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  1. I think that would be great. Jets ruined Fabini when they moved him from RT to LT. Never worked out. Just another example of the Jets' decades long malpractice at the GM slot.
  2. Don't think we will see a LT in round 1. Jets have time to let a OL develop. Fant gives them some choices. Wouldn't be surprised if he is resigned for a couple of years. We've played 2 games. The OL has been in a world of uncertainty. What we see in the 2nd half of the season is far more relevant than what we are seeing right now. How will Brown return from injury? And poor Fant has to feel like a yoyo switching between L and R. I do think Fant is earning a lot of points for his flexibility. JD may want to keep him just based on that. Mitchell's development is important. If he is a credible RT, it makes a lot of decisions easier. Becton? Who knows? But if JD puts himself in a position of depending on Becton, he is a fool (and I don't think he is). Jets want to be in a position to have Becton be a pleasant surprise. Sure don't want to be counting on him. If the Jets OL has a strong finish, it makes a lot of decisions easier.
  3. For the oldsters in the crowd, this game so reminds me of the infamous loss to the Raiders. Jets went ahead and the network cut off the end of the game to run their Sunday night showing of "Heidi". Raiders then scored 2 TD's to win the game. If it's true that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. We've been waiting for the "giveth" for a long, long time. Just glad to be on the plus side of a game like this!!
  4. Seahawks safety Jamal Adams, who suffered a season-ending shoulder injury a year ago and missed time in training camp with a broken finger, now has a new ailment to worry about, leaving Monday night’s game with a knee injury in the second quarter. Adams was injured on a play that snapped with 9:31 to play in the second quarter in which he blitzed and hit Denver quarterback Russell Wilson as he threw. The pass fell incomplete, and the Broncos had to punt after their second possession. After leaving the field, Adams was examined in the blue tent for a few minutes and then carted off the field with the team then announcing he was doubtful to return. The injury appeared to be to Adams’ left knee. As with many starters, Adams did not play in the preseason, and Monday’s game was his first action since suffering a shoulder injury Dec. 5, 2021, against the 49ers. Adams had the middle and ring finger on his left hand fused in the offseason, surgeries he hoped would make for a fully healthy 2022 season, his third with the Seahawks and first on a four-year extension paying him up to $72 million. Adams played just 12 games each of his first two seasons with the Seahawks due to injuries after missing just two games in his first three NFL seasons with the Jets. Adams was hurt on a play in which Seattle went with a three-safety look, with Adams lining up as essentially a linebacker and Josh Jones playing as the other deep safety alongside Quandre Diggs. Jones took over as the other safety with Adams out. Seattle has two other safeties on its roster in veteran Ryan Neal and undrafted rookie free agent Joey Blount. Adams, who turns 27 on Oct. 17, was acquired for a package that included Seattle’s first-round picks in 2020 and 2021.
  5. Our options became pretty limited when Becton was drafted.
  6. Two journalists committed to giving a fair and objective assessment
  7. I’m all in with this!! And if you any extra of those hallucinogens your taking, ship them my way
  8. Not very good based on the facts. Becton has played in 15 games out of a potential 51. The first 3 years of his rookie contract total $8.385M or c. $559k per game (15 of 51). If you value those $ based on games actually played, he represents a contract worth $28.507M. If you did the calculation based on minutes played, it would be far worse. I don't know about you, but I imagine JD and team might be wondering if that kind of contract value might be better used on a more durable player. After Becton's injury last year, we all sat around hoping that this year would be different. We saw him skip voluntary workouts and arrive in minicamp overweight and out of shape. And the reality is, this year is different: it's worse. As a Jets fan, I hope you are right and I am wrong. But, again, the odds are, we are made a bet on potential and lost.
  9. That is true. But what are the odds Becton goes on from here to have a successful career. Unfortunately, not very good. It’s probable that Becton has to restructure his body to have a real shot at reviving his career. Weight in the 340-355 range. Far more conditioning and reduction of body fat. (Parenthetically, I couldn’t do it) Even then, the odds aren’t great. I wish him well and hope I am wrong. But if asked, I’d be telling JD to plan for a replacement.
