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  1. the point about what you eat means nothing, at least to me. i could care less if someone wants to eat raw hamburger and dies. the fact that if you want it made your way, you should make it yourself is what should come out of this
  2. i wouldn't talk to you even if i did.
  3. are you gay? why do you want to hump me?
  4. yeah, they have been doing a real good job lately...hahaha.
  5. umm, nasa is part of the u.s. government as for the food science industry, its actually one of the fastest growing and the scientists are actually paid pretty well compared to other branches of science. also, aren't you part of the "government" as a cop? so you are straight b.s.?
  6. im plenty old enough myself. its easy to get them to talk by saying...hello.
  7. i know how to make my own food. maybe you should take a cooking class or something.
  8. they don't make businesses not serve medium rare hamburgers, that is the choice OF THE RESTAURANT.
  9. i doubt anyone cares if you eat anything, just be prepared to make it for yourself.
  10. a nice gesture for someone serving the food they made you.
  11. first you are whining that they won't make it for you at all, and now you change the subject to the government making people put disclaimers on things. make up your mind won't ya? either way, if the disclaimer was the problem in the first place, they would have made it for you and just noted the disclaimer, but that wasn't your problem. if you want to make a burger how you want it, get off your ass and make it yourself
  12. ive never seen someone cry so much because they couldn't get a burger how they wanted it poor fella. order the damn food and eat it. if i order something from a crappy restaurant and it comes out crappy, i just leave and go somewhere else.
  13. so that is your pickup line? so you are going to initiate the conversation by stating, "wow i never thought of that before? great analysis" before they have ever said anything? wow, that is going to work.
  14. it has nothing to do with opinion. did you read the statement? because a restaurant decided not to sell medium rare hamburgers it is the governments fault? that is the most ridiculous statment ive ever read.
  15. actually, no, you are paying them to prepare their food for you to eat. you don't like it, you can go to a different restaurant or make it yourself.
  16. so now big brother refers to crappy family restaurants? they are now our government, wow!
  17. you are complaining about how SOMEONE else made your food for you. guess what, if you want it medium rare, make it yourself.
  18. that would work. no doubt about it. but seriously though, hello is the best pick up line. of course you can say hey, or hi instead. i wouldn't try yo though. but possibly, in the right crowd.
  19. i live in the middle of a city?! not in a tree, but on top of a mountain.. either way, i would like to start recycling my piss and **** again. i can't wait to get a composting toilet here.
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