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  1. Peter King’s idea of criticizing the Pats is to have only one lip touching BB’s butt.
  2. We won’t know anything until training camp. But the visuals were pretty good. I’m rooting for him. Can’t understand why any Jets fan wouldn’t
  3. Alright, so maybe I wouldn't want to have lunch with Fireman Ed (or his long suffering brother). But I love the chant and I love the enthusiasm.
  4. A good guy. Good Jet. Glad the Jets treated him right.
  5. I would love to see a trade down. Lots of confidence in how JD works the phones! Typically, an NFL draft has a layer 5-10 players at the top who are regarded as significantly better than the next group. Thus, the value of very high draft picks is quite high. The goal is a legitimate starter or, even better, an elite pro athlete. But all Jets fans know this is still a crap shoot. This year's draft looks different. There doesn't seem to be a true elite group--except possibly some of the OL prospects. But the second tier looks especially deep and stretches well into the 2nd round. There also seem to be a large number of solid prospects stretching in to Day 3 choices. So trading down makes sense. Also agree that asking for 2023 picks makes sense. Jets have a ton of draft capital in 2022. I worry that some picks could fall through the cracks during training camp and the season. Spreading it over 2 years makes sense. Doesn't help with win now, but does position Jets for a steady year-on-year improvement. I know. I know. Jets history doesn't breed optimism, but the current GM-CS look a significant cut better than our past. Anyway, there's not all that much else to talk about until the Off Season Workouts start and the draft actually happens.
  6. Listened to the local Seattle sports radio channel today. Guys mentioned the Metcalf to Jets trade. Said flatly the Hawks would never again trade with the JD lead Jets. Too painful.
  7. A really good description of the down side risks JD has to navigate. OL. We can all be guilty of overthink. In the short term, Fant, Becton and an OL pick offer the risk of overinvestment. But is that true? JD has shown he is a smart trader. Even if Fant leaves as a FA, he could bring a decent return as a compensatory pick. If all 3 play well, having a young 1st round pick still on a rookie contract would be attractive to a OT needy team. The big problem is not having good players. Having too many is a problem I would love to have. WR clearly is a the biggest dilemna. JD can add talent, but it looks like he can't add experience without a trade. So 2022 is not likely to give the Jets a strong WR group. Best he can do (again, absent a trade) is lay a strong foundation for 2023. The D has plenty of needs. Jets have a lot of picks. It's more important to add good players than fill specific needs. This draft class seems weak at the top. But it also appears to be very deep. There are going to be a lot of excellent players available on days 2 and 3. Again, get good players, worry about "needs" next year. Jets are not a playoff team in 2022. An 8-9 win season in a very tough division is just fine. Putting together a strong core, establishing that Wilson is good young QB, and creating a locker room that makes the Jets an attractive team to play for...these are the goals for 2022.
  8. Great thread. Appreciate all the thoughts. If the best position in the draft is OL, take one.
  9. Well, he certainly did whiff. My best guess is that he went with the existing scouting staff who were also executing Macc’s instructions. Garbage in, garbage out. But that excuse only works if he has a solid draft this year. Then you can feel a little comfortable. We’ll see.
  10. I appreciate the sentiment!!! But, if you set the employment standard as "hit it out of the park", you are dooming yourself and the Jets to continued misery. Yes, the Jets have had really, really poor gm's for decades. Johnny Lam Jones? Vernon Gholston? Blair Thomas? Just writing those names gives you a case of nausea. But you have to adopt a teenager's view of the world--That was then, this is now. So now we have JD. And, of course, he screwed up big time with his first draft. So we began with a "here we go again" reaction. And we don't know whether Wilson is the real deal. I'm hopeful, but its a crap shoot still. But since then, he has been excellent. Fixed the cap. Managed trades at a "hit it out of the park" level. Hired what looks to be a strong coaching staff. And has steadily added reasonable, but cost effective, vets through FA. He has built the OL to very good and--if Becton is ok--an excellent OL. I hope he hits it out of the park, but I don't think he has to to keep his job. He has a lot of capital. He needs 2-4 early contributors and another 2 developmental players. If he does that, he has transformed the team. We all want more. We want Zach to be the starting QB we haven't had for decades. And we want JD to hit on 4-5 of his early round picks with another 2-3 developmental players. I don't think we are a playoff team this year. But I am assuming we will be knocking on the door really hard. And that we are set up to contest with Buffalo in 2023.
  11. For the second offseason in a row, the Seattle Seahawks have let their top cornerback walk in free agency. D.J. Reed, who went from a nickel option for Seattle to the team’s eventual #1 outside corner, has agreed to a three-year contract with the New York Jets. This will reunite Reed with head coach Robert Saleh, who was the defensive coordinator when Reed was with the San Francisco 49ers. Reed recorded 17 passes defensed and four interceptions in his 24 regular season games with the Seahawks. Pro Football Reference’s advanced stats had him allowing just four touchdowns during his time in Seattle and quarterbacks did not complete even half of their passes when throwing his way in the 2021 season. He played bigger than his 5’9” frame and quickly became an important part of Seattle’s defense. The Seahawks did re-sign Sidney Jones on Monday and are surely expecting big things from Tre Brown when he returns from injury... but that sentence also highlights the need for more cornerback help. Jones has a serious injury history on him and Brown had a reported “long-term” knee issue dating back to when he was at Oklahoma, and it’s that same knee he ended up injuring in his first year with Seattle. In other words, cornerback is once again a very glaring need for the Seahawks. Good luck to D.J. in New York and congrats to him for securing the bag. We only wish he secured it in the Emerald City.
  12. Using the words "seriously" and "Sar1" in the same sentence is not the best beginning to a post.
  13. The League wanted a result and they got it. Why is anyone surprised?
  14. Very useful ranking. It tells you everything you need to know if you are trying to predict last seasons results.
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