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  1. Same pick and line of thought with Gholston IMO. There were six players to be taken that year, and the Jets would take the sixth. Unfortunately it ended up being Gholston. That stuff happens, and it's hard to blame the GM that took the guy that most any other GM would have taken. If MM is there, he takes him. Let's hope he turns out good.
  2. Living in Wisconsin, it's fairly evident Cobb is a system guy. So is Kerley. They are both as good as their QB allows, and if your QB is going to the HOF (Brady/Rogers), you're quite likely to make some average to above average (Welker/Cobb) guys look like HOFers themselves. Put them with Geno, Sanchez and whoever was in Miami with Welker...and well... you have JAG's. I'm surprised you think Cobb is that good to be honest?
  3. Are you saying Brick is our ray of sunshine? You've really ramped up the homosexuality, and i'm impressed.
  4. I'm not sure how Pettine will fair as a coach, but I have no reason to suspect he'll be any worse than any other newbie HC. I do like their offense a lot, even Jason Campbell could make it function to a reasonable degree...talk about a compliment for that guy. Hoyer seems like a great choice to give the reigns to at least to start, the guy was poised, spread the ball around, and has two big time receivers in Gordon and Cameron (if Cameron ever gets the damn ball). Logic says they'll take a QB, and i have a feeling it'll be Bridgewater for whatever reason (i have no basis for this claim, just a hunch). In a perfect world, Watkins will be there and they can trade back a few picks and pick up a solid linemen (either side of the ball) or and an RB. I know most people around here think trading back is for pussies, but can anyone think of a team that won a Super Bowl with two fantastic WR? IMO, that doesn't happen because at some point you have to pay them both and it limits where the remaining money can go to the rest of the squad (see Atlanta). Good post...and i agree that Cleveland will be a tough W for most teams this year.
  5. the truly scary is that they will be ranked in the 60's after a season of Geno Ball.
  6. Settle down and tell me why you think Curtis Martin should be a first ballot HOFer. Go.
  7. ok, i'll bite...why does a bunch or targets and no catches lead to none of them being catchable? I'm seriously mind f***ed right now and can't pull any reasoning out of my head or ass to come to the same conclusion as you. I'm sure you have statistical backing to base such a claim, so i'm going to go to sleep and try to forget that i read your post.
  8. worst game ever. i watched about five minutes until i realized the game had zero impact on anything. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. 37 feet isn't jumping...that's flying amigo. Sign this beast. He f***ing flies.
  10. I heard that Thomas Jones was going to take that number today. We need to get the dancing bear back for his 'leadership'.
  11. back up...back up...who the crap is ed reed and when did we cut bryan thomas?
  12. i'm not sure you're getting my point...i think the jets would make the playoffs if they had an all world running back. I also think they would have zero chance of getting through the divisional round of said playoffs because of their complete lack of a viable QB to do anything but throw the wrong jersey color. The Vikings have been doing this for years...no QB, good defense...and they are worthless come playoff time. You need a QB, nothing else compares.
  13. Tell me again why we want an RB with no QB? does everyone want to make the divisional round again or something? Sorry but an RB in his prime right now, does us nothing if and when we have a QB in the near/distant/ever future. No thanks, even if it was possible, i'd pass completely. Wait for Geno, or keep drafting QB's until you get one.
  14. I don't really think Brees turned it around just because of competition, just illustrating a point of a QB getting better after a few years, and there was a competition. Do they correlate? I doubt it...although it did happen. Don't make me find the post. It was the Mangini era, the jets were obviously in a 34, and giving up chunks of yards on the ground (per usual), that week you mentioned moving Ellis to OLB, so that someone could slide into DE. Anyway, i wouldn't have thought anything of it, had it not happened three days later on Sunday out of absolutely no where. You're a strange man sperm...very strange indeed.
  15. back up there mr. sperm. Competition can be just the mere presence of a draft pick...You don't think Brees felt threatened by them picking a QB number 1 overall? Weather or not he laces his spikes for practice or not...i'd still call that competition. Also...for the record, i still am very skeptical that you have some kind of employment with the jets since that week you mentioned moving Ellis to OSLB from DE...What say you about that instance?