  10. True. But we fans tend to be digital analyzing players. The pro’s are analog. Fant is a better LT than RT for sure. But he is probably a better RT than Brown. Jets have to play with the guys on the roster. So the better choice is probably Brown LT and Fant at RT. And I don’t think Fant is worse than middle third as a RT. That means that the Jets have two pro-average players at C and RT. A top third pro at LT. And two potential all pros at G. I can live with that.
  11. Yeah, I think this is all pretty interesting. Seattle OL coach was full of praise for Duane Brown, but thought he needed to start at LT. Said DB has never played on the right before, but Fant has. Said it is comparable to learning to use your left hand if you are right handed. Interesting. Definitely liked DB and thought he still had tread on the tires. Salary cap cut for Hawks (thank you again, Jamal). Saw a statement earlier in the stream that they were going to talk about it once DB was in camp. Find that hard to believe. The delay in signing DB might have had as much to do with discussing things with Fant as in the negotiations over contract. Don't agree that a Fant move to RT signals his departure. I think it makes him even more valuable. Fun to watch how this all plays out.
  12. Brown was one of the few bright spots on an otherwise atrocious Seahawk OL. Seattle does not believe a good OL is necessary. JD does. Brown as a short term answer at RT would be just fine. His age is working against him, but he's been a pretty reliable OT. Always subject to reasonable contract terms.
  13. What would a Jets thread be without cheap shots? Sure, it was pretty optimistic. But it’s pretty close to the impression I get reading the TC threads. I live in Seattle so, No, I wasn’t at the open practice. Good for Betty.
  14. Re: Cimini and Benton. Waaaaay back, when Cimini was at the NYDN, he was really negative. Since leaving, he has been a pretty sharp reporter. He’s a smart guy. He still likes to be negative but he balances that with some pretty solid analysis. Getting mad when he sticks pins in people is counterproductive. You’re feeding his habit. When he goes off the deep end, just skip ahead. Becton is the proverbial half glass of water. What we’ve seen in Camp is pretty damned good considering what we saw at Mandatory Mini Camp. Could it be better? Obviously. From a weight and strength perspective. He at an acceptable level for a pro. He’s not aerobically fit but soon will be. He has accepted the shift to RT. If we were offered this as a choice at MMC, we would have jumped at it. The issue is maturity. He’s taken a few steps in the right direction. Let’s hope it continues. As for the OL having a tough day, why is anyone surprised. OL’s have to gel. We have one new starter and two position switches. Again, who would expect them to be a cohesive unit? Jets couldn’t have had a better first 2 days of camp. Have a cocktail and chill.
  15. First. This is great news and all sensible Jets fans are happy. Becton is like Zach only more so. The jury is still out. Zach needs to show progress in his second year. He has a lot more tools to work with. I believe he will. Becton also needs to show the progress in year 3 that we all hoped for last year. He also has a lot of self inflicted wounds that have created reasonable doubt. Both can be put to rest with a good training camp and strong season. We all want to be convinced.
  16. The trouble with Becton is: we don't know if the "u" in PUP stands for unable or unwilling.
  17. Maybe they can get Jamal for a conditional 5th assuming Seattle eats a lot of the contract $
  18. I think that is pretty much true. I don't know what to expect. I am optimistic. Jets have a lot of potential. The roster is greatly improved. But potential isn't performance. With all the roster changes, it will take time to get the players to gel. Becton (unfortunately) is critical. If he plays to potential (that word again), the Jets OL is in the top third. That makes everything else on the O go. But who is Becton--I have no idea. Jets execs/coaches must be pulling their hair out. And of course, the jury is still out on Zac. Again, I'm optimistic but... He can clearly throw the ball. Can he read defenses? Can he manage the short passing game the O requires? More of that potential... The D looks significantly better. Progress for them is a safer prediction. They were badly hurt by Lawson's injury. But they ought to be a middle of the pack D this year even with a couple of injury setbacks. I am also in the 7-9 win range. If everything goes right, they are in the playoff hunt at the end of the season.
