? Are you nuts?
  11. Maye has earned his payday. And if you want to have a winning culture, you reward the players who perform for you. Hope we can keep him. Hope he wants to stay.
  12. The tank for trevor crowd is the same group who wanted Jets to suck for sam! And its boooooooooorrrrrrriiiinnngggg! Mahomes is a 10th pick. Wilson is a 75th pick. Brady is a 199th pick. Rodgers is a 24th pick. Brees is a 32nd pick. Is anyone getting a pattern here? The last "generational" qb pick I know of is Peyton Manning. We all knew he was coming and he was as advertised. Andrew Luck was going to be a generational pick. Yawn! Indy was so thrilled to get him. How many SB's did that bring them? Let's let JD decide about the our #1,2, or 3 pick. Keep Sam? Fine. Trade the pick for more choices. Close your eyes and imagine this. OL's who don't tie their shoe laces together before the game. An edge rusher a step faster than you are (hopefully 2). A CB or 2 who can actually cover. Some WR's that even you can't cover. The Jets have spent years digging their hole. Maybe they were looking for Jimmy Hoffa. The only way out is lots of high level picks and a competent GM. So chill out and pray JD is the savior. PS. Skip the JD sucks replies. Maybe he does. But you don't know and I don't either. We're just going to have to wait and see.
  13. Tanny did have a number of outstanding picks. But he traded up in almost every case. So yes the players he brought were good to great, but the other half of the roster suffered because we had so many fewer picks.
  14. We couldn't tell but have a great holiday

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