  16. Closest i can think of is when Brees turned it on when they drafted Rivers. There were obviously other factors at play for his rise to success but it was still quite the jump for a third year player (i think it was third anyway. That's the first comparison that comes to mind. With that said, Sanchez will suck an elephant sized dong this year if he plays at all. He's terrible and has no hope.
  17. I'll check out the last one and teh billy thorpe song. never heard of it. thanks,
  18. First...i'm a huge Velvet Underground freak. That should tell you most of what you need to know...i have most standard classic rock albums (all beatles, LZ, Doors, Floyd, ect..) so i'm thinking something either live or something i may have not heard of. I like Nick Drake, Nirvana, Radiohead, pixies, dylan...but have all those albums... help? (not the album, but seriously...help me get a new album or concert here...)
  19. That's what i was thinking. If the jets draft one more freaking tight end in the first round i would explode (i still include jolley as a first round pick because we coughed it up for the scrub and could have taken heath miller). Had Austin been there, he'd be a jet...had there been any other offensive player that's not a tight end (or from notre dame...vomit) they'd be a Jet. bpa...
  20. he was pretty terrible last year...like hard to watch terrible
  21. Why all the hate on yet another OC? Bill Walsh would have looked like a total ass eater with this offense. I don't know that Sparano is that bad at all. His play calling didn't put me to sleep like Schotty's did, and if he actually had a QB (which to my knowledge he never has, Henne, Sanchez and any other foul that was throwing in Miami) he might be worth something. the jury has to be out on Sparano, good luck to anyone that is an OC with Sanchez throwing the ball... Instead of concentrating on the cuts, i'd concentrate on who to keep: Powel (as a third down back, draft a 3rd or 4th rounder, pick someone off waivers if you like) McElroy as a #2 Mangold, Brick, Slauson Harris, Pouha, Devito, and the rest of the young linemen Cromarti Kerley The rest you could let go if they are under contract, otherwise, go young. You have to like what the Browns did this year, youngest squad in football and they played some very competetive games. They'll be a good squad in the next few years.
  22. Good points. I was thinking of a few of the great defenders from the back then. Would Bruce Smith struggle in todays NFL due to his size? I would doubt it but maybe the guys that are second teir would. You say that Faulk wouldn't be as much as a mismatch in the slot as he was years ago, that may be true, but i'm more referencing todays' RB's that flat out cannot catch. We all know Greene can't catch, but he isn't the only one. Peterson has fairly bad hands, Lynch is similar, as are quite a few others. Players are bigger and stronger for sure (reference JPP or D Ware) but sometimes i really doubt that they have much of a skill set past their extreme athleticism.
  23. I'm starting to think that they are worse. As I look at the pool of running backs and QB's, they have never really replenished after Faulk, Sanders, Brady, and P Manning. Some of the running backs have great, possibly better, athletic ability, but none of them can line up like Faulk used to at WR and be as dominant out there as they are at their given position. Same with wide receiver. Calvin Johnson has some of the best physical tools we have ever seen, same with Marshall, and Gronkowski. But are they better at the position than someone without the natural size like Jerry Rice or Cris Carter? It seems like the new crop of players are physically unbelievable but that i have not seen those same players take the profession on like the players from the late 80s or 90's. Perhaps this is all nostalgia? Is my affinity for the past surpassing the reality that the players of today are actually better and I'm just a closet dumb ass? It is entirely possible. Thoughts?
  24. I love that reference. Clearly in such a high skill set sport like football, playing longer, and watching the game longer, means you are better. This is why I have heard you are next up for coaching the Jets. I keep reading in the paper "fan that has played football for long time, wants Tebow, and will lead Jets to victories". When I first started watching football in 1996, i knew it was a long road for me to catch up to great fans like that dude that thinks Cotchery is the best receiver in the NFL and yourself. I figure, once all of you old guys start dropping dead, that I will have the insite to proclaim Tebow the next great QB. Tebow is not only the best QB in the NFL, but he is also the best person in the country. I cannot wait for this realization to become even more main stream.
  25. Honestly, this is a big stage. If you heard the bio of the head ref from Collinsworth, it's pretty cool that he (and his crew) were able to take the step from low level college to the NFL. This is a huge stage to jump into. Hats off to the referee crew.
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