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  1. Sure. But in the locker room, players respect veterans who lead and give a 100% effort. The unstated message to the younger players is that the example set by the older vets is $ in their pocket if they model their careers after these players. A coach would be crazy not to give props to the Vets. Obviously, once the younger player establishes superiority, he gets the start. As in boxing, the tie goes to the reigning champ.
  2. You’re way too optimistic. Maybe the Jets can set league records. No points scored all season. A record 17 losses in 16 outings. GM/HC and all related positions fired. All players unconditionally released. Think how happy this board would be.
  3. Glad the QW pessimism is in full swing.
  4. He is a rookie. And we all know how vanilla GW defenses are. So he will not have seen a blitz since college. Those mean old Bills will overpower him at the los. not
  5. Well. I don’t know about pumping the brakes. He’s a rookie. Gonna give up some sacks and miss some assignments. He’s also going to pancake some guys. By mid-season the Jets will be going for it on 4th and short. Again, there will be some ups and downs. But this kid seems special and we shouldn’t be afraid to say it.
  6. All we ever get from the press is negative coverage. Finally, SI puts in a positive piece. Overstated, maybe. But why in the world does this provoke negative comment from the fan base. Do we really want Idzik back?
  7. This just in. Monson rates Josh Rosen ahead of Darnold.
  8. I think you got his weaknesses right. His "story telling" is just so much inane drivel. He's got a great voice that makes people think he's smart. The emptiest of empty suits.
  9. I'll bet on Moncrief bases on his prior NFL experience.
  10. Really like what we've seen of JD so far. Have the same feeling of "substance" I had when Parcels was hired. Hopeful Gase can hold up his end. Not pessimistic, just don't know.
  11. Shell starts at RT for Seattle. Thats not necessarily a good thing. Seattle underinvests in OL believing Russell can escape everything.
  12. I think you are shortchanging JAs athletic capabilities. In all other respects you are spot on. JD said day 1 that he wanted to rebuild the team culture. Why would you want to give a poisonous twit a big contact? And a year early to boot.
  13. It’s amazing how much you can fake. It’s a patently stupid statement.
  14. Hard to argue with this. Idzik is a smart guy. His Achilles heel was he had no experience or talent drafting. JD by contrast has spent his whole career in personnel work. Only time will tell but the plan is a good one. I’m hopeful about JDs execution.
  15. If you evaluate the Jets based on history, the doom and gloom is understandable. The talent last year was well below this year’s team. Problem is that the improvement is not in the skill positions. We have a complete makeover of the OL. It was the weakest unit last year. They will have some growing pains but by season’s end we will all see the improvement. And the depth is much better this year. Mosley opt out is meaningless. Didn’t play last year. Won’t play this year. Not really a Jet. He’s milking us for $. Trade him if you can. We will miss Adams on the field but not in the locker room. Second year in Williams complex D schemes will bring better execution. Talent at CB is better. Q Williams in second year may take a step forward. All that says this is a better team. Wins? 7 or better. Schedule is tough and OL will be a problem early. But by mid season on we will be solid.
  16. Point taken. No need for further discussion.
  17. Seattle followed the hello/goodbye approach to building their roster a few years ago. They turned up few good guys. Contributors, not stars. Can’t hurt.
  18. Joe Tryon at U WA did the same. We will see a lot of this all year
  19. Never thought the Jets were that interested. JD wants to play out this season to see what he has. His emphasis on character makes sense at this stage. He’s slowly clearing out the loons and establishing a good fb culture. This is all part of undoing years of managerial malpractice. He also wants to give Gase a chance to coach a team capable of being a cohesive unit Many here don’t believe he’s capable of doing that. May well be right. But he deserves a chance. Giving Gase that chance will make it easier to hire an “A” coaching candidate than if he’s cut off at the knees. Once done, he can bring in some guys who are difficult to coach. Talent can be brought into a solid locker room. All this assumes that JD is the guy. We don’t know that yet but the early indications are positive.

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