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  1. Actually being a Jets fan right now is ok. We have a QB. We have a brand new HC that other teams actually wanted. We have a brand new HC that fa’s want to play for. We have some good young players. We have cap room and draft picks. Remember last year and “tanking for Trevor”. The W/L outlook may be bad, but it isn’t bad like last year. We can get through this year without drugs and alcohol—if we want to.
  2. I was very strong on keeping Darnold. But JD made the right decision. Salary cap is a big piece of it. But it looks like they drafted a good QB. Wilson has really impressed me. Barring injury, and with the current roster that’s a risk, he will develop well. We are gonna have to watch a lot of crap for a year or so, but the future looks good.
  3. New coaches deep six players who don’t fit their schemes and prejudices. They want their own guys. See Denzel Mims. Not particularly fair, but it’s the way it is.
  4. Jets fan base isn’t going to be much different from any other NFL fan base. We have our share of smart guys, dumb guys, trolls and all points in between. ”Win now” is what we all want. Its what every fan base wants. But clearly that isn’t what’s happening. If you are realistic, it was never gonna happen. Here’s the litany: new first time HC, new first time OC, new first time DC, rookie QB from a mid level program playing a relatively easy schedule, a roster loaded with young players and injuries to several key players. Just where in there did you see the ingredients for “win now
  5. By your own standard, you are ineligible to be the Jets GM. If we bring in a GM who is even average at drafting, how can we be SOJ? No one in management will take that risk.
  6. The NFL and the advertisers. You have a national game with 2 mediocre/bad teams. By mid-season, maybe their fans wouldn't watch either. But the League just keeps raking it in.
  7. There is a difference between fault and responsibility. The coaches (and franchise) have chosen a route that maximizes player development at the expense of maximizing wins. So JD and the coaches built a roster that they hope develops over time rather than bring aged or journeyman veterans who would show better in game 1 but cannot contribute to a better Jet future. You might disagree with the philosophy, but that doesn't make the franchise wrong.
  8. Great post. Enjoyed reading it. First. The "tough love" point is probably valid. But its a 2 way street. This is not the U of Alabama. You can burn a player there knowing its an example to others. Jets have a dearth of talent. Saleh talks about approaching players to bring out their best. I am uncomfortable communicating with players through the media. They're not the best filter. Mims has to step up. But the coaches can't turn themselves into obstacles to that process. If they have decided that Mims is not a guy they want long term, the best thing they can do is prop up h
  9. As long as we're doing "I want" trades, we should have trade Darnold for Mahomes.
  10. The biggest problem for Jets fans is expectations. If you were thinking 9-10 wins, then you are right to be in panic mode. But that was never in the cards. Those of us who saw merit in keeping Darnold did so in the belief that the Franchise would be better, quicker with Sam as the starter. Sewell stonewalled Bosa in his first start. A combination of Sewell at LT and Becton at RT would have meant a far better OL. Becton may be a RT, not a LT. Darnold will never be a top 1/3 QB, but he does seem like a middle 1/3 QB. That's not a terrible draft pick. Having said that, JD and Sal
  11. New HC, OC, DC. Rookie QB starts. Youngest roster in the league. What did you expect?
  12. I’m split in my view. Jets need to sign their good picks to long term contracts. Maye is a great candidate for that. Do not want players coming in to think of Jets as a brief stop before joining their real team. Meantime JD has to position the Jets as if Maye wants to leave. So bolstering the safety position is smart. At the end of the day it probably comes down to whether Maye wants to stay or go. Assuming he has a good year, there will be a competitive deal for him. But does he want to sign it? If not, JD is ready
  13. I’m excited about this year too. Lots of young talent to watch. I was in the keep and protect SD camp. And while drafting any QB is a crap shoot, it’s looking like JD got it right. AVT will be an excellent OG. Maybe it takes a season but he will get there. Elijah Moore looks great as well. So we have a lot of talent to watch. Reality check. Per Parcells, every rookie you start costs a win. The D had an outside chance of being good. Injuries have ended that hope. I think JD hit on some of his late round defenders, but their transition to the pros will be even more difficult th
  14. Part of what made the Jets the 2nd worst team in the league is that they couldn't recognize or develop talent. So taking some of their players isn't all bad. Most teams keep their good players and let the weak ones go. The Jets? How would they even know?
  15. Your point is certainly valid. If I were Mecki, I would rely on my gifts too. But your judgement of O'Neil is based on his entire career. Mecki is at the start of his. So, to an extent, you are assuming your conclusion. I agree Mecki can waste his talent if he wants to. But let's not accuse him of doing that before the first game of his second professional year.
  16. Tank for Thibideaux?
  17. Great Post. Agree with almost everything you said. My quibble: Jets have had a number of GM's with control of the football operation. Hess had trouble finding the stadium. Jets just have a history of hiring incompetents as GM's. Johnny Lam Jones-gave up 2 #1s to draft him. Blair Thomas? Passed on Corez Kennedy and Junior Seau. If you are a Jets fan, life is pain. But I think JD breaks the mold!!
  18. Trouble is, you can improve a whole hell of a lot and still not win games. Brace yourself.
  19. Given the depth of the hole dug by Idzik and Macc, did you honestly think it would get fixed in one year? The reason Saleh is so calm about how young and inexperienced he, his coaches and his team are, is that he's more than happy to "develop" players rather than focus on total W's. This has been cleared by JD and ownership. It also increases the value of our draft capital going into 2022. This season is all about individual improvement, not group success (except for the OL which has to gel and progress as a unit).
  20. Where to start? The owners (finally!!) hires a capable GM. The GM has a mediocre first draft with the old guard's scouting group (thus, beating the past 2 gm's hands down). He puts in place his scouting department and produces what appears to be a very strong 2nd draft (early, early ,early...but promising). The GM then trades Jamal Adams for Manhattan Island. Oops, scratch that. For 2 #1's and a #3. New GM manages cap exceptionally well. Ownership is so awed that they decide (finally!!) their GM knows more about football than they do. Give him real power. The rope ho
  21. Coaches coach the players they get. I'd be a lot more worried if he had been part of the group that drafted Sanchez.
  22. A few thoughts-- There have been a lot of Jets "win now" posts. Lawson's injury puts an end to that. Las Vegas has consistently put the Jets in the 5-6 win category. While they would never have predicted that based on Lawson's injury, they understood that the Jets are a fragile franchise at this point. This season has always been about player development, not making the playoffs. JD and Saleh have made that clear by not bringing in a veteran CB or QB. No trade for Zach Ertz. KRL has it just right. Lawson's injury is an opportunity for
  23. Thanks for posting. Appreciate your keeping track.
  24. I’m with you heart and soul. For a Jets fan, Jamal is the gift that keeps on giving. He might go down as one of the best draft picks in franchise history if JD makes good on his next picks.
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