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  1. He's just the man, runs great routes, always catches the ball, and he blocks well. I don't know if i can ask for more out of the guy right now
  2. I'm just loving the fact that he's being active and no inactive. It's nice to see him in games playing with some passion. After not playing so well the past few years I think he appreciates the game a lil bit more now. Hopefully he keeps getting better
  3. I think she's more of an entertainer than she is a rapper. I would definitely smash tho, not a big fan of rap skills
  4. I saw this coming they've been there since the beginning.
  5. Because after his first season as a starter he was supposed to be the jets savior. I thought he would be than all of the injuries happened.
  6. He's nowhere near worth that much. But he'll probably end up not getting all that money. The contract is probably filled with bonuses and incentives.
  7. They've been giving away a lot of money lately. I think it's because people were calling Kraft cheap so he went out and spent some money.
  8. The dolphins keep giving him chances to come back, they need to just let him go.
  9. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/foot...gers/index.html This is pretty funny, the coaching carousels in the Nfl are Hilarious. The chargers ended up with a pretty good coaching staff though. One great offensive minded coach in Norv Turner and two great defensive minds in Cotrell and Rivera.
  10. Good move by the ncaa changing the clock rule it's better for the game. Last year they had teams wasting timeouts trying to stop the clock before they could even stop the clock and they had refs taking forever this is a better idea.
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