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  1. Hey all. Thanks to everyone who is helping Tim out. Just wanted to post Tim's latest update so you can see the impact your help has made... We got good news, my Daughter has made great strides in her progress and we will definitely be going home for good this Thursday, the best Valentines Day gift we can get! She still has a long way to go, will have to go to outpatient therapy for several months , if not the entire rest of the year, but we are both going home!!! My Daughter has been counting down the days, she will tell you right off she has been here for 2 months and 2 days tod
  2. First off thank you KJ and MaxMan for helping us out. We have posted this on every Jet board we can find and the response has been wonderful. Here is the latest update from Tim. While things are improving, you'll see he is far from out of the woods so if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again everyone. I really appreciate everything. Just wanted to give an update on how everything is going, after getting a little break at the hospital by my a daughters Grandma who came from Tennessee to help out, I am back in the hospital to care for my Daughter, and although
  3. Bump...KJ, Shawn, can you guys help me get the ball rollin on this here? We have posted it on Jets Insider and a few other boards too in hope of getting some momentum started to help Tim out!
  4. No joke. Tim is one of our own...and long time Jets fan and a great guy in a tough spot.
  5. Hello all, Some of you may know me from the Jets Addicts board but I am posting here to ask for your help in aiding a fellow Jets fan. Tim Brady (TBrady) is an admin/mod on our board and has been for 15 years. Last month his 13 year old daughter went in for surgery to have a cyst removed from her brain. While the surgery was successful and the cyst removed, she had some complications. The long and short of it is she lost all of her motor skills and now has to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, dress, etc. It's going to be a long and difficult road but her doctors are opptomisitic.
  6. I posted this over at JA but I am curious to see what you guys here think... We clearly have an issue of quantity over quality at this position right ow but that doesnt mean we may not have some hard choices to make. Currently we have the following: Keller Franks Bullock Davie Brown Dearth Simmons Milner Myers Assuming we keep 4 (which would include a LS), there are some issues to consider here. I'll right off the bat say Milner, Simmons and Myers are complete long shots and are probably PS material at best right now. Of course one could co
  7. Yep, the immortal Kyle mackey (son of foremr 60s Jet TE Dee Mackey). I remmember that was Walton's brilioant move to spark the team. 1989, he benched OBrien and started mackey...it was either v the Saints or 49ers and I recall it was a night game so it was probably nationally televised. There is a reason I sold so many Joe Must Go T-Shirts in the late 80s!!!!
  8. I was a WHISKER from a prefect 23 for 23...but could NOT remember Rick Mirer of all people! Myabe I just blacked out those horrid games from memory. That was fun... Sage, Norrie was our 1987 scab QB until Ryan crossed the picket line. Strarted one game v Dallas.
  9. We have been down this "comparing INT stats prior to 1978" road before so I wont start in on that. I think there is a distinction between best individual statistaical season and best season. From a shear stat standpoint, Id say... 1. Vinny 1998- Brilliant season...nuff said 2. O'Brien 1985- 3900 yards, 60+ %, 8 ints, big plays all year. Amazing year considering he got sacked 62 times. 3. Chad 2002- Similar to OB in 85. Very efficient. 4. Namath 1967- With NO running game for half a year, 4000+ yards. 5. Namath 1968- TD/Int ratio is decpetive considering 10 ints were in
  10. Are you kidding me??? I can remember Chris Miller and Jay Schreoder but I forget Randall???? Shame on me again!
  11. What a great site! I got 24/28. Could not remember DeBerg (shame on me), Walsh, Wilson or the "Eagles QB". Does any one know the answer to that one because now I want to know!
  12. If Kleck had had one or two more years like he had in 81 or 85 he'd be a shoe in. If either of his 83 or 84 seasons were truly "dominant", he probably gets in. But prior to 81 he was never considered a pro bowl type and post 81 he was up and down. 82 he was hurt (yet the team went to a title game which hurts his cause). 83 he was solid and went to a pro bowl. 84 he was really nly OK, missed quite a few games (whihc the jets won) and did NOT deserve the pro bowl bid he got. 86 he was playing well until injury felled him and 87 and 88 were sort of throw away years. Of course its emotio
  13. What they are not getting is that we are not arguing about Klecko being a team MVP, or league MVP or pro bowler...we are talking HOF here. The best of the very best. Thier arguements are more relevant to an MVP arguement. The HOF is about dominance...Klecko was a terrific player who came wihtin a few dominating seasons of being a HOFer...but he didnt quite make it. Even as a 45 year Jets fan who LOVED Klecko I can make that objective conclusion. Now Winny Hill is anohter matter. 8 pro bowls, a ring, 4 years all pro and blocked for one of the more immobile QBs of all time and kept him upr
  14. Nope, sorry...there is nothing objective about calling Joe Klecko a no brainer HOFer. he's simply not. As to the rings, you misunderstand. A ring will sometimes help a fringe player get into the Hall. Guys like Dan Hampton, Larry Little, several 70s Steelers...its not a prerequesite by any means but it can give you that last nudge if you are a fringe guy like Klecko is. All those other guys you mentioned had much more distinguished careers then Klecko did. And the bottom line is this...Klecko is NOT in the HOF so its the people on your side of the arguement that have the convincing
  15. What's weird about having an objective opinion? Just because I am a Jets fan doesnt mean I have to look at a situation through green colored glasses. IMO his career falls short of HOFer...I should change my mind because he's a Jet? And the reason I am being so "adamant" is because my opinion is getting challenged by multiple poeple and Im responding. And to be honest, none of you have put forth any objective arguement to prvoe me wrong. The closest you came was your Mean Joe greene comment about Klecko at NT...even though it was a position he played for only 2 of his 12 seasons. The
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