  19. A few thoughts-- We've seen video's of Becton working out and that's positive. But he sure didn't look that good at the mandatory minicamp. Jury is still out as to how serious he is about his pro career. The fact that Becton refused to come to the voluntary workouts--even a token appearance--might indicate he is distressed about a shift to RT. His earning potential as a RT is considerably less than as a LT. Fant had an very good year in '21 at LT. He argued for an extension but none was offered. JD probably wants a prove it season before considering laying out the necessary $ to keep Fant. Not every great OL is a 1st or 2nd round pick. Lower round choices and even UDFA's can become strong performers. But you need the luxury of time to develop those players. So Jets need patience with Becton even if he doesn't live up to his draft status. Jets have plenty of needs to address in early rounds of draft. Don't create a need at OT.
  20. Yes, and I think that's great. Imagine, the Jets can afford to let Ruckert develop at his own pace. He can actually earn his playing time without being put on the field because all the other choices were worse. There's a lot to be said for earning your playing time. There's a lot to be said for the team (and fans) not being exposed to losses due to any players learning curve. Saleh said Gardner had to earn his playing time. We know that isn't really true. But it is for Ruckert and that just great.
  21. I wasn't much bothered by PFF. Raters have a methodology. The numbers don't lie so their placement of Zach is probably accurate. But looking at the rating, it's also true that Zach is a surrogate for the whole team. There wasn't a single source of strength for him to rely on. So what we can't know is how much of last year's disaster was Zach, and how much was the Jets entire organization. The jury is still out on Zach and this is an important year. But the O looks entirely different. There are a lot of new faces to be integrated. A lot of young players who need to develop. And the Becton saga will have a huge impact on Zach and the O. All that being said, there is a lot of room for optimism. JD gets a lot of credit for improving the roster; the CS has a year under its belt and we are in year 2 of their systems. We will actually cut players other teams want (yes, I know, a miracle). Zach can certainly still fail, but I think the outlook is pretty positive for year 2.
  22. Pro Football Focus’ quarterback rankings that were recently released were not too kind to the New York Jets’ Zach Wilson. Of the second-year QBs heading into 2022, Wilson finished as their second-worst. The football analytics outlet only considered the Houston Texans’ Davis Mills lesser. But PFF made up for it a bit. In an optimistic exercise, Wilson was named as the NFL’s quarterback most likely to see an improvement next season. According to PFF’s metrics, in terms of “pure dropback passes” which excludes play-action passes and screens, Wilson has an 84.3 percent chance of being better in 2022. Wilson’s improvement figure edged out the Cleveland Browns’ Baker Mayfield (77.9%), and a familiar face, the Carolina Panthers’ Sam Darnold (77.2%), for the top spot. Here’s how PFF detailed Wilson’s chances at improvement next year: Wilson is the worst returning quarterback in the NFL by EPA per pure dropback, and so he can really only improve. The model projects a 15.7% chance of him remaining at the bottom of the league, but it’s more likely the second-year BYU product will improve with rookie Garrett Wilson and a healthier Elijah Moore in the wide receiver room. The model is also pessimistic about the degree of his improvement, giving him a less than 20% chance of being a top-16 quarterback in the NFL in 2022. There is a chance it is not fully accounting for the typical size of quarterbacks’ second-year leaps.
  23. Arguing about Becton is like arguing about theism/atheism. The only real answer for both is: I don't know and you don't either! The good news is, we'll get the answer to Becton in training camp. I willing to wait on the religion part.
  24. Tampa Bay is a great team. They could win the next 3 as well. But I don't think so. First, if they didn't win Sunday the series is over. Second, it was very close despite an A+ effort from Tampa. Third, even though Tampa was on its A game, the Rangers had plenty of scoring chances. What struck me was that the Rangers were just slightly off. Their passing was not pinpoint the way it has been in the previous 4 games. I wouldn't call them unforced errors, but they just lacked that little bit of sharpness. Tuesday's game is critical for TB, but I don't believe they can repeat their performance. Not questioning their effort or talent, but I think it will be mentally a little tougher. I also think Rangers will be on their A game. Look, either team can win this, but I think there is a slight edge to the Rangers. Go Rangers!!!!!!!!
  25. One of the best hockey games I’ve seen in years. It’s like a light switch went on in the middle of the Canes series. Kid line is incredible. I’m now a believer. Hope I didn’t just jinx them!
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