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  1. Because come playoff time we will be there and the Yankees wont. You can quote me on that.
  2. ??? Again with this "Jermaine" crap... see my thread below for further reference
  3. Yeah maybe if the Yankees had some better pitching they could do more than lose 2 out of 3 to both the Nats and Braves
  4. Kazmir got traded for Zambrano? When did that happen!!!
  5. LOL giong up 3-0 and then losing FOUR STRAIGHT to become the BIGGEST CHOKE in all of, not only baseball, but AMERICAN SPORTS HISTORY? Yeah, I think that's a huge nightmare. JetBosox, hope you read what this guy Barton just wrote.
  6. You should probably dream of 2004. Wait that's not really a dream, more like the biggest nightmare for a baseball fan imaginable.
  7. Stop taking Lunesta... it's meant to make you dream while you are asleep
  8. Barton 2004: Yankees winning the world series!!!!! ----> Barton 2005: Yankees winning the world series!!!!! ----> Barton 2006: Yankees winning the world series!!!!! ----> ? Complete the Puzzle.
  9. Yeah, and that obviously was a HUGE DEAL... they both made the playoffs and both lost in the first round.
  10. Absolutely. This summer has been great as far as torturing Yankee fans is concerned. To even imagine the 200 Million Dollar walking joke as an "underdog" or "gritty" when they are in 2nd place (lol), is comical. I guess its just been so long since that team has had anything even remotely resembling chemistry that they are just starved for it.
  11. Yeah the heart and grit of guys of previous all-stars and guys with insanely huge salaries like A-Rod, Giambi, Damon, and Jarret Wright. True Warriors Lol!!!
  12. you would be the smartest person in the second grade.
  13. Did it ever occur to you that they probably dont even talk about his "Mental Problem" in the locker room?
  14. Man the Rangers are pure trash.
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