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  1. Born: Greenpoint, Brooklyn Raised: Greenpoint & Breezy Point, Queens Currently: Ridgefield, CT.
  2. This is nothing. Wait until they ask for a downpayment on your parking passes.
  3. Relax. There are less asterisks this morning than a slow day at Jets Insider.
  4. That there is one of those "rhetorical questions", right ??
  5. Not in terms of attendance. Yankees averaged over 2000 more tickets sold per game for the decade.
  6. I work for the Governement... so my money is anything but hard earned.
  7. I got my book weeks ago and never got a call (I submitted Upper, Upper and Upper). Should I be worried ??
  8. That's a great read...do you have a link for where you found it ?? I'd like to send tht along to some folks I know in Florida. PS: Anecdotally...my sister lives in Vero Beach and she tells me her town is"emotionally and fiscally shocked" (she's always been a bit of a drama queen ) with the loss of Dodgertown.
  9. I'll sign right now if Gholston can give the Jets the 6+ sacks a season that Mamula averaged for his career. PS: In the end, Cutler stays a Bronco.
  10. But it took Sutton 23 years to do it..and along the way he lost 256 games. (+68) Sutton's average year was 14-11. Mussina's was 17-9. (+117) And Sutton pitched his career in a pitcher's era in the NL and the days of the 4 man rotation. In fact, it took him 756 starts to win those 324 games (less than 43%). Mussina pitched in a hitters (steroid) era, in the AL East, in the era of 5 man rotations and much greater bullpen reliance. He has a winning % of .638 (vs Sutton's .559) and Sutton won 54 more games, but it took 220 more starts. As time goes on (post Randy Johnson)
  11. Don Sutton pitched 23 years in the Majors. You'd have to look hard to find a year when Sutton was the best pitcher on his own team, let alone in all of baseball. Don Sutton is in the HOF. Schilling and Mussina will be too.
  12. Good. I have two seats for each exhibition game. You can have all 4 at face value. No need to thank me.